From Felix Farley's Bristol Journal

NAILSEA-HEATH, Aug. 23, 1787 Messrs. WHITE and Co. (the Proprieters of the NEW COAL-WORK on Nailsea-Heath, 8 miles only from Bristol) desire leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that their work has been for some time quite compleat, and that there will be a constant supply of


of a vastly superior quality to any dug in that part of the County and inferior to none, warrented to burn well and free from any sulphureous smell, which they will render on the following terms:

per Bushel (great Measure)
Brush Coal, with largeat 3d
Smith Coal at ditto
Calx, commonly called Coak,at ditto
Brush Coalat 2d½
Limekiln Coalat 1d½