AUGt. 1914-NOVr. 1918

H Summers, Pte. Somerset Lt Inf. Mons 1914
A Brimble, Pte. 1st Welsh Regt. France 1915
J Brimble, Pte. 1st Welsh Regt. France 1915
R P Harvey, Major (Temp. Lt. Col.), R. Berks Regt. Flanders 1915
G James, 1st Class Stoker, HMS "Goliath" 1915
F W Toombs, Pte. 3rd Batt Glos Regt France 1915
H C Toombs, Pte. 13th Monmouth Regt France 1915
W Trace, Pte. 3rd Devon Regt England 1915
A Wheeler, Lce. Cpl. Duke of C. Lt. Inf. "Royal Edward" 1915
H O Baker, Pte. Somerset Lt Inf. France 1916
G Bye,Cpl. 8th Bedford Regt. France 1916
A B Colthurst, Capt. 12th Batt. Glos. Regt. France 1916
P Hobbs, Sergt. 6th Batt. Somerset Lt Inf. France 1916
W Holder, Pte. Somerset Lt. Inf. France 1916
C R Hunt, 1st Class Boy, HMS "Queen Mary" Jutland 1916
L H King-Harman, Capt. RHA attd. RFC Mesopotamia 1916
E Richards, Pte. 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles France 1916
W S Banwell, Cpl. E. Batt. Tank Corps France 1917
G Durbin, Pte. Somerset Lt. Inf. France 1917
H Griffin, Pte. 16th Batt. Canadians France 1917
P C Jones, Pte. 2/4th Glos. Regt. Cambrai 1917
V A Jones, Pte. Somerset Lt. Inf. Egypt 1917
P Lippiatt, Lce. Cpl. Somerset Lt. Inf. France 1917
E O Sprod, Pte. 3rd Somerset Lt. Inf. Egypt 1917
E T Stokes, Pte. 5th R. Berks. Cambrai 1917
R G Tyler, Lce. Cpl. 8 Batt. Duke of Cornwalls LL. Salonica 1917
S Wedmore, Gunner, R. Garrison A. France 1917
G A Willcox, Pte. 14th Devon Regt.
P T Baker, Lce. Cpl. 11th Hants. Regt. France, 1918
W J Baker, Pte. 8th Glos. Regt. France, 1918
E J Bond, Pte. Duke of Cornwalls Lt. Inf. France, 1918
A Durbin, 1st Rifle Brigade France, 1918
E E Gamlen, Pte. 3rd Worcester Regt. France, 1918
G E Griffin, Pte. Pte. 16th Batt. Canadians France, 1918
H M Hobbs, Pte. 2nd Royal Berks France, 1918
C E W Jarrett, SPO, HMS "TALBOT", 1918
E J Lewes, Pte. 7th Kings Royal Rifles France, 1918
A G Marchant, Sergt. 2nd Wessex RE Salonica, 1918
H G Shepherd, Pte. 16th Lancs. Fusiliers France, 1918
W J Shepstone, Pte. Yorks. and Lancs. Regt. France, 1918
S Taylor Trooper, 4th Australian LH Damascus, 1918
O G Vowles, Pte. R. Welsh Fusiliers France, 1918
L Yeates, Pte. 7th Linc. Regt. France, 1918
A G Badman, Pte. 2nd Wessex RE. Wounded France 1915
but died at Nailsea as result of his wound 1922
C Cole E Newman
G Cole R Reid
V J ColeA Richards
A Cox M C Smallman
L G HardingR C Summerell
D W G HooperJ Stacey
R E LawderW F Warren
H MayneK R Wood
L F MitchardG G Youd