Nailsea Christ Church Burials

This transcription is provided by permission of the Church Wardens and is subject to their copyright conditions.
The information is provided as is with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness; please inform me if you find mistakes.
15 Nov 1843John NobleNailsea82
8 Dec 1843Mary KnightNailsea34
12 Mar 1844Albert KnightNailsea3m
21 Mar 1844John LeachNailsea1y 7m
2 Jun 1844Willm BurchellNailsea5
4 Aug 1844Elizabeth ManfieldNailsea37
30 Aug 1844Obed HarveyNailsea4m
28 Nov 1844John Jabez WaymouthNailsea6m
19 Jan 1845Harriett NobleNailsea10w
30 Mar 1845Jane BaconNailsea13m
4 May 1845Hannah SmartNailsea26
11 May 1845Albert KnightNailsea3m
13 Jul 1845Reuben BrooksNailsea56
5 Sep 1845Arthur LeachNailsea6m
25 Jan 1846Anne BrookesCh Ch45
22 Feb 1846William Birch?Ch Ch58
21 Mar 1846James PikeCh Ch7m
30 Mar 1846Henry FlowerCh Ch18
3 May 1846George BrookesCh Ch7m
14 Jun 1846Thomas HarrisCh Ch57
20 Nov 1846Margaret Anne AitkenCh Ch4m
29 Nov 1846Elizabeth MalcolmCh Ch26
30 Dec 1846Anne NobleCh Ch84
6 Jan 1847Elizabeth MalcolmCh Ch3m
8 Mar 1847Thomas RedpethCh Ch41
19 Apr 1847Eliza Jane BecklesCh Ch68
9 Jun 1847Mary Anne HedgeCh Ch21
9 Jul 1847William GibbsCh Ch2d
14 Nov 1847Elizabeth PriggCh Ch33
28 Nov 1847Emily CardCh Ch2y 6m
15 Mar 1848George ChurchilCh Ch66
24 Sep 1848Mary ManfieldCh Ch11w
8 Oct 1848Harriet NobleCh Ch19
27 Mar 1849Mary Anne JamesWorkhouse32
19 Apr 1849Melinda PurnellCh Ch6m
9 Aug 1849Joseph HowellCh Ch53
6 Sep 1849Mary TurnerCh Ch82
26 Sep 1849Elizabeth WinslowCh Ch4Buried at parish expense
4 Oct 1849Thomas JamesUnion workhouse9m
30 Dec 1849Samuel BarkerCh Ch31
11 Jan 1850Albert Williams PearceCh Ch8
27 Jan 1850Charles JonesCh Ch42
10 Feb 1850James BaconCh Ch7
14 Apr 1850John NobleCh Ch60
9 May 1850Thomas PurnellCh Ch36
9 Jun 1850David MartinCh Ch31
10 Jun 1850William RedpathCh Ch81
4 Aug 1850Samuel KnightCh Ch2m
3 Sep 1850Maria HortonCh Ch3y 9m
1 Nov 1850Mary B PurnellCh Ch4
10 Nov 1850Rachel BoltonCh Ch79
28 Nov 1850Marina PearceCh Ch8m
11 Dec 1850Louisa PearceCh Ch2y 11m
22 Dec 1850Sophia BrookesCh Ch3
29 Jan 1851Thomas NobleCh Ch6
4 Mar 1851Sarah BoltonCh Ch7m
24 May 1848Richard FlowerCh Ch52
21 Sep 1851Benjamin NobleCh Ch55
11 Nov 1851William NashUnion workhouse1m
13 Nov 1851Henry BurridgeCh Ch29
4 Jan 1852Ann WilliamsonCh Ch76
1 Feb 1852George PurnellCh Ch47
17 Jun 1852Elizabeth ChurchillCh Ch69
1 Aug 1852Mary Ann MalcolmCh Ch3y 8m
16 Sep 1852Maria WeeksCh ChInfant
7 Nov 1852Rosina KnightCh Ch3m
4 Jan 1853Ann LaneyCh Ch14
28 Jan 1853Elizabeth FelthamCh Ch42
27 Feb 1853Francis HillCh Ch70
27 Mar 1853Sarah PorterBristol27
13 Apr 1853Elizabeth HawkinsNailseaInfant
8 May 1853Mary YendallNailsea73
19 Jun 1853Maurice NobleNailsea22
25 Sep 1853Edith AtwellCh Ch12m
13 Nov 1853Anna M ManfieldCh Ch4
1 Jan 1854Henry CraneCh Ch1
1 Jan 1854Samuel J KnightCh Ch3m
22 Feb 1854Elizabeth PhillipsCh Ch4
27 Aug 1854Mary Ann PurnellCh Ch16
2 Nov 1854James WebbCh Ch3m
10 Nov 1854J S L GoodeCh Ch6w
30 Nov 1854Joseph ManfieldCh Ch2
3 Dec 1854Joseph BowersCh Ch37
24 Dec 1854Julia WeeksCh Ch25
21 Jan 1855Daniel ManfieldCh Ch4
28 Jan 1855Thomas ClarkCh Ch80
2 Feb 1855Ann WaymouthCh Ch51 or 57
8 Feb 1855Sarah GrayCh Ch10w
22 Mar 1855Morris WhiteCh Ch22m
3 Jun 1855Sarah Jane WhittockCh Ch18w
10 Jun 1855Elizabeth PooleHT, Nailsea87
12 Aug 1855John NobleCh Ch30
12 Aug 1855Samuel KnightCh Ch7w
15 Aug 1855Hannah BaconCh Ch7m
9 Sep 1855Walter DurbanCh Ch20m
11 Sep 1855Melina MyersCh Ch18m
14 Oct 1855John AthertonCh Ch3w
24 Oct 1855John DavidCh Ch76
18 Nov 1855James DurbanCh Ch36
9 Dec 1855John SimmonsCh Ch4
28 Dec 1855Hannah JonesFailand, Wraxall psh74
20 Jan 1856Maurice HyattCh Ch59
14 Feb 1856Ann SilverthornCh Ch18
14 Mar 1856John PercevalCh Ch71
8 Jun 1856Robert EllisCh Ch27
7 Dec 1856John WhiteCh Ch52
16 Dec 1856Thomas RussellNo fixed abode; his parents travelling exhibitors of views4m
31 Dec 1856James BakerCh Ch10m
18 Jan 1857Samuel HodgesCh Ch73
1 Feb 1857Elizabeth SimsCh Ch81
11 Feb 1857Mary HillUnion workhouse90
5 Apr 1857Maria WhiteCh Ch36
3 May 1857Albert ManfieldCh Ch9
12 May 1857Annie GerrardCh Ch15w
7 Jun 1857Eliza ManfieldCh Ch15
2 Aug 1857Sarah Ann WeeksCh Ch3
30 Aug 1857James SimsCh Ch1m
17 Nov 1857Priscilla PurnellCh Ch28
11 Dec 1857Henry SaundersCh Ch10
21 Feb 1858Jane FryCh Ch3y 10m
21 Mar 1858Clara Lavinia CardCh Ch4y 11m
8 Apr 1858William PopeCh Ch53
23 Apr 1858Maria PopeCh Ch55
21 May 1858Elizabeth SatchellCh Ch42
3 Aug 1858Agnes Octavia McMillanCh Ch2y 1m
29 Aug 1858Ann SlatterCh Ch29
5 Sep 1858Henry George MartinCh Ch3
30 Dec 1858Elizabeth SimsCh Ch4
31 Dec 1858Aggy WorleCh Ch17m
23 Jan 1859Ada Harriet HedgesCh Ch3
1 Apr 1859Davis WillcoxCh Ch4m
17 Apr 1859Henry James CraneCh Ch10d
2 Oct 1859Merina RidgeCh Ch16
20 Oct 1859Jane ClementsCh Ch48
19 Nov 1859Sarah WilcoxCh Ch41
22 Feb 1860Alice HarveyCh Ch1m
16 Mar 1860Margaret ScottCh Ch43
22 Apr 1860Sarah Elizabeth KnightCh Ch2
29 Apr 1860Alfred PhillipsCh Ch9m
13 May 1860Elizabeth CulshawCh Ch24
25 May 1860Eliza Jane MorganCh Ch23
19 Aug 1860Anna Maria FrancombeCh Ch6m
21 Oct 1860Mary Ann StillCh Ch51
21 Oct 1860James William AtwellCh Ch10
13 Jan 1861Laura Louisa CardSt Philip & Jacob, Bristol2
20 Jan 1861Frances GainerCh Ch26New grave
18 Apr 1861Sarah CardSt Philip & Jacob, Bristol36
19 May 1861Mary PurnellHT, Nailsea60Coroners warrant
19 May 1861Elizabeth BurchellCh Ch46
19 May 1861George BurchellCh Ch15Coroners warrant
24 Aug 1861William BolwellCh Ch69
25 Aug 1861Aaron HardyBackwell, Somerset5m
26 Nov 1861Elizabeth CoxCh Ch45New grave
15 Dec 1861Elizabeth UrchCh Ch77
19 Dec 1861John KnightCh Ch63New grave
12 Jan 1862Edward ParsonsSt James, Bristol32
27 Jan 1862John MiltonCh Ch50
24 Feb 1862Mary KnightCh Ch65
10 Apr 1862Jane ClarkNailsea80
11 May 1862John ManfieldCh Ch47New grave
18 May 1862Alfred ManfieldCh Ch3m
20 Sep 1862William Inwood PollardCh Ch40New grave, bricked
28 Oct 1862George WilliamsonCh Ch83
2 Nov 1862Edmund George PhillipsCh Ch4m
3 Mar 1863Ada Grant LyallWeston super Mare, Somerset22mNew grave, bricked
22 Mar 1863Joseph HobbsCh Ch87New grave
26 Apr 1863John McLoughlinCh Ch20m
13 May 1863Ann Sturgeon WhiteCh Ch78
31 May 1863Ann PykeNailsea2
31 May 1863Samson BolwellCh Ch68New grave
30 Jun 1863Sarah BianchiCh Ch65
25 Sep 1863William OwenCh Ch2
11 Oct 1863Harriet LeonardCh Ch52
20 Oct 1863John WarfieldUnion workhouse35
25 Nov 1863William DayYatton, Somerset79
27 Nov 1863George Jacob HardingCh Ch2
27 Dec 1863Mary SimsCh Ch40
17 Jan 1864Thomas GundreyCh Ch49
21 Jan 1864John HopkinsCh Ch72
1 Feb 1864George BishopCh Ch47New grave
19 Feb 1864Henry PullenNailsea55New grave
21 Feb 1864Lavinia WebbCh Ch1
28 Feb 1864Mary BurgeCh Ch8
20 Mar 1864Martha WeeksCh Ch70
3 Apr 1864Honor CulverwellCh Ch56
11 May 1864Harriet JonesNailsea53
23 May 1864Mary Lyall BayleyCh Ch25New grave, bricked
22 Jun 1864John SparksCh Ch4d
11 Jul 1864Susannah GortonCh Ch80
31 Aug 1864Edward SimsCh Ch8m
11 Dec 1864Mary MattocksCh Ch37
7 Jan 1865George GreenBedminster Union8
5 Feb 1865Joseph HaskinsCh Ch58
8 Mar 1865John SimmonsCh Ch2
28 May 1865Benjamin PonsfordCh Ch57New grave
2 Jul 1865Emily TulipCh Ch8d
1 Sep 1865Samuel WilkinsCh Ch1New grave
12 Nov 1865William EvansCh Ch9mNew grave
16 Nov 1865Rebecca ManfieldCh Ch65
24 Nov 1865Mary GrayHT, Nailsea26
10 Dec 1865Samuel NobleCh Ch65
21 Jan 1866Frederick SmallmanCh Ch14
25 Feb 1866Ann SpearCh Ch82
28 Feb 1866Elizabeth Florence PhillipsCh Ch3
4 Mar 1866William Henry DoddsCh Ch1y 8m
14 Mar 1866Margaret WhiteCh Ch6m
18 Mar 1866Sarah Ann HardingCh Ch2w
25 Mar 1866Sidney GreenCh Ch2y 3mNew grave
3 Apr 1866Henry TaylorCh Ch1
13 Apr 1866Maurice NobleCh Ch7m
27 Apr 1866Samuel John BishopCh Ch16
29 Apr 1866Mary HardingCh Ch37New grave
20 May 1866Mary CutterCh Ch2New grave
30 May 1866Edward Thomas CoxCh Ch25
8 Jul 1866John HiattCh Ch65Coroners order; new grave
23 Sep 1866William BowdenCh Ch52Coroners order; new grave
10 Nov 1866Emily MansfieldBedminster Union23
9 Dec 1866Hannah LesterCh Ch52
9 Dec 1866Honor RobertsCh Ch38New grave
9 Dec 1866Margaret McLaughlinCh Ch34
16 Dec 1866John BarfieldCh Ch77New grave
23 Dec 1866Minnie BryantCh Ch1New grave
6 Jan 1867Jane Ann RobsonCh Ch5mNew grave
27 Feb 1867Elizabeth SmithCh Ch65New grave; sent notice to registrar interred without Certificate
2 Mar 1867Ann FarlerRosemount, Nailsea85Brick grave
5 Mar 1867Samuel ManfieldCh Ch65New grave; pd. By union?
22 Mar 1867Henry Slade ChamberlainCh Ch9m 2w?
24 Mar 1867Elizabeth SimsCh Ch59New grave
10 May 1867Mary HardsCh Ch18
12 May 1867William PriceCh Ch1
20 Jun 1867Enoch SatchellCh Ch20
10 Jul 1867George SimsCh Ch1New grave
14 Jul 1867Robert Edwin LesterCh Ch5m 1wNew grave; without cert sent notice
25 Jul 1867Albert SparksCh Ch2w
15 Aug 1867Sarah Ann HarveyCh Ch14
15 Aug 1867George TulipCh Ch3m
15 Sep 1867Harriet Theresa HarveyCh Ch7
4 Oct 1867Mary Ann DanshinCh Ch1y 4m
19 Nov 1867William ManfieldCh Ch76New grave
19 Dec 1867Mary HobbsCh Ch91
9 Jan 1868John ReedCh Ch56
19 Jan 1868Samuel NobleCh Ch38No cert sent notice
26 Jan 1868Sidney Obed BowenCh Ch10w
21 Feb 1868Frances RogersonCh Ch5m
8 Mar 1868Joel OwenCh Ch22
14 Mar 1868William WaymouthCh Ch75
15 Mar 1868John ManfieldCh Ch7d
29 Mar 1868Margaret Jane ChurchillCh Ch2No cert for ? Sent notice
29 Mar 1868John ClarkCh Ch3dNo cert for ? Sent notice
5 Apr 1868Benjamin BriantCh Ch77New grave
3 May 1868Charlotte PhillipsCh Ch54No cert sent notice
12 May 1868Mary ManfieldCh Ch87
24 May 1868Elizabeth PhillipsCh Ch78No cert sent notice 24? May
5 Jun 1868William WilkinsCh Ch52New grave
7 Jun 1868Richard KnightCh Ch85No cert sent notice
15 Jul 1868Emily F ThatcherHT, Nailsea24Brick grave
15 Jul 1868Tom Deakin ThatcherWeston super Mare, Somerset3wSame grave as above
26 Jul 1868Thomas JonesCh Ch55
11 Aug 1868John TulipCh Ch2m
11 Aug 1868James ClarkCh Ch3m
3 Sep 1868Edward StabbinsCh Ch68* Transposed by mistake
25 Aug 1868William YendoleCh Ch10* Transposed by mistake
13 Sep 1868Eliza Harriet Easthea?Ch Ch13New grave
7 Oct 1868John OwenCh Ch26
11 Oct 1868William Thomas AttwellCh Ch18
13 Oct 1868Alma JakewaysCh Ch14Sent notice with cert? Of register
13 Oct 1868Horatio ThatcherCh Ch35Brick grave
22 Nov 1868Henry Bunhele?Ch Ch45Sent notice with cert
22 Nov 1868Samuel WinsorCh Ch69
21 Jan 1869Mary Ann GriffithsCh Ch37New grave
21 Jan 1869Martha HorwoodCh Ch40New grave, pd. By union
21 Feb 1869Mira LewisCh Ch3New grave
28 Feb 1869Emma Jane LewisCh Ch5
28 Mar 1869Hester TuckerCh Ch80New grave; sent notice to registrar not including? Certificate
18 Apr 1869William PurnellHT, Nailsea72
14 May 1869Sarah Ann BayleyBathwick, Bath84
25 May 1869Eliza LesterCh Ch58
8 Jun 1869Jacob HardingCh Ch11m
27 Jun 1869William NaishCh Ch71New grave
10 Oct 1869Isabella RobertsCh Ch29
21 Nov 1869Samuel BurchellCh Ch8No certificate Sent notice to registrar
28 Nov 1869Jane TaylorCh Ch36
8 Dec 1869John HawkinsCh Ch12
11 Jan 1870Mary Ann HyattCh Ch39
23 Jan 1870Ellen O BryanCh Ch4No cert ? From registrar sent at time burial ?
6 Feb 1870Wilson Henry KnottCh Ch8m
15 Feb 1870John HudsonUnion house Ashton54
16 Feb 1870Charles WilkinsCh Ch20
20 Feb 1870Louisa RichardsCh Ch3No certificate sent notice of burial to Register ? ?
28 Feb 1870John FarlerHT, Nailsea77
23 Mar 1870Harriet Melinda RobertsCh Ch8m
1 Jun 1870John Hugh WhiteCh Ch48
25 Jul 1870Sarah BolwellCh Ch72
9 Aug 1870Nora DurbinSt Philip & Jacob, Bristol15m
24 Aug 1870Ann Emma PurnellCh Ch34Sent notice to registrar no cert ? ?
20 Nov 1870Jane WilkinsCh Ch74
1 Jan 1871George ShorneyCh Ch53
8 Jan 1871Benjamin BatesCh Ch4m
22 Jan 1871John GillCh Ch48
29 Jan 1871George DavisCh Ch17
1 Feb 1871Elizabeth JonesCh Ch89
30 Mar 1871William SimmonsCh Ch55
2 Apr 1871Charles VineyCh Ch46
21 Apr 1871Mary Ann DavisCh Ch52
20 Aug 1871Ann HillCh Ch88
22 Sep 1871William DownhamUnion house53
27 Sep 1871Edgar BryantCh Ch6m
1 Oct 1871Martha EdwardsCh Ch79
26 Nov 1871Hannah CoxCh Ch72
10 Dec 1871John ClarkCh Ch50
15 Dec 1871William CambridgeUnion house82
17 Dec 1871Ruth Frances UrchCh Ch5
2 Jan 1872Margaret SimmonsCh Ch55
4 Feb 1872Francis Sidney MountainBristol13m
14 Feb 1872Arthur PriceCh Ch9m
3 Apr 1872Anne KnightCh Ch85
16 Apr 1872William Henry Hisketh BayleyChurchill, Winscomb parish70Vicar of Ch Ch from 1860
28 Apr 1872James ClarkCh Ch89
5 Jun 1872Francis ManfieldCh Ch6m
26 Jun 1872Louisa OwenNailsea9m
14 Jul 1872Cecilia ButlerBristol56
1 Aug 1872Maud Isabell FairlessNailsea6w
15 Nov 1872Sarah PhillipsBristol72
3 Dec 1872James BuckCh Ch56New grave
4 Jan 1873Maria NobleCh Ch79New grave
28 Feb 1873Richard MansfieldBedminster workhouse88New grave
23 Mar 1873Kate WarfieldCh Ch3mNew grave
25 Apr 1873Ann HarveyCh Ch48New grave
18 May 1873William FryCh Ch68New grave
15 Jun 1873Priscilla ManfieldCh Ch53New grave
20 Jul 1873Elizabth ClarkCh Ch55New grave
29 Aug 1873Mary Ann CookCh Ch61New grave
30 Aug 1873Nathaniel Carter FarlerBristol40Grave full
16 Nov 1873Harriet GregoryCh Ch60New grave
20 Nov 1873Antony HillmanCh Ch82New grave
12 Dec 1873Hester HillmanCh Ch77
7 Jan 1874George Edwin WinstoneCh Ch10wNew grave
8 Feb 1874Robert CoxCh Ch76
11 Feb 1874Harry PonsfordCh Ch16
12 Feb 1874Sarah WeymouthCh Ch64
9 Mar 1874Hannah BryantCh Ch78
27 Mar 1874William James BrooksBedminster workhouse4
30 May 1874Edwin LippiattCh Ch57
30 May 1874Joseph WhiteCh Ch70
3 Jun 1874William PerrintonCh Ch53New grave
8 Jun 1874Elizabeth WilsonCh Ch42New grave
7 Jul 1874Ann RobertsCh Ch52New grave
12 Aug 1874Sarah WilkinsCh Ch78
22 Aug 1874Clara PonsfordCh Ch14
8 Nov 1874James SpeareCh Ch84
29 Nov 1874Ernest DurbinCh Ch11w
4 Dec 1874Harry AmbidgeCh Ch8mNSP
20 Dec 1874Alice GleedCh Ch7m
20 Dec 1874Stativa MiltonCh Ch74
10 Jan 1875Henry BarnettCh Ch33
12 Jan 1875Ann RewCh Ch90
27 Jan 1875John WarfieldCh Ch75
31 Jan 1875Elizabeth WarrenCh Ch78
21 Mar 1875George SimsCh Ch73
21 Mar 1875Edward FothergillCh Ch2m
18 Apr 1875Sarah FelthamCh Ch88
22 Apr 1875Alice ThomasCh Ch11m
30 May 1875Martha VowlesCh ChInfant
28 Jun 1875Ann MorganCh Ch67
25 Jul 1875Elizabeth LawrenceCh Ch23
17 Dec 1875James NobleNailsea84
29 Jan 1876Samuel ManfieldCh Ch46
30 Jan 1876Frederick Mark PerrettNailsea4m
11 May 1876Albert Edward BrooksNailsea2
21 May 1876Alfred William HeathCh Ch2
8 Jun 1876James PearceCh Ch61
9 Jul 1876Mary YatesCh Ch68
1 Oct 1876Emily Eliza Beatrice PriceCh Ch6m
15 Oct 1876Kate MansfieldCh Ch1y 8m
22 Oct 1876James ClarkCh Ch60
5 Nov 1876Benjamin HudsonBedminster workhouse66
18 Nov 1876Alma Emily PippettBristol10m
26 Nov 1876Frank BolwellCh Ch12
9 Dec 1876Emily PonsfordCh Ch21
25 Jan 1877William JakewaysCh Ch85
18 Feb 1877Charles SkinnerNailsea67
18 Mar 1877George James FidoCh Ch1y 4m
18 Mar 1877Mary Ann WyattCh Ch12
25 Mar 1877John WebbBedminster workhouse70
11 Apr 1877Harry BrakeCh Ch1
22 Apr 1877Mary Ann FidoCh Ch5w
27 Jun 1877Octavia McMillanCh Ch43
10 Jul 1877Joyce HemingtonBristol38
21 Oct 1877Charles LesterCh Ch40
21 Oct 1877Jane WebbCh Ch29
25 Nov 1877James HodgesCh Ch84
30 Nov 1877Harriet WestburyCh Ch79
23 Dec 1877Sarah HodgesCh Ch65
30 Dec 1877Frederick John MarksCh Ch2w
19 Jan 1878Rosina LewisNailsea1y 2m
23 Jan 1878Charles Clement RidgeBristol22
3 Mar 1878John NobleCh Ch39
14 Apr 1878Hannah BrooksCh Ch77
16 Apr 1878Sarah BolwellCh Ch81
2 Jun 1878George ManfieldCh Ch69
9 Jun 1878Walter William OwenBristol3w
16 Jun 1878William HarveyCh Ch77
2 Aug 1878John Davis WaymouthCh Ch65
17 Aug 1878Thomas CoombsCh Ch52
20 Aug 1878John BuckLlanwonna, Glamorgan18
28 Aug 1878Mary WinstoneSt Augustine, Bristol62
1 Sep 1878Emily A BrooksBedminster workhouse2
29 Sep 1878Mary SkinnerCh Ch77
15 Oct 1878Mary Ann PerryCh Ch48
27 Oct 1878Elizabeth Ann ManfieldCh Ch16
30 Oct 1878Ann BryantCh Ch38
10 Dec 1878William NobleCh Ch55
29 Dec 1878Sarah WarfieldCh Ch84
14 Jan 1879Ada WinstoneNailsea24h
19 Jan 1879Frederick Gilbert JonesCh Ch15d
8 Feb 1879William BurgeCh Ch59
9 Feb 1879Elizabeth LesterCh Ch43
28 Mar 1879Isidoro BianchiCh Ch77
6 Apr 1879Harriet Maria YendoleCh Ch10m
8 Apr 1879Francis ChardCh Ch60
14 Apr 1879Albert ManfieldCh Ch2m
14 May 1879Elizabeth SimsCh Ch17
15 May 1879Wallington BryantCh Ch22Brick grave
24 Jun 1879Charles LesterCh Ch72
11 Aug 1879Mary MorganCh Ch64
14 Aug 1879Alfred John PayneCh Ch5y 8m
17? Sep 1879Samuel EdwardsBedminster workhouse82
28 Sep 1879Henry HarveyCh Ch36
30 Oct 1879John FryCh Ch59
25 Nov 1879Alice MapstoneBedminster workhouse10m
4 Dec 1879Hester FryCh Ch64
1 Jan 1880Frederick Richard KnightCh Ch4
6 Feb 1880Ann WeeksBedminster Union House90
23 Feb 1880George James FidoCh Ch1
13 Mar 1880Charlotte Augusta LyallBath61
14 Mar 1880Lucy NobleCh Ch1
25 Apr 1880Ernest William Thomas MoranCh Ch1
30 Apr 1880Charles Edward BrownCh Ch2m
6 Jun 1880Edward ThompsonCh Ch68
11 Aug 1880Mary Ann BanksCh Ch48
15 Aug 1880Mary Ann FryCh Ch1
19 Sep 1880Charles Moses SimsCh Ch54
12 Oct 1880William James CobbettCh Ch30
24 Oct 1880Henry BakerCh Ch5
24 Nov 1880John BryantCh Ch81
15 Dec 1880Mabel PerrettCh Ch1
6 Feb 1881Maria ShorneyCh Ch59
10 Feb 1881Edward PhilipsCh Ch65
20 Feb 1881Joseph Rich EdgecombeCh Ch1
27 Feb 1881John BryantBedminster workhouse65
28 Feb 1881William BrownBedminster workhouse81
3 Apr 1881George WarrenCh Ch80
15 Apr 1881James BurgeCh Ch56
1 May 1881Thomas BrimbleCh Ch22
24 May 1881Sarah Ann Phillips4 Kings Tree St, Bedminster75
12 Jun 1881Harry PerrottCh Ch3
3 Jul 1881Alfred BurgeNailsea4m
4 Sep 1881Ada Eliza LesterCh Ch5
2 Oct 1881William Charles HarveyNailsea6m
21 Oct 1881Jane GordonCh Ch66
27 Nov 1881Thomas CoxCh Ch68
20 Jan 1882Henry BurchellCh Ch82
4 Feb 1882John WeeksCh Ch88
26 Feb 1882Elizabeth ManfieldCh Ch49
26 Feb 1882Frederick William Ovens or OwensCh Ch5m
26 Feb 1882John CraneCh Ch60
4 Jun 1882George Albert ShorneyCh Ch38
20 Sep 1882Albert BakerCh Ch4m
12 Oct 1882William Turner ChardCh Ch25
21 Oct 1882Charlotte LippiattCh Ch58
7 Jan 1883John SkinnerCh Ch78
25 Mar 1883Harriet Louisa YeoCh Ch6m
18 Mar 1883Elizabeth BurchillCh Ch

31 Mar 1883Elizabeth HopkinsCh Ch52
8 Apr 1883Herbert James VowlesCh Ch1
10 Apr 1883Benjamin GreenBedminster workhouse67
21 Apr 1883James PippettCh Ch57
3 May 1883Kate Emily NobleCh Ch8m
28 May 1883Thomas SatchellCh Ch62Burial in part under new act and assisted by others
30 May 1883Ann JakewaysCh Ch85
24 Jun 1883Arthur HarveyCh Ch4
12 Aug 1883Lucy NobleCh Ch81
2 Sep 1883Frederick William OwenBedminster3m
6 Sep 1883Mary MorrisCh Ch71
13 Feb 1884Julia Eliza FarlerCh Ch47
25 Nov 1883Sarah WilkinsCh Ch66This entry omitted by Rev Nourse
15 May 1884Henry Charles BrakeCh Ch4m
15 Jun 1884Anna Maria PippettCh Ch22
15 Jun 1884Frederick George HodgesCh Ch4
25 Jun 1884Charles Fryer LyallCh Ch66
24 Sep 1884Mary HyattCh Ch82
12 Nov 1884Mary BayleyWorcester77
7 Dec 1884James YendoleCh Ch58
2 Jan 1885James YeatesCh Ch75
19 Feb 1885Letitia BryantNailsea53
15 Mar 1885Edward Charles BakerCh Ch22
29 Mar 1885George WatkinsCh Ch2
29 Mar 1885Gilbert WatkinsCh Ch4w
15 Apr 1885John WatkinsCh Ch6
3 May 1885Alma Emily OwenBristol (Bedminster)28
29 May 1885Ann MountainCh Ch67
14 Jun 1885Frank PerrettCh Ch11m
24 Jun 1885Mary Ann FidoCh Ch1
2 Jul 1885Gertrude Mary StarrCh Ch2
29 Jul 1885Beatrice WilkinsCh Ch5d
13 Aug 1885John MilsomCh Ch65
30 Aug 1885Ernest Frank AllsopCh Ch6
10 Jan 1886Thomas WhiteCh Ch54
12 Jan 1886Maria WellsCh Ch64
27 Jan 1886William DerrickCh Ch28
18 Feb 1886Charles BryantClevedon53
5 Mar 1886Reginald Charles John BigginCh Ch7m
23 Mar 1886Henry Charles LorneNailsea4m
28 Mar 1886Cornelius Edwin PalmerCh Ch27
31 Mar 1886Reginald George HedgesCh Ch9w
4 Apr 1886Martha HeathClevedon47
5 Apr 1886George WilkinsCh Ch4
18 May 1886Daisy Amelia HolderCh Ch9w
26 May 1886Mary Ann SkinnerCh Ch63
1 Aug 1886Samuel ShepherdCh Ch60
19 Aug 1886Joseph MountainCh Ch69
15 Sep 1886John BrakeMill Lane, Bedminster14
10 Oct 1886Matilda WebbBedminster workhouse70
19 Dec 1886Mary ThompsonCh Ch76
21 Dec 1886Henry Thomas RewCh Ch11m
10 Feb 1887Thomas WalshCh Ch45
6 Mar 1887Ada BurgeCh Ch16
24 Aug 1887Eliza PearceUnion Flax Bourton77
4 Sep 1887William BryantCh Ch70
11 Sep 1887Eliza WatkinsNailsea31
4 Jan 1888Rosa BakerCh Ch9
5 Jan 1888Mabel VealeCh Ch5
8 Jan 1888Isaac HarveyCh Ch63
29 Jan 1888Albert Richard HemburghCh Ch7m
8 Apr 1888Kate HeathBristol16
10 Jun 1888Charlotte MansfieldNailsea42
25 Jun 1888Harriet WinsorBedminster workhouse80
29 Jul 1888Mary Ann JamesCh Ch47
9 Sep 1888Harriet VowlesCh Ch30
16 Sep 1888Edwin GarlandCh Ch65
13 Dec 1888Sarah Jane BayleyWorcester84
17 Jan 1889James Townsend BolwellCh Ch67Full; Burials act, interment and remainder of service Weslyan
27 Jan 1889Ann ElverdCh Ch68
27 Jan 1889Rebecca HillCh Ch74
31 Jan 1889Maud VowlesCh Ch6m
20 Feb 1889Louisa Jefferies CoombesBristol58
30 Mar 1889Charles WeymouthBedminster workhouse63
10 May 1889Martha NashCongresbury87
15 Oct 1889George GarrettCh Ch98
3 Nov 1889Stephen SimsBristol89
10 Nov 1889Edith Florence YeoNailsea2Burials act; nonconformist
5 Dec 1889Louisa GarrettBedminster workhouse87
15 Dec 1889Charley Hodges JarrettCh Ch5m
15 Dec 1889Elizabeth BurgeCh Ch58
17 Dec 1889Reginald Charley GovierCh Ch18m
15 Jan 1890Maria BuckClevedon64
26 Jan 1890Charles StaceyCh Ch39
13 Feb 1890Emily WatkinsNailsea55
22 Feb 1890Sarah Maria SummersCh Ch4d
2 Mar 1890Austin Oliver JarrettCh Ch2
25 Mar 1890Francis PerryYatton75
18 Apr 1890Emily DoddsCh Ch19Burials act; nonconformist
19 Apr 1890Mary HembroughCh Ch7Full
22 Apr 1890William ManfieldCh Ch69
26 Apr 1890William Charles HolderCh Ch22m
23 Jul 1890Thomas SmithBedminster workhouse38
27 Jul 1890Mabel EvansCh Ch4m
3 Aug 1890Robert WatkinsCh Ch80
6 Sep 1890Ann BrimbleCh Ch66
27 Sep 1890William LesterCh Ch80Interment and remainder of service Congregational
13 Nov 1890Sarah WaiteCh Ch84
29 Jan 1891William MorseCanton, Cardiff27
1 Mar 1891James ManfieldBedminster workhouse68
26 Apr 1891Daniel MogridgeNailsea82
29 May 1891George Washington ShepherdCh Ch3
7 Jun 1891Blanch Maud FidoCh Ch9m
7 Jun 1891Emily Jane PyneCh Ch9m
22 Jun 1891Bettie HedgesProvidence, Long Ashton61Burials act; Congregationalist
23 Jun 1891Fanny Maria WatkinsCh Ch18m
18 Aug 1891Gilbert PurnellCh Ch20m
10 Sep 1891John MorganPortbury78
19 Sep 1891Ann MansfieldCh Ch52
13 Nov 1891William Jilley GregoryCh Ch85
15 Nov 1891Ann MarshCh Ch65
21 Nov 1891John MorrisCh Ch80Burials act; Congregationalist
6 Dec 1891Hannah MastersCh Ch30
9 Dec 1891Mabel Lester CobbettCh Ch13
25 Dec 1891Samuel HarveyBristol71
29 Dec 1891William RogersCh Ch41
11 Jan 1892Martha BryantCh Ch85
17 Apr 1892Beatrice Maud ShoreCh Ch5m
21 May 1892Sarah LockCh Ch21m
28 May 1892Herbert FidoBedminster union workhouse2d
14 Jun 1892Charles James BishopNailsea5
17 Jul 1892Emily Maud DavisNailsea8
4 Aug 1892Melina HalleNailsea29
31 Aug 1892Joseph BackwellWorkhouse, Flax Bourton37
16 Oct 1892Ann MansfieldCounty asylum70
13 Nov 1892William George EvansCh Ch18m
21 Dec 1892William SamuelCh Ch78
31 Dec 1892Emma MorganCh Ch70
6 Jan 1893Thomas BryantPlough Inn, Easton Road63
12 Mar 1893George Frank FidoCh Ch7
11 May 1893Robert BurridgeCh Ch38
14 May 1893Maria CraneCh Ch69
2 Oct 1893John HedgesLong Ashton60
5 Oct 1893John RobertsCh Ch70
18 Oct 1893Elizabeth Annie DurstonNowhere, Ch Ch52
21 Jan 1894Lucy CoxCh Ch87
12 Feb 1894George GordonCh Ch82
8 Mar 1894Alice HowlettWest Town, Backwell20
19 Mar 1894Laura M SmithWorkhouse, Long Ashton9m
7 Jul 1894George Frank FidoFrench Rank, Nailsea40hNo ceremony
20 Jul 1894Elsie Isabella BryantEaston, Bristol16m
26 Jul 1894Isaac AllsopCh Ch61
2 Aug 1894Jesse RichensCh Ch51Congregational
12 Oct 1894William Alfred GamlenCh Ch2m
27 Oct 1894Thomas MorrisCh Ch56
1 Jan 1895Esther Ann BurgeNailsea (Old parish)28
23 Jan 1895Henry BurgePembroke Place, Bedminster39
17 Feb 1895Isabella BrimbleSilver St., Nailsea62
21 Feb 1895Mary Anne RobbinsCh Ch57
3 Mar 1895William CoxSilver St., Nailsea84
3 Apr 1895George James LillyThe Drove, Nailsea21m
7 May 1895Mary Ann MustowCh Ch56
27 Aug 1895John DanielClay Pool Cottages83Congregational
10 Sep 1895Alice Sarah CapleNew Rank25
15 Sep 1895Ernest VowlesChapel Alley15
19 Oct 1895Charles William MerrettFrench Rank, Nailsea10w
6 Nov 1895Anthony MansfieldHanham Green, Hanham Abbots65
16 Nov 1895Charlotte Bayley SweteFishguard, Pembs34
4 Dec 1895Hesther FryWest Town, Backwell88
26 Dec 1895James RobertsSilver St., Nailsea75
8 Feb 1896George WellsSilver St., Nailsea73
23 May 1896Mercy MillerCh Ch75
6 Jun 1896Adelina LillyThe Drove, Nailsea41
8 Aug 1896George BrooksSilver St., Nailsea75
12 Sep 1896Ethel AttwoodSilver St., Nailsea4
28 Nov 1896John LlewellynCh Ch65
28 Dec 1896William BullerCh Ch56
12 Jan 1897Mark NobleCh Ch55
27 Jan 1897Mary Louisa CutlerCh Ch45
17 Feb 1897John HawkinsCh Ch70
22 Feb 1897Henry RewCh Ch76
6 Mar 1897Ernest George MarshCh Ch11m
1 Apr 1897John BrimbleFrench Rank, Nailsea43
12 Jun 1897Ruben Iles DicksonSilver St., Nailsea42
9 Jul 1897Eliza BarnettNoah's Ark70
21 Aug 1897Winifred Elizabeth WilliamsCh Ch2
14 Sep 1897George WiseCh Ch53
27 Sep 1897Abigail DenhamGolden Valley, Nailsea57
14 Oct 1897Mary Ann BryantWorkhouse, Flax Bourton81
13 Nov 1897Alice HollierCh Ch80
10 Dec 1897Ellen BriceCh Ch66
5 Jan 1898Elizabeth BennettCh Ch87
11 Jan 1898Elizabeth AdamsCh Ch71
3 Feb 1898Charles CookCh Ch82
19 Feb 1898Elizabeth Ann Gunning17 Graving, Dock St., Barry Dock66
18 Mar 1898Albert Edward HurleyCh Ch9m
26 Mar 1898Tom GregoryCh Ch52
8 Jun 1898Robert Derritt ShipwayCh Ch63
15 Jun 1898Mary Ann KnightCh Ch83
2 Jul 1898Martin RobbinsCh Ch60
30 Jul 1898Elizabeth VowlesCh Ch1 hourNo religious cermony
21 Sep 1898Elizabeth BurchillCh Ch75
9 Nov 1898Samuel PonsfordCh Ch80
29 Nov 1898Charlotte Sarah Fowler9 Leicester Sq., Clifton68
1 Feb 1899Elizabeth HolderWraxall64
3 Feb 1899Harriet YoungCh Ch71
23 Mar 1899Ellen Attrill4 Easton Place, Easton Rd., Bristol41
4 Apr 1899Thomas Arthur BeachamCh ChInfantNo ceremony performed
13 May 1899Ann WrightCh Ch75
28 May 1899Elizabeth ManfieldCh Ch75
1 Jun 1899Mary Caroline ThornBristol General Hospital33
27 Jun 1899Thomas Henry BryantPlough Inn, Easton Road, Bristol11m
6 Jul 1899A certain man (name unknown)Found dying near the villageAbout 65Suicide. No ceremony.
7 Aug 1899Elizabeth DanielCh Ch87
16 Sep 1899Elizabeth AthertonCh Ch34
23 Oct 1899George CareyCh Ch19
25 Oct 1899Daniel Henry PalmerCh Ch16
29 Dec 1899Charles HurfordCh Ch69
24 Mar 1900Rose Eliza HedgesCh Ch2
28 Apr 1900Male infant son of Henry TuckerCh Ch2dNo ceremony
10 May 1900Janet ShipwayCh Ch23
20 Jun 1900John William NeedsCh Ch11d
30 Sep 1900Emily Jane ChampCh Ch39
16 Oct 1900Isabel CowburnCh Ch2
26 Oct 1900Wallace TurnerWorkhouse, Long Ashton11
15 Feb 1901Ernest George MarshCh Ch4m
27 Feb 1901Heny ManfieldNailsea93
18 May 1901John HartQueen's Head, Nailsea49
21 May 1901Albert Edward MaggsCh Ch2d
25 May 1901Richard KnightCh Ch87
18 Sep 1901Sarah Anne ShepherdCh Ch74
25 Sep 1901John Burge7 Pembroke Place, Bedminster21
22 Dec 1901George WaiteCh Ch70
27 Nov 1901Frances Caroline HenleyBedminster27
4 Jan 1902Norman Francis JarrettCh Ch19
5 Jul 1902Henry FidoCh Ch32
10 Aug 1902William ElverdSilver St., Nailsea40
11 Sep 1902Edgar WillsStation Road, Nailsea37
17 Sep 1902Reginald ChampThe Children's Hospital, Bristol9
13 Nov 1902John HemmingsGlasshouse Rank, Nailsea64
8 Jan 1903James RobbinsThe Drove, Nailsea61
3 Feb 1903Eliza Hawkins11 Leigh St., Bedminster71
30 Mar 1903Richard Elverd19 Milford St., Merrywood, Bedminster78
1 May 1903Priscilla ButlerSilver St., Nailsea73
23 May 1903William BrimbleLong Ashton Union82
7 Jul 1903Thomas SloperCh Ch62
29 Jul 1903John HarveyAshton Bishopsworth66
19 Aug 1903Felicite Armande Aimee de Kergariou du CascaerFair Haven, Ch Ch82
8 Nov 1903Henry John VealsCh Ch38
14 Nov 1903Walter WillcoxWhite Oak, Nailsea55
15 Nov 1903Ann PonsfordCh Ch80
15 Nov 1903Lydia Hill PerryCh Ch69
24 Dec 1903James William ShepherdCh Ch53
19 Feb 1904Mervyn Stuart HurleyCh Ch6m
3 Mar 1904Jane BakerCh Ch64
15 Mar 1904George GreenCh Ch55
19 Apr 1904Margaret LewisOld Rank, Christ Church11m
20 Apr 1904Annie GarlandChapel Avenue, Ch Ch77
7 May 1904William ReevesSilver St., Nailsea78
13 May 1904Hannah SmallmanCh Ch79
24 May 1904Robert Henry HallCh Ch18
27 May 1904Arthur AmesburySilver St., Nailsea22
26 Jul 1904John MustyBristol General Hospital33
26 Jul 1904Samuel FidoCh Ch10m
27 Jul 1904Ivor Wilfred MarshCh Ch7w
20 Aug 1904Frederick HobbsLunatic Asylum68
10 Sep 1904William DerrickCh Ch70
23 Oct 1904Harold AllsopCh Ch4d
2 Nov 1904John MalcolmChapel Avenue, Nailsea86
19 Nov 1904Elsie Rosa Louisa LuxtonSilver St., Nailsea2m
12 Dec 1904Sarah BrooksThe Heath, Nailsea89
16 Dec 1904Adam LockWatery Lane, Nailsea32
16 Dec 1904Rhoda May GriffinFrench Rank, Nailsea7m
30 Dec 1904William James HooperNailsea73
20 Jan 1905Athereena MustowGipsy's Van, Cranbrook Rd., Redland26
13 Feb 1905Samuel DavisRoyal Oak, Nailsea85
9 Mar 1905Thomas MorseNailsea74
11 Mar 1905Gilbert Edwin WillmottNailsea13m
11 Mar 1905Daisy FidoNailsea11w
11 Apr 1905Elizabeth Ann ColleypriestThe Heath, Nailsea68
27 Jun 1905George Frank GarlandChapel Alley33
5 Jul 1905Sarah Ann Swete1 Royal Cres., Weston s Mare74
25 Jul 1905Samuel John WitcombeNottingham28Burials act; Congregationalist
7 Aug 1905George ManfieldSilver St., Nailsea77
31 Aug 1905Esther Tilleth VennCh Ch79
26 Sep 1905Ruby Jane Graham AshleySilver St., Nailsea30
12 Oct 1905William DerrickNew Rank42
12 Oct 1905George PalmerWorkhouse, Long Ashton61
28 Oct 1905George ColleypriestFriendship Inn, Nailsea70
6 Jan 1906Emily Jane BellringerPark Road, Nailsea56
23 Jan 1906Jane Jemima DerrickCh Ch71
27 Jan 1906Henry Thomas MarchantThe Drove, Nailsea42d
5 Mar 1906Charles GarlandNailsea74
16 May 1906Ellen MorseRavenoak Rd., Cheadle Hulme75
6 Jul 1906Job MarshWorkhouse, Long Ashton87
7 Jul 1906Thomas MansfieldEastville Workhouse69
20 Aug 1906Jane ShipwayNailsea66
20 Sep 1906Selina BishopNailsea58
27 Oct 1906David HeathEastville Workhouse, Bristol69
17 Nov 1906William James Lester CobbettCh Ch26
27 Dec 1906Charity EvansBristol General Hospital17
14 Jan 1907Ellen Belinda SmallmanCh Ch43
25 Feb 1907Edward CapleCh Ch66
7 Mar 1907Winifred May ShorneySilver St., Nailsea5w
12 Mar 1907Edgar Tom SmallmanSilver St., Nailsea45
30 Mar 1907Ernest John HartSilver St., Nailsea24
27 Apr 1907Sarah Ann BengoughFriendship Inn, Nailsea38
20 Jun 1907Mary Ann MorrisSilver St., Nailsea67
12 Jul 1907Frances AmesburyCh Ch84
19 Jul 1907Elizabeth WindmillPensford69
10 Aug 1907Harvey WoodCh Ch7w
21 Aug 1907Henry Charles HaleSilver St., Nailsea27
7 Sep 1907Julia Ann HolderChapel Alley48
23 Oct 1907Gathorne Alfred PanesCh Ch10
4 Nov 1907Emma MalcolmCh Ch77
18 Nov 1907Mary Ann Singleton MatthewsUnion St., Nailsea2
4 Dec 1907Sarah PalmerNailsea68
23 Nov 1907John HopkinsCh Ch73
14 Dec 1907Percy HallThornbury, Gloucs.19
26 Dec 1907William VowlesCh Ch58
20 Jan 1908Violet SmallmanCh Ch13
8 Feb 1908Eliza Jane HiattBedminster50
24 Feb 1908Emma White13 Cephas St., Mile End, London76
19 May 1908Joseph GregoryLunatic Asylum, Wells72
5 Jul 1908William VealeNailsea64
22 Oct 1908Sarah WattsCh Ch70
19 Nov 1908Charlotte NicholasLong Ashton Workhouse80
28 Nov 1908Thomas BrownOld Rank, Christ Church76
2 Dec 1908Emma BurgeNailsea72
25 Jan 1909William Henry GreensladeNailsea66
10 Feb 1909Emily PrestonNailsea71
14 Feb 1909William BarnesNailsea61Congregational
3 Mar 1909Clara BolwellHigh St., Nailsea85
19 Jun 1909Alfred James ShipwayCh Ch5m
30 Jun 1909George Robert SouthCh Ch67
7 Jul 1909Joseph PyneCh Ch67
13 Jul 1909Anna NobleBristol67Congregational
14 Jul 1909Edwin SmithBristol18m
28 Oct 1909Charles PalmerCh Ch82
30 Oct 1909Jane PearceSilver St., Nailsea72Congregational
10 Nov 1909Mary Ann GundryFrench Rank, Nailsea88
25 Nov 1909Albert John CareySilver St., Nailsea31
3 Jan 1910George NicholasThe Drove, Nailsea54
1 Feb 1910Samuel PriddleChapel Avenue, Ch Ch76
26 Mar 1910Eliza BurgeSilver St., Nailsea40
6 Apr 1910Jane SmithSouth Liberty Lane, Bedminster74
16 Apr 1910Sarah Jane RobbinsHigh St., Nailsea71
22 Apr 1910Thomas William MarshWraxall47
1 Jun 1910Louisa PippettSilver St., Nailsea80
16 Jul 1910George HallNoah's Ark58
1 Sep 1910Elizabeth WaymouthHigh St., Nailsea87
4 Sep 1910Ralph AttwellWoodview Tce., Nailsea5h
20 Sep 1910William Edwin CruseCh Ch27
2 Nov 1910Jane VealeCh Ch66
16 Nov 1910Charlotte TrevelyanSilver St., Nailsea82
24 Nov 1910James MilsomThe Workhouse, Long Ashton60
29 Nov 1910Elizabeth Mary BayleyKingston House, Kew Gdns. Rd., Kew89

This transcription is limited to records at least 100 years old, by agreement with the Church Wardens.