Nailsea Holy Trinity Burials 1813-1860

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Hannah BrockNailsea10th of January 181360 years
Martha BryantNailsea31st of January 181390 years
Mary WindsorNailsea31st of January 181382 years
Harriet SpearNailsea31st of January 18133 months
Arthur AtwellNailsea28th of February 18138 years
Charlotte DavisNailsea7th of March 181314 years
James WestburyNailsea4th of April 18136
Mary the wife of William HodgesSt George's13th of April 181327
James MasonNailseaApril the 16th 181310 months
Mary Simmons CoombsNailseaApril the 30th 181317 years
Ann BarrowNailsea23rd of June 181384 years
Isaac HouldNailsea30th of September 181336 years
Mary Ann WedmoreNailsea1st of October 181320 years
Joseph WareNailsea10th of October 181313 months
Laetitia BryantNailsea24th of October 18138 months
Rebecca HicksNailsea3rd of November 181360 years
Jane DurbinNailsea3rd of November 18138 months
Elizabeth WattsNailsea3rd of November 18134 months
James BuckNailsea5th of December 181383 years
John WinsorNailsea5th of January 18146 weeks
James ParsonsKingston Seymour15th of January 181478 years
John CapleTickenham13th of February 18144 years
Abraham HollomanNailsea24th of February 181471 years
Sarah WrightNailsea31st of May 18142 days
Eliza MooreNailsea12th of June 18146 months
Hester DullyNailsea2nd of October 181413 years
Hester PhillipsNailsea12th of October 18148 years
James PhillipsNailsea30th of October 181448 years
William BryantNailsea15th of January 181544 years
Joseph VineyNailsea29th of January 181511 months
Hannah WestburyNailsea5th of March 18156 years
William RobertsNailsea29th of March 181523 years
Maria PullenNailsea13th of April 18159 years
Eliza ThatcherNailsea5th of June 18156 months
James SquiresNailsea20th of June 181518 years
Helen WinsorNailsea12th of July 18156 months
Sarah KingNailsea13th of July 181517 years
Isaac WhiteNailsea18th of July 181525 years
Mary GardenNailsea5th of August 181565 years
James HouseNailsea5th of August 181567 years
Harriet DelaneyNailsea10th of September 18152 years
Mary Ann HintonNailsea25th of September 18153 months
William HodgesNailsea26th of September 18157 years
William TaylorNailsea29th of September 18153 years
Joseph MerrickNailsea1st of October 181577 years
Ann TaylorNailsea19th of December 181515 months
Mary PascoNailsea5th of January 181633 years
Nathan CoxNailsea9th of January 181673 years
Richard BrimbleNailsea4th of February 181677 years
Richard BrimbleNailsea15th of March 181657 years
Elizabeth PlumleyNailsea29th of March 181652 years
Sarah SkinnerNailsea14th of April 18164 years
Hannah DerrickNailsea3rd of May 181641 years
Hannah DurbinNailsea17th of May 181680 years
James GrievesNailsea19th of May 18168 days
James HollifieldNailsea24th of May 181611 months
Sarah DayNailsea31st of May 181657 years
Mary ManfieldNailsea20th of June 181677 years
Daniel ElliottNailsea29th of June 181636 years
Mary MerrickNailsea3rd of July 181674 years
William MossNailsea7th of July 181628 years
John GoldingNailsea7th of August 181640 years
William WestburyNailsea28th of August 18165 years
Charlotte LesterNailsea1st of September 18168 months
Emma HouseNailsea5th of September 18161 day
Elizabeth HortonNailsea8th of September 181623 years
Ann KnightNailsea22nd of September 181617 years
Richard Peter GuillebaudNailsea20th of September 181614 years
John DayNailsea29th of September 18161 week
Samuel HodgesNailsea20th of October 181639 years
William StallardNailsea10th of November 181665 years
Samuel WhiteNailsea8th of December 18162 years
Mercy GaleNailsea5th of January 18178 years
John WinsorNailsea12th of January 18176 years
Ann HinksNailsea14th of January 181793 years
George BrakeNailsea14th of March 181756 years
William SomerellNailsea28th of March 181713 years
Mary Ann HintonNailsea29th of April 18174 months
William WitheyNailsea4th of May 181741 years
Ann HyattNailsea4th of May 18174 months
Betsy HeleNailseaMay the 30th 181726 years
Samuel FlukeNailsea3rd of Jun 181714 years
Sarah ChallengerNailsea22nd of June 181766 years
Mary PriceNailsea2nd of July 181710 months
John GrovesNailsea6th of July 181714 months
John CapleNailsea10th of July 181716 months
Elizabeth PerkinsNailsea9th of October 181748 years
Mary SommerellNailsea22nd of October 18173 years
Christian WedmoreNailsea9th of November 181748 years
Richard VineyNailsea9th of November 181732 years
Eliza RobinsonNailsea30th of October 18173 months
John WereNailsea26th of November 18176 months
Samuel BrownNailsea17th of December 181719 years
Mary FlukeNailsea11th of November 181726 years
Ann WinsorNailsea7th of November 181783 years
Elizabeth BuddNailsea4th of January 181812 years
Hannah HyattNailsea7th of January 18184 years
James WeeksNailsea22nd of January 181862 years
Jemima WinsorNailsea27th of January 18186 years
Peter HouseNailsea30th of January 181854 years
George ParfittNailsea1st of February 18186 months
James EmeryNailsea18th of February 18182 years
Sarah SkinnerNailsea20th of February 181886 years
Thomas SimsNailsea24th of February 181817 months
Hannah JeffriesNailsea25th of February 181828 years
William TaylorNailsea1st of March 18181 year
Henry BreakeNailsea4th of March 18183 months
Nancy KnightNailsea22nd of March 181844 years
Hannah PhillipsNailsea29th of March 18182 months
Henry Shrapnell ThatcherNailsea31st of March 181824 years
Mary PhillipsNailsea9th of April 181824 years
James RedgersNailsea9th of April 18187 years
Mary BrownBishport3rd of May 181863 years
Ann BreanNailsea19th of July 181830 years
James ManfieldNailsea4th of September 18186 years
Daniel PriceNailsea6th of September 18183 years
John PhillipsNailsea4th of October 181865 years
William BurridgeNailsea21st of October 181853 years
Samuel BaydonNailsea20th of December 181812 months
Hannah LewisNailsea3rd of January 181966 years
Jane HardingNailsea16th of January 181964 years
James VowlesNailsea17th of January 18192 years
Thomas KnightNailsea5th of January 181947 years
Richard Evans WatsonBarrow9th of February 18193 years
Prudence HouseNailsea21st of February 181981 years
William SomerellNailsea17th of March 18199 months
George ParfittNailsea17th of March 18196 weeks
Sarah BuckNailsea21st of March 18195 months
Mark SquiresNailsea21st of March 18192 years
Cornelius ShepstoneNailsea9th of May 18195 months
Edmund ParfittNailsea18th of June 181916 years
Francis NicholsNailsea9th of July 181948 years
Ellen DetandyNailsea8th of August 181937 years
Joseph RabellNailsea8th of August 18194 years
Mary EmeryNailsea21st of September 181914 weeks
William ParsonsNailsea26th of September 18197 months
William BallNailsea24th of October 181988 years
Mary JackwaysNailsea31st of October 181915 years
Sarah HolderNailseaNovember the 26th, 181962 years
John HintonNailseaDecember the 28th, 181910 weeks
Charlotte JeffriesNailseaJanuary the 16th, 18205 years
Samuel YealesNailseaJanuary the 22nd 18204 years
Elizabeth ParsonsKenn SomersetshireFebruary the 1st, 182085 years
Samuel WhiteNailseaFebruary the 6th 182015 months
Ann HouseClevedonFebruary the 8th 182017 years
Joseph SummerillNailseaFebruary the 16th 182052 years
Thomas ThatcherNailseaApril the 21st, 182018 months
John Robert AllenNailseaMay the 7th 18201 year
William RobertsNailseaMay the 12th, 182010 weeks
William HodgesNailseaMay the 18th 182012 years
Charles HolderNailseaMay the 24th 182063 years
Mary DurbinNailseaJune the 18th 182066 years
John GodwinBristolJune the 30th 182032 years
Joseph ReadNailseaJuly the 3rd 182050 years
Rachel DayNailseaJuly the 28th 18203 months
William HolbrookNailseaAugust the 7th, 182045 years
Lydia RedgersNailseaAugust the 20th, 182049 years
Ann CeneNailseaNovember the 12th, 182026 years
Sarah DavisNailseaDecember the 3rd 182028 years
Ann DurbinNailseaDecember the 7th 18203 years
John PendleBristolJanuary the 10th 18216 years
James ChuckusNailseaJanuary the 10th 182117 years
George BrooksNailseaJanuary the 14th 18211 year
James WebberNailseaFebruary the 4th 182183 years
Hannah WestburyNailseaFebruary the 11th 18218 months
Hannah WitheyNailseaFebruary the 21st, 18213 years
Ann MooreNailseaApril the 4th 182165 years
Isaac ParkerNailseaApril the 10th 182176 years
Ann WilkinsNailseaApril the 18th 182151 years
Caroline SmallmanNailseaMay the 6th 18213 years
John GodwinNailseaMay the 23rd 182164 years
Sarah MoxhamNailseaMarch the 11th, 182126 years
Esther DurbinNailseaMarch the 18th 182182 years
John BattenNailseaMarch the 21st 18212 years
Anthony KeedNailseaMarch the 31st 182184 years
Mary DurbinNailseaJuly the 11th 182129 years
Ann CookNailseaJune the 17th 182140 years
Mary WollenNailseaJune the 29th 182172 years
Ruth ShepstoneNailseaJuly the 31st 182110 months
Thomas InsellNailseaOctober the 17th, 182118 months
Samuel WinsorNailseaNovember the 25th, 182149 years
Samuel HouseStanton WickNovember the 29th, 18216 weeks
Ann FudgeNailseaDecember the 20th, 18213 years
Mary DuntonNailseaJanuary the 13th 182220 years
Mary DayNailseaJanuary the 24th, 182236 years
Joyce AllenAshton SomersetshireJanuary the 27th 182232 years
Rebecca ParkerNailseaFebruary the 23rd 182268 years
John DayNailseaFebruary the 23rd 182262 years
Sarah Ann ThatcherNailseaFebruary the 28th 182210 months
Benjamin BrooksNailseaMarch the 2nd 182252 years
Lydia HintonNailseaMarch the 28th 182246 years
James PyeNailseaApril the 28th 18226 weeks
Nancy BrooksNailseaMay the 2nd, 182238 years
John DerrickNailseaMay the 3rd 18228 years
Penelope GrayNailseaMay the 21st 182233 years
Daniel VimpanyNailseaMay the 22nd 182282 years
George WoolenNailseaJune the 23rd 182263 years
Sarah JonesNailseaJuly the 25th 182250 years
William BalwellNailseaAugust the 17th 182260 years
Mary BurgeNailseaAugust the 22nd, 182237 years
Samuel PlumleyNailseaSeptember the first, 182261 years
George WilkinsNailseaSeptember the 7th 182228 years
John BrowningNailseaSeptember the 22nd 18222 years
Samuel DayNailseaSeptember the 26th 18229 weeks
John HodgesNailseaOctober the 13th, 182244 years
Aaron HobbsNailseaOctober the 27th 182223 years
Hesther CoxNailseaDecember the 25th 182281 years
Sarah PhillipsNailseaJanuary the 5th 182376 years
William HickeyNailseaJanuary the 5th 18234 years
Elizabeth DayNailseaJanuary the 10th 182337 years
John PennalBristolFebruary the 23rd 18236 months
Counsel WeaverNailseaMarch the 23rd 182389 years
Thomas CoombsFeltonApril the 16th 182359 years
John HollifieldNailseaMay the 1st 182378 years
Mary MooreNailseaMay the 1st 182313 months
John AllenNailsea25th of May 18232 years
John EvansNailsea29th of May 182385 years
Thomas LasparNailsea29th of May 182370 years
Ann GriffinNailsea22nd of July 182332 years
John HarveyNailsea17th of August 182361 years
Nancy MossNailsea27th of August 182323 years
Harriet BrooksNailsea7th of September 18232 years
John IvoryNailsea14th of September 18237 months
Henry BrowningNailsea5th of October 18235 years
John BrowningNailsea5th of October 182311 months
Joseph AyresNailsea12th of October 182318 months
Richard ShepstoneNailsea19th of October 18232 years
George WestburyNailsea2nd of November 182318 months
John SkinnerNailsea9th of November 182322 years
Harriet BakerYatton27th of November 18237 months
Elizabeth HaymanNailsea9th of December 182333 years
Mark WinsorNailsea18th of December 182311 years
Mary JonesNailsea25th of December 182323 years
Judith HaymanNailsea30th of December 18234 months
William RedgersNailsea4th of January 182457 years
Mary Ann RedgersNailsea14th of January 18244 months
Emma WrightNailsea28th of January 18242 months
John JonesNailsea14th of March 18245 months
Sarah WarfieldNailsea28th of March 182457 years
Samuel BakerNailsea30th of March 18244 years
Isabella WillisonNailsea30th of March 18242 weeks
Eliza GoddenNailsea4th of April 182420 years
Elizabeth WitheyNailsea22nd of April 182438 years
James WinsorNailsea20th of May 182485 years
Rachel PhillipsNailsea24th of May 182421 years
Sarah WindmillNailsea30th of May 182483 years
James WatkinsNailsea30th of June 18249 months
John BrimbleNailsea15th of August 182469 years
Lucy GibbsNailsea29th of August 182419 a years
Elizabeth DemusNailsea26th of September 18246 months
Hannah SpearNailsea1st of October 182469 years
Janie StokesNailsea4th of October 182436 years
Sarah BryantNailsea7th of October 182459 years
Elizabeth WebberNailsea17th of October 182448 years
Susanna GaleNailsea28th of October 182457 years
John YoungNailsea17th of December 182463 years
Samuel HorwoodNailsea21st of January 182517 days
Mary ThatcherNailsea7th of February 182567 years
Samuel NobleNailsea6th of March 18252 years
Martha HillmanNailsea11th of March 182530 years
Harriet KnightNailsea13th of March 18257 months
Daniel FudgeNailsea24th of March 182538 years
Matilda PennelBristol27th of March 182514 months
Hannah ReedNailsea27th of March 18255 months
Roger MorganNailsea1st of April 182560 years
Sarah SquiresNailsea13th of April 182581 years
Thomas DavisNailsea28th of April 18252 years
Sarah ShepstoneNailsea22nd of May 182514 months
Esther CoombesNailsea31st of May 182545 years
Sarah BriantNailsea8th of June 182557 years
Mary ChurchesNailsea26th of June 182524 years
Richard DantonClifton; drowned24th of July 182518 years
George HollifieldNailsea25th of July 18252 years
John MoxhamNailsea1st of August 182564 years
George CraneNailsea6th of September 182578 years
Thomas EsemanNailsea6th of October 18252 months
Mary FudgeNailsea19th of October 18252 months
George BrooksNailsea23rd of October 18252 months
Ann HouseNailsea3rd of November 182534 years
Martha HarveyNailsea4th of November 182538 years
Elizabeth HouseNailsea28th of December 182525 years
Hannah RichNailsea28th of December 182587 years
Maria ShintonNailsea15th of January 182615 years
William NicklissNailsea5th of February 182617 years
Joseph WilkinsNailsea12th of February 182672 years
Elizabeth WebberNailsea19th of February 18262 months
Mary BakerCongresbury7th of March 18868 years
Mary ReybouldBath26th of March 182625 years
George VowlesNailsea26th of March 18269 months
Jane ElliottNailsea27th of March 182616 years
Thomas MossNailsea16th of April 182624 years
Eliza BolwellNailsea16th of April 18263 years
Mary ManfieldNailsea5th of May 18266 years
Ann HollifieldNailsea21st of June 182622 years
Christian WhiteNailsea12th of July 182638 years
William HouseNailsea30th of August 182667 years
William BarnettNailsea10th of September 182662 years
John BakerNailsea2nd of October 182628 years
James HolderKenn3rd of October 182617 months
John VawerNailsea22nd of October 182642 years
Samuel VawerNailsea15th of November 182614 years
Mary HardingNailseaNovember 17, 18262 1/2 years
Mary SainsburyNailsea7th of January 182773 years
Joseph HideNailsea10th of January 18275 weeks
Esther BrooksNailsea25th of February 18272 days
William LovellNailsea9th of March 182770 years
Hannah HodgesNailseaMarch 27, 182790 years
Mary HodgesNailseaMay the 1st 182759 years
Sarah WinsorNailseaMay the 1st 182755 years
John CapleNailsea20th of May 18279 years
William ParfittNailsea27th of May 182727 years
Thomas WeekesNailsea3rd of June 18271 1/2 years
Ann MerrickNailsea8th of June 182775 years
William SainsburyNailsea10th of June 182752 years
James WhiteNailsea19th of June 18273 1/2 years
Jane RedgersNailsea8th of July 182725 years
Ann BarfieldNailsea19th of August 182745 years
Mary RyeBristol26th of August 182736 years
Charles WhiteNailsea10th of October 18279 months
Hester WebberNailsea14 Oct 182788 years
George DeaneNailsea24th of October 182732 years
Mary WhiteNailsea24th of October 18274 years
Charles WilkinsNailsea20th of November 18274 years
James WeeksNailsea21st of November 18279 months
Diana JackwaysNailsea27th of November 182714 months
Lydia WinsorNailsea16th of December 182718 years
Samuel HodgesBristol6th of January 182825 years
Jane RabelNailsea13th of January 182855 years
Samuel SmallmanNailsea20th of January 182841 years
William SquiresNailsea10th of February 182852 years
Harriet BakerYatton Somersetshire28th of February 182831 years
Mary Ann NewmanNailsea2nd of March 18282 years
Elizabeth VimpanyNailsea10th of April 182817 years
Hannah BakerYatton13th of April 18286 weeks
Mary EvansNailsea13th of April 182811 years
Esther NewmanNailsea20th of April 182832 years
Priscilla ShepstonNailsea1st of June 18281 1/4 years
Charles FryBristol8th of July 182815 years
Ann HolderNailsea26th of July 182817 years
Ann WeeksNailsea27th of July 182877 years
Robert WillcoxNailsea27th of July 18285 years
James Harvey?Bath7th of August 182815 years
Sarah HouseNailsea21st of October 182866 years
Louisa PocockNailsea24th of August 18281 year
Charles HouseNailsea14th of September 18285 months
Louisa LesterNailsea21st of September 18284 years
Joel TannerNailsea24th of September 18285 weeks
Phoebe ParfittNailsea9th of November 182826 years
Joseph JeffriesNailsea23rd of November 182872 years
Hannah ChallengerNailsea5th of December 182858 years
Thomas BlackmanNailsea7th of December 182858 years
Henry Isles burntNailsea11th of December 18284 years
Susanna JackwaysNailsea14th of December 182858 years
Sarah JackwaysNailsea14th of December 18285 weeks
Amelia WarrenNailsea30th of December 18292 years
Emily PetersPaxton7th of January 18291 month
Eliza BrooksNailsea20th of January 18298 days
Rachel HillmanNailsea31st of January 182963 years
Sarah WeeksNailsea8th of February 18297 years
Ann WattsNailsea3rd of March 182948 years
Hannah ScottNailsea3rd of March 182930 years
John VineyNailsea8th of March 182960 years
Mary HarrisNailsea15th of March 182975 years
Elizabeth PringNailsea22nd of March 182966 years
Clement BrakeNailsea27th of March 18299 months
James DeanNailsea26th of April 18297 years
Diana VawerNailsea3rd of May 182982 years
Thomas BlackmanNailsea17th of May 18292 months
Jemima JamesNailsea7th of June 18292 years
Sarah ParkinsNailsea21st of June 182915 years
Sarah ShepstoneNailsea9th of July 18292 1/2 years
Samuel ThatcherNailsea15th of July 182949 years
Robert BakerNailsea16th of November 182916 years
Mary HintonNailsea20th of December 182958 years
Mary DurbinNailsea30th of December 182935 years
Thomas SummerallNailsea14th of February 183019 years
Ann HartNailsea25th of February 183011 years
Lucy HartNailsea25th of February 18309 years
Charlotte BrooksNailsea20th of the February 18306 1/2 years
Samuel HartNailsea4th of March 183021 years
Bartholomew CombeBristol5th of March 183072 years
Mary BrakeNailsea12th of March 183067 years
John HarveyNailsea28th of March 18303 weeks
Mary NelsonNailsea25th of April 18302 years
Emma AyersNailsea20th of April 183018 months
Charles MoreNailsea25th of April 183037 years
Nicholas IlesNailsea28th of April 183041 years
John StevensNailsea5th of May 183021 years
Sarah HarwoodNailsea7th of June 183040 years
Hester BrimbleNailsea25th of July 183082 years
Thomas CandlishNailsea29th of July 18303 years and 2 months
William WhiteNailsea9th of August 183038 years
Ellen WithersNailsea5 years and 8 monthsAugust the 29th 1830
John CraneNailsea22 yearsSeptember the fifth, 1830
George HillmanNailsea11 years and 2 monthsSeptember the 6th 1830
Charles CrewNailsea3 monthsOctober the 6th 1830
James CoombsNailsea22nd of October 183017 years
George AtwellNailsea28th of October 183019 years
Nathaniel WarrenNailsea31st of October 183059 years
Harriet NobleNailsea3rd of November 18301 year
Juliette CandlishNailsea25th of November 18304 months
James GibbsNailsea16th of December 183065 years
John HardingNailsea17th of December 183074 years
William GroovesNailsea25th of December 183017 months
Samuel TaylorNailsea23rd of January 183116 years
William WeeksNailsea30th of January 183128 years
William WillcoxNailsea13th of February 183165 years
Martha SimmsNailsea13th of March 183171 years
John WinsorNailsea27th of March 183159 years
John CoombsNailsea11th of May 183176 years
Martha JonesNailsea22nd of May 183155 years
Benjamin BrightNailsea4th of June 18312 months
James BrownNailsea22nd of June 183120 years
William HouseNailsea7th of July 183144 years
Jemima Hodges ThatcherNailsea29th of July 183118 years
Thomas JonesNailsea18th of August 183134 years
Elizabeth MossNailsea25th of August 183162 years
Aaron HilmanNailsea28th of August 18313 months
Sarah BaileyNailseaSeptember the 3rd 183170 years
Alfred WeymouthNailseaSeptember the 9th 18313 months
Joseph SpearBackwellSeptember the 14th 183112 years
Richard SellickNailseaSeptember the 15th 183111 months
Ann SimmsNailseaSeptember the 23rd 18311 year and 10 months
Moses HilmanNailseaSeptember the 20183014 months
Joseph KnightNailseaOctober the 2nd 183122 months
Frederick PyeNailseaOctober the 20th 183118 months
Thomas BrimbleNailseaOctober the 23rd 183169 years
Charles HartNailseaNovember the 2nd 183120 years
Hannah GouldWraxall6th of November 183140 years
Sarah HartNailsea9th of November 183118 years
William ChallengerNailsea15th of November 183194 years
Charles HolderNailsea7th of December 183145 years
Emma DurbinNailsea18th of December 18314 months
Joseph HodgesNailsea20th of December 18315 years
Abraham MansfieldNailsea20th of December 183153 years
Hannah PullinNailsea1st of January 183218 years
Anna PlumleyNailseaJanuary the 7th 183272 years
Sarah DayNailseaJanuary the 13th 183244 years
John HodgesNailseaJanuary the 15th 183262 years
Israel WrightNailsea; accidentally killedJanuary the 15th 183213 years
Sarah RogersNailseaJanuary the 22nd 183210 weeks
Ann HilmanNailseaJanuary the 29th 183232 years
Richard EvansCongresbury; accidentally killedFebruary the 19th 183235 years
John MorganNailsea; drownedFebruary the 26th 183270 years
Louiza BrooksNailseaMarch the 14th 183226 years
Isaac BrooksNailseaApril the 1st 183219 years
John WitheyCliftonApril the 10th 183246 years
Sarah HyattNailseaApril the 10th 183276 years
Harriet PriceNailseaApril the 15th 183219 years
William PriceNailseaApril the 22nd 183262 years
Charles HardingNailseaApril the 25th 183235 years
Sarah DayNailseaMay the 18th 183250 years
Sarah WattsNailsea11th of May 183221 years
Sarah Ann WillisonNailsea16th of May 183213 months
Sarah HodgesBackwell27th of May 183262 years
Louisa BrooksNailsea27th of May 183214 months
John WeaverNailseaJune the 3rd 183276 years
Thomas IveryNailseaJune the 3rd 18324 months
Elijah HatchHighway Wiltshire; pauperJune the 5th 183229 years
Grace SmithNailseaJune the 8th 183276 years
Caleb HedgesBristol1st of July 183218 years
Jane SezburyNailsea3rd of August 183256 years
Joseph VineyNailsea9th of August 18329 days
George BushBlaydon; pauper12th of August 183250 years
James ManfieldNailsea19th of August 183276 years
Ann NobleNailsea19th of September 183232 years
Hannah Matilda GouldNailseaOctober the 21st 183211 months
Benjamin CoombsFelton, in the parish of WinfordNovember the 16th 183259 years
Ann Plumley HedgesNailseaDecember be 31st 183210 months
Jane EvansNailseaJanuary the 13th 18332 years 4 months
William HodgesNailseaJanuary the 17th 183350 years
James WebberNailsea; accidental deathJanuary the 28th 183349 years
Ann YoungNailseaFebruary the 1st 183320 years
Thomas GaleNailseaFebruary the 4th 183381 years
James BreakNailseaFebruary the 11th 18333 years
Deborah HydeNailseaFebruary the 27th 183342 years
John GallopNailseaMarch the 1st 183369 years
Ashton KensfordNailseaMarch the 9th 183346 years
Ann ElliottNailseaMarch the 13th 183387 years
Mary Yeeles-BakerNailseaMarch the 20th 18333 years 5 months
Ned MorganNailseaMarch the 27th 183356 years
Mary WeeksNailseaMarch the 27th 183336 years
Jemima SageNailseaApril the 3rd 183315 weeks
William VawrNailseaApril the 3rd 183318 months
Ann Jane RabelNailseaApril the 28th 18331 year 11 months
Thomas ReaybouldNailseaMay the 12th 183363 years
John WinsorNailsea17th of June 183360 years
Charles MethinNailsea20th of June 183314 months
Richard HydeNailsea23rd of June 18339 years
Edward WinsorNailsea23rd of June 183325 years
Martha Elizabeth WaymouthNailseaJuly the 9th 18334 months
Elizabeth SmithNailseaJuly the 24th 183370 years
Jane StokesNailseaAugust of the 17th 183328 years 9 months
William GrayNailseaAugust the 22nd 18332 weeks
Hannah HodgesNailseaSeptember the 1st 183334 years
Maria GrimesNailseaSeptember the 6th 183311th weeks
James SainsburyNailseaSeptember the 14th 183319 years
Mary ShenstoneNailseaSeptember the 15th 183387 years
Alexander CoombsNailseaSeptember the 20th 183377 years
Eliza ColemanNailseaOctober the 2nd 18339 weeks
Sarah AtwellNailseaOctober the 2nd 18334 years
John JackwaysNailseaOctober the 8th 18334 1/2 years
Sarah BroomNailseaOctober the 10th 183320 years
Jesse PullinNailseaOctober the 13th 18332 years
Elizabeth BlackmanNailseaOctober the 20th 18333 years 4 months
Mary PullinNailseaOctober the 22nd 18335 years 6 months
William WitheyNailseaOctober the 27th 183328 years
Harriet ParfittNailseaNovember the 3rd 183310 years 9 months
Reuben BrooksNailseaNovember the 5th 18333 years 9 months
Hannah Gray HydeNailseaNovember the 8th 18339 months
John KnightNailseaNovember the 17th 18332 days
Theodore ShepstoneNailseaNovember the 22nd 18332 years 7 months
Thomas WeaverNailseaNovember the 24th 18331 year
Caroline Maria SalisburyNailseaDecember the 6th 18334 years
James DeanNailseaDecember the 11th 18333 years 4 months
John SkinnerNailseaDecember the 18th 183384 years
Elizabeth CraneNailseaJanuary the 29th 18342 years
Samuel BakerYattonJanuary the 30 of 183437 years
Jane BrookesNailseaFebruary the 4th 18342 years 1 month
Ann GrovesNailseaFebruary the 19th 183491 years
Matthew WrightNailseaMarch the 2nd 183425 years
George SkinnerNailseaMarch the 16th 183417 years
Mary EvansNailseaApril the 25th 183419 years
Benjamin PriceNailseaMay the 1st 18347 years
William HilmanNailseaMay the 2nd 183468 years
John SkinnerNailseaMay the 11th 183461 years
Louisa LeonardNailseaMay the 16th 183421 years
Henry Benjamin MullerCongresburyMay the 21st 183429 years
John BurlandNailseaMay the 27th 18342 years 6 months
Martha WatermanNailseaMay the 30th 18342 1/2 years
Elizabeth WrightNailseaJune the 6th 18349 years 7 months
Mary Elizabeth BolwellNailseaJune the 13th 18343 years 5 months
Sarah DurbinNailseaJune the 19th 183419 years
Ann GibbsNailseaJune the 29th 183436 years
Charles ManfieldNailseaJuly the 9th 183428 years
Mary MoreNailseaJuly the 19th 183462 years
Sarah BurridgeNailseaAugust of the 5th 183475 years
John MelsonNailseaAugust of the 8th 183411 weeks
Emma Hannah JonesBristolAugust the 18th 183430 years
William HodgesNailseaAugust the 19th 183491 years
Rose MelsonNailsea21st of August 183425 years
Mary Ann HallaNailsea31st of August 18345 years
Elizabeth CarfieldNailsea31st August 183428 years
James KingNailseaSeptember the 12th 183418 weeks
John ParfittNailsea; accidental deathOctober the 3rd 18345 years
Charles BrakeNailseaOctober the 8th 183410 years
Matilda Durston BaberNailseaOctober the 9th 183418 years
Hester WhiteNailseaOctober the 10th 18348 years
William DurbinNailseaNovember the 4th 183442 years
Mary PascoeNailseaNovember the 9th 18345 years
James DayNailseaDecember the 14th 183437 years
Sarah EvansNailseaJanuary the 11th 183530 years
Elizabeth BrakeSt George's SomersetJanuary the 22nd 183575 years
Sarah BakerNailseaMarch the 12th 183565 years
Grace WindmillNailseaMarch the 15th 183570 years
Samuel IlesNailseaMarch the 29th 183543 years
Ann HollifieldKingston SeymourMarch the 29th 183584 years
George PerkinsNailseaApril the 12th 183570 years
Mary HardingNailseaApril the 14th 183537 years
Thomas HardingNailseaMay the 7th 183566 years
Caroline HydeNailseaMay the 7th 183510 years
John LockNailseaMay the 10th 183523 years
Elizabeth PhillipsNailseaJune the 3rd 183539 years
Hannah WebberNailseaJune the 12th 183520 years
Richard WatermanNailseaJune the 14th 183529 years
Benjamin BakerNailseaJune the 19th 18352 years
Richard SimsNailseaJune the 28th 18357 months
William TrebleNailseaJuly the 9th 183588 years
Hannah BrooksNailseaJuly the 16th 183540 years
Joshua BroomNailseaAugust of the 5th 18356 years
Ann OramNailseaAugust the 30th 183569 years
Henry HaleNailseaSeptember the 27th 183546 years
Hannah GallopNailseaOctober the 7th 183572 years
Amelia YoungNailseaOctober the 29th 183525 years
John HickeyNailseaDecember the 6th 183576 years
Thomas MoreNailseaDecember the 7th 183582 years
William HodgesNailseaDecember the 13th 18353 months
Matilda CoombsNailseaDecember the 17th 18351 week
Sarah Ann CoxNailseaDecember the 17th 18351 years 6 months
Susan HarrisNailseaDecember the 19th 183585 years
John HyattNailseaJanuary the 3rd 183682 years
Jane KingNailseaJanuary the 9th 18365 weeks
Edith HintonNailseaJanuary the 18th 183686 years
William WilliamsonNailseaFebruary the 7th 183675 years
Elizabeth RedgersNailseaFebruary the 7th 183654 years
Elizabeth PierceNailseaFebruary the 28th 183617 months
Benjamin PriceNailseaMarch the 14th 183613 months
Elizabeth CrewNailseaMarch the 27th 18362 years
Mary Ann SainsburyNailseaApril the 3rd 18368 months
Betty GoodNailseaApril the 10th 183660 years
Sarah BradnockNailseaApril the 11th 183661 years
John ManfieldNailseaApril the 21st 183652 years
Richard LockNailseaApril the 24th 183619 years
Matilda MastersNailseaApril the 24th 18365 years 11 months
Mary Ann DurbinNailseaApril the 24th 183610 months
William EvansNailseaMay the 1st 18361 year 9 months
George CannardNailseaMay the 1st 18361 year
Jesse RodgersNailseaMay the 4th 18361 year 9 months
Samuel SpearBackwellMay the 4th 183614 years 10 months
Harriet BryantNailseaMay the 7th 18362 years 9 months
Selina GordonNailseaMay the 11th 18367 weeks
William Plumley WeaverNailseaMay the 12th 183615 months
Betty KingNailseaMay the 15th 183676 years
William DurbinNailseaMay the 18th 183641 years
Sarah ShepstoneNailseaJune the 19th 183616 months
Sarah WebberNailseaJuly the 1st 183620 years
Elizabeth HouseNailseaJuly the 3rd 183683 years
Jacob CapleNailseaJuly the 15th 183681 years
Deborah GrayNailseaJuly the 17th 18362 1/2 years
Sarah Ann GrayNailseaJuly the 17th 18366 months
Edward EvansNailseaAugust the 7th 183665 years
Diana YoungNailseaAugust the 9th 18361 year
Mary JenningsNailseaAugust the 21st 183615 years
Ann PineNailseaAugust the 17th 183625 years
Mary LarparNailseaAugust the 23rd 183683 years
Isabella Keedwell HolderNailseaAugust the 25th 183613 weeks
John HurditchCongresburySeptember the 2nd 183640 years
George NobleNailseaOctober the 2nd 183639 years
Hannah Virtue GuillebaudClifton GloucsNovember 125 years
Hannah AttwellNailseaNovember the 27th 183639 years
Robert JakewaysNailseaDecember the 11th 183670 years
Betty BroomNailseaDecember the 18th 183667 years
Mary SellickNailseaDecember the 25th 183630 years
Jane RodgersNailseaDecember the 25th 18365 years 6 months
Elizabeth RodgersNailseaDecember the 25th 18365 months
Phebe AtwellNailseaDecember the 28th 18366 weeks
William PimmNailseaJanuary the 15th 183782 years
James WhiteNailseaJanuary the 30th 183753 years
Joseph MerrickNailseaFebruary the 19th 183718 years
David ThatcherNailseaFebruary the 26th 183786 years
Sarah HickeyNailseaFebruary the 26th 183768 years
Sarah Ann Reid?NailseaMarch the 17th 18379 months
Hester WallNailseaMarch the 24th 183789 years
Sarah HouseNailseaMarch the 26th 183760 years
Harriet DelaneyTickenhamApril the 7th 18373 years
William LancasterNailseaApril the 14th 183770 years
William RussellNailseaMay the 4th 183756
Susanna CareyNailseaMay the 19th 183765 years
Zechariah HefieldNailseaMay the 21st 183730
Eliza DaviesNailseaMay the 24th 183732
Thomas MastersNailseaJune the 4th 183724
John DayNailseaJune the 4th 183784
Henry HodgesNailseaJune the 4th 18376 months
John BrownNailseaJune the 28th 183731
Harriet LancasterNailsea16th of July 183726
Henry ReesNailsea16th of July 18373 years 6 months
Alfred WrightNailsea27th of July 183711 weeks
William BrooksNailsea3rd of August 183733
Hannah HoskinsNailsea24th of August 18376 months
Matilda PimmNailsea29th of August 18376 years and 3 months
Sarah Ann PineNailsea8th of September 18372 months
Mary WrightNailsea17th of September 183717 years
Emily ManfieldNailsea25th of October 18371 year
Charles HobbsNailsea25th of October 18373 years
Sarah HedgesBackwell29th of October 18371 year
James SquiresNailsea26th of November 183790 years
Christina BrakeNailsea3rd of December 18379 months
Robert ListerNailsea10th of December 18372 years 3 months
Hester FryNailsea12th of December 18371 year 6 months
George PlumleyNailsea22nd of December 183791 years
Alfred WillisonNailsea26th of December 18376 weeks
William BurchellNailsea26th of December 18377 months
Mary Ann NobleNailsea12th of January 18386 months
Sarah Ann CraneNailsea14th of January 18384 months
Mary Ann WatkinsNailsea28th of January 183811 weeks
Hannah BryantNailsea11th of February 18382 months
Sarah Anne ShepstonNailseaMarch the 18th 18389 months
Elisa WhiteNailseaMarch the 25th 18382 weeks
Elizabeth VowlesNailseaMarch the 25th 183825 years
George HollifieldNailseaMarch the 29th 183866 years
Henry GrayNailseaApril the 13th 183819 months
Mary HollifieldNailseaApril the 13th 183864 years
Mary Ann BackNailseaApril the 15th 183857
Edward PhillipsNailseaApril the 22nd 183839?
Emma ShepstonNailseaApril the 22nd 18389 months
Elizabeth JakewaysNailseaApril the 29th 183814
John MullockNailseaMay the 1st 183860
Mercy Matilda YoungSt GeorgesMay the 27th 18382 years 10 months
Matilda MathinNailseaMay the 27th 183818 months
James ReevesNailseaMay the 31st 183858
William JefferiesWraxallJune the 3rd 183856
John HurditchNailseaJune the 15th 183866
Mary ManfieldNailseaJune the 15th 183839
James BurgeNailseaJune the 24th 183866
Martha ViningNailseaJuly the 1st , 183889
Samuel GrovesNailseaJuly the 4th 18386
James BakerNailseaJuly the 18th 183814 months
Ann FlookNailseaJuly the 22nd 183868
William FlookNailseaAugust the 2nd 183873
Frederick William WilmontNailseaAugust the 5th 183816
Ann BakeNailseaAugust the 22nd 18389 months
James Dallimore?NailseaSeptember the 7th 18389 months
Stephen George MandfieldNailseaSeptember the 9th 18386 years
Hester DurbinNailseaSeptember the 13th 183887
George AttwellNailseaSeptember the 23rd 18386
Thomas WrightNailseaOctober the 4th 18382 days
Sarah Bees?NailseaOctober the 7th 18385 weeks
Rosina ReesNailseaOctober the 21st 18383 years
Harriet HobbsNailseaNovember the 15th 183828 years
Grace FlukeNailseaNovember the 23rd 183880
John JakewaysNailseaDecember the 2nd 183823
James Earl EvansNailseaDecember the 23rd 183817 months
Martha PringNailseaJanuary the 11th 18396 years
Sarah BrooksNailseaJanuary the 13th 18396 years
Elizabeth LovellNailseaJanuary the 18th 183918 years
Caleb HodgesCliftonJanuary the 27th 18399 months
Charles BuddNailseaFebruary the 17th 183918 months
Caroline WindmillNailseaFebruary the 21st 183910 months
Ann WebberNailseaMarch the 10th 183922 years
Emma JakewaysNailseaMarch the 17th 18399
William SkinnerNailseaMarch the 17th 183966
William BarnettNailseaMarch the 17th 18396
Mary RedgersNailseaMarch the 21st 183931
Mary WindmillNailseaApril the 14th 183972
Elizabeth PyeNailseaApril the 28th 1839101
Emily BakerNailseaMay be 12th 18391 year and 8 months
Joseph WinsorNailseaMay the 19183094 years
Emma HarveyNailseaMay the 191830916 months
Henry ManfieldNailseaMay the 191830910 months
Joseph BeasantNailseaMay the 26th 183910 years
Richard HudsonSutton in ShropshireMay the 28th 183922
Elizabeth BrakeNailseaJune the 9th 183914
James MorganNailseaJune be 12th 18398 months
Charles WindmillNailseaJune the 23rd 18394 years
Hannah PhillipsClifton BristolJune the 29th 183923
George SquiresNailseaJuly the 3rd 183955
Theodore ShepstoneNailseaJuly the 7th 18396
Henry WilkinsNailseaJuly the 7th 18396 months
Sarah ShepstoneNailseaJuly the 10th 183949 years
William WhitingNailseaJuly the 14th 183915 months
Elizabeth HawkinsNailseaJuly the 17th 183918 months
James SpearNailseaJuly the 28th 183915 years 6 months
William DurbinNailseaJuly the 28th 183986 years
Richard DurbinNailseaAugust the 4th 183991 years
Elizabeth NichollsNailseaAugust the 11th 183913 months
George MorrisNailseaAugust the 18th 183919 years
James HarveyNailseaAugust the 20th 18397 months
Betty MoxhamBedminsterSeptember the 3rd 183978 years
Fanny HolderCleve?October the 16th 183912 weeks
Ann HaskinsNailseaNovember the 17th 183929 years
John CrewClifton near BristolDecember the 8th 18398 weeks
William ReaybouldNailseaDecember the 15th 183915 years
Amandus BeakeNailseaDecember the 29th 183972 years
Sarah DayNailseaJanuary the 12th 184015 months
Mary Ann RogersNailseaJanuary the 24th 18402 years
Louis de TandyNailseaJanuary the 26th 184068 years
Elizabeth GaleNailseaJanuary the 26th 18409 years
Artebus NaishNailseaJanuary the 26th 18407 months
Mary SquiresNailseaFebruary the 2nd 18408 years
Henry ThatcherNailseaFebruary the 9th 184021 years
John BriantNailseaFebruary the 16th 184078 years
Mary Matilda ScottNailseaFebruary the 17th 184018 months
Charles Coombs DoggettNailseaFebruary the 21st 184018 years
Lavinia ThatcherNailseaFebruary the 29th 18406 months
William LancashireNailseaMarch the 1st 184026 years
John HaleNailseaMarch the 5th 184094 years
Thomas CraneNailseaMarch the 8th 18406 months
William AttwellNailseaMarch the 12th 18406 years
Sarah VowlesNailseaMarch the 14th 184090 years
George WinmillNailseaMarch the 15th 184064 years
Jonathan PringNailseaMarch the 18th 18407 months
Eliza WhiteNailseaMarch the 29th 184028
Matilda BroomeNailseaApril the 1st 18407 months
Thomas ShepstoneNailseaApril the 16th 184012 years
Sarah CaryNailseaApril the 26th 184059 years
Mary Blackburn SquiresNailseaApril the 26th 18409 months
Martha PhilippsNailseaMay the 6th 184016 years
Albert VowlesNailseaMay the 13th 18405 weeks
William AtwellNailseaMay the 24th 184017 years
Jane BarnettNailseaJune the 4th 18402 months
Job ParsonsNailseaJune the 7th 18403 1/2 years
William CapelNailseaJune the 14th 184019 years
Jane PyneWraxallJune the 16th 184032 years
Eliza BrakeNailseaJune the 21st 184010 years
Mary Ann WilliamsonNailseaJuly the 8th 18404 months
Betty BallNailseaJuly the 26th 184088 years
James BrooksNailseaJuly the 26th 184016 years
Benjamin GodwinNailseaJuly the 28th 184073 years
Mary ManfieldNailseaAugust the 4th 184052 years
William Henry WaymouthNailseaAugust the 13th 184017 years 9 months
Michael PascoNailseaAugust the 13th 184015 years
Thomas BrooksNailseaAugust the 14th 184071 years
Harriet StokesNailseaAugust the 25th 184033 years
Letitia BakerNailseaAugust the 26th 184043 years
George HardwickClevedonAugust the 30th 184031 years
Mark NobleNailseaSeptember the 6th 18401 month
James NobleNailseaSeptember the 9th 18401 month
Mary YoungNailseaOctober the 4th 184075 years
Martha VowlesNailseaOctober the 20th 184018 years 5 months
Elizabeth KingscottNailseaOctober the 21st 18402 years 9 months
Louisa ReedNailseaNovember the 8th 18407 years
James WinsorNailseaNovember the 15th 184078 years
Elizabeth De TandyNailseaNovember the 25th 184068 years
Edwin WilliamsonNailseaNovember the 29th 18403 years
William ClarkNailseaDecember the 9th 184020 years
Fanny ThomasNailseaDecember the 10th 18405 years 9 months
William PlumleyNailseaDecember the 25th 184077 years
Hannah BeesNailseaJanuary the 10th 18419 months
Rachel BrakeNailseaJanuary the 14th 18412 weeks
Hannah CoombsNailseaJanuary the 20th 184184 years
John PhilippsNailseaJanuary the 20th 184150 years
Elizabeth PooleNailseaJanuary the 21st 184126 years
Eliza ListerNailseaJanuary the 24th 18418 1/2 years
Mary YeelesNailseaFebruary the 5th 184168 years
Charles RogersNailseaFebruary the 14th 184112 years
Joseph CookNailseaFebruary the 16th 184157 years
Joseph StokesKennFebruary the 17th 184195 years
Edward ManfieldNailseaFebruary the 24th 18413 weeks
Samuel EvansNailseaMarch the 7th 184112 years
James AttwellNailseaMarch the 10th 18416 years 10 months
Mary Ann HodgesNailseaMarch the 11th 184115 months
Betty MerrikNailseaMarch the 14th 184189 years
Charles BolwellNailseaMarch the 20th 18412 years 9 months
Anna SummerallNailseaMarch the 25th 184118 months
Emma MooreNailseaMarch the 27th 184114 years
Charles HaymanNailseaApril the 2nd 18412 1/2 years
Joseph WebbNailseaApril the 4th 18414 years
Thomas WatkinsNailseaApril the 4th 18417 years
Hannah BrakeNailseaApril the 7th 184110 years
William BuckNailseaApril the 9th 184136 years
Martha GouldNailseaApril the 11th 18415 years
Hannah BrakeNailseaApril the 16th 184147 years
John SquiresNailseaApril the 18th 184177 years
William WilkinsNailseaApril the 18th 18416 months
Mary Ann SellickNailseaApril the 22nd 18414 years
Leah GouldNailseaApril the 22nd 18413 years
Charles WoodNailseaApril the 25th 18417 months
Mary MuttenNailseaApril the 25th 18412 years 1 month
Joel HouseNailseaApril the 25th 184114 years
Emily PullenNailseaApril the 30th 184111 months
Frederik PineNailseaMay the 6th 184111 months
George GoodwinNailseaMay the 6th 18415 months
Melinda CraneNailseaMay the 9th 18412 months
Mary VimpanyNailseaMay the 9th 184140 years
Samuel LockNailseaMay the 11th 18412 years 4 months
Thomas ParsonsNailseaMay the 16th 18412 years 2 months
Mary PullenNailseaMay the 18th 18416 years
Henry PooleNailseaMay the 28th 18412 years
Ellen Sara DaviesNailseaJune the 2nd 18419 years
William VimpennyNailseaJune the 2nd 184111 years
Martha BlackmoreNailseaJune the 3rd 18411 year 10 months
Eliza GrovesNailseaJune the 4th 18413 1/2 years
William Thomas SmartNailseaJune the 11th 18419 months
Thomas GaleNailseaJune the 16th 184145 years
William HodgesNailseaJune the 18th 18418 months
Betty PriceNailseaJune the 20th 184169
Henry BleakeNailseaJune the 20th 18419 and half years
Henry DoggettBristolJune the 22nd 184127 1/2
Mary Ann DayNailseaJune the 22nd 18415 years
Sara SellickNailseaJune the 24th 18418 years 7 months
Charlotte BarneyNailseaJuly the 8th 18413 1/2 years
Rhoda PerryNailseaJuly the 11th 184117 weeks
Ann WedmoreNailseaAugust the 20th 184120 years
Eliza SummersNailseaAugust the 6th 184110 years
Elizabeth CoxNailseaAugust the 30th 18416 years 7 months
John NobleNailseaSeptember the 26th 18415 and half years
Martha JakewaysNailseaOctober the 7th 184133 years
Mary DayNailseaOctober the 11th 184110 years
John HodgesNailseaOctober the 21st 184140
Elizabeth FudgeNailseaOctober the 24th 18413 years 9 months
John EvansNailseaOctober the 31st 184139 years
James DayNailseaNovember the 7th 18411 month
Cleopas ShadwickNailseaNovember the 11th 18414 years 2 months
Eliza SaundersNailseaNovember the 11th 18412 years 9 months
Hannah CookNailseaNovember the 17th 184123 years
Solomon CookNailseaNovember the 21st 18413 weeks
Ellen CoombsNailseaNovember the 24th 184116 months
Edwin CoombsNailseaNovember the 27th 184116 months
Elizabeth CrewClifton near BristolNovember the 28th 18411 year
Joseph HodgesBackwellNovember the 28th 184171 years
Sara ChurchesNailseaDecember the 9th 184180 years
Fanny WilkinsNailseaDecember the 15th 184111 weeks
Elizabeth GaleNailseaDecember the 15th 184175 years
William Goulding?NailseaDecember the 16th 18418 months
Eliza HodgesClifton BristolDecember the 26th 18415 years 9 months
Emma PascoeNailseaJanuary the 13th 184216 years
John GoldNailseaJanuary the 16th 184214 months
Hester RogersNailseaJanuary the 23rd 184210 months
Joseph BeesNailseaJanuary the 25th 18425 weeks
John WhitworthNailseaJanuary the 26th 184265 years
Jemima ThatcherNailseaJanuary the 28th 184261 years
Ruth Hannah WallNailseaFebruary the 3rd 18427 months
Eliza BrakeNailseaFebruary the 13th 184240 years
Emma SummersNailseaFebruary the 16th 18422 and half years
Charles KingNailseaFebruary the 20th 184210 years
Mark Moon?NailseaMarch the 2nd 184248 years
Benjamin CoombsHuntspillMarch the 22nd 184236 years
James StokesNailseaMarch the 25th 184231 years
James WarfieldNailseaMarch the 25th 184277 years
Henry DurbinNailseaApril the 10th 184268 years
John BeesNailsea8th of May 184235 years
John RedgersNailsea8th of May 184214 months
Henry CapelNailseaJune the 5th 184220 years
Charles BrookesNailseaJune the 5th 184215 years
James HaymanNailseaJune the 10th 184251 years
James LockeNailseaJune the 15th 184219 years
Elizabeth VimpennyNailseaJuly the third? 18422 years
William HicksNailseaJuly the 10th 184217 years
Samuel HillmanNailseaJuly the 24th 184214 years
Sarah StokesNailseaJuly the 31st 184236
Mary StokesNailseaJuly the 31st 18426 days
Mary StuckeyYattonAugust the 19th 18423 years
Mary WarfieldNailseaSeptember the 11th 184225 years
Sarah Blackmore SquiresNailseaSeptember the 20th 184223
Sarah Anne HardwickStapletonSeptember the 22nd 184218 months
Thomas HardwickClevedonSeptember the 26th 184229
Eliza HillmanNailseaOctober the 9th 184215 months
Letitia CoombsNailseaOctober the 10th 184265 years
Jane RedgersNailseaNovember the 8th 184225 years
Louisa WilliamsonNailseaNovember the 8th 184211 years
James ShentonNailseaNovember the 15th 184263 years
Sarah DurbinNailseaNovember the 30th 184229 years
Henry ManfieldNailseaJanuary the 9th 18437 weeks
John LovellNailseaJanuary the 11th 184358 years
Ann GodwinNailseaJanuary the 121840374 years
Thomas Yeels/Geels?NailseaJanuary the 15th 184347 years
Robert CapleNailseaJanuary the 20th 184363 years
Joseph ManfieldNailseaJanuary the 22nd 184319 years
Sarah GaleNailseaFebruary the 26th 184312 years
Henry James ScottNailseaMarch the 2nd 18432 years 7 months
Charles HodgesClifton BristolMarch the 2nd 184332 years
James BryantNailseaMarch the 3rd 18435 months
Nancy ShentonNailseaMarch the 8th 184385 years
Lavinia BecketNailseaMarch the 8th 18432 months
Joseph WilkinsNailseaMarch the 12th 184315 years 6 months
Humphrey PringNailseaMarch the 22nd 184381 years
Maria PriceNailseaMarch the 23rd 184315 months
John GouldNailseaApril the 2nd 18436 weeks
Thomas HodgesNailseaApril the 5th 18437 years 6 months
John DurbinNailseaApril the 13th 184370 years
James BlakeNailsea from the workhouseApril the 16th 184328 years
Ann SalisburyNailseaApril the 16th 184315 years
Thomas SalvageNailseaApril the 30th 18434 months
Isaac JonesNailseaApril the 30th 18439 years
John CotterellNailseaMay the 14th 184382 years
Betty DeanNailseaMay the 181840393 years
Isaac PyneNailseaJuly the 5th 18434 years 4 months
Ann SellickNailseaAugust the 6th 18431 year
Clara Ann ThatcherNailseaAugust the 17th 18434 months
James WebbNailseaSeptember the 15th 184319 years
Susan BaileyNailsea Christ Church districtSeptember the 20th 184356 years
Dinah BeesNailseaSeptember the 25th 184333 years
Harriet RedgersNailseaOctober the 17th 184331 years
William WebberBackwellOctober the 20th 184371 years
John WrightNailseaOctober the 29th 184383 years
Sarah Ann MooreNailseaOctober the 29th 18433 months
Robert EvansNailseaDecember the 10th 184320 years
Hannah HyattNailseaDecember the 24th 184367 years
Sarah WedmoreNailseaJanuary the 20th 184435 years
Joseph ManfieldNailseaJanuary the 25th 18443 weeks
Henry ManfieldNailseaJanuary the 30th 184410 weeks
Martha HorwoodNailseaFebruary the 8th 18449 months
Sarah LeonardNailseaFebruary the 20th 184417 years
Mary WedmoreNailseaFebruary the 21st 184486 years
Elizabeth PriceNailseaMarch the 17th 184452 years
Ellen Brakeworkhouse Long AshtonMarch the 22nd 18444 months
Hannah BrooksNailseaApril the 7th 184468 years
William GarlandNailseaApril the 7th 184410 months
Mary ReedNailseaApril the 9th 184422 years
Sydenham BroomNailseaApril the 14th 18441 month
Ann UrchBristolApril the 21st 184413 months
Harriet ParsonsNailseaApril the 24th 184445 years
James BryantNailseaMay the 5th 184439 years
Isaac ReedNailseaMay the 28th 184441 years
John SmallmanNailseaJune the 2nd 184432 years
John BrownNailseaJune the 5th 184479 years
Edward EvansNailseaJune the 7th 184424 years
William SainsburyNailseaJune the 7th 184471 years
Joseph SellickNailseaJune the 30th 184450 years
Sophia JakewaysNailseaJuly the 21st 184471 years
Benjamin Godwin CoombsNailseaJuly the 31st 184464
Mary BrewerNailseaAugust the 13th 184450 years
Mary Ann NobleNailseaAugust the 13th 184423 years
John GarlandNailseaAugust the 18th 184431 years
Mary DurbinNailseaAugust the 25th 184470 years
Kitty PriceNailseaSeptember the 15th 184478 years
William HollyfieldNailseaOctober the 11th 184469 years
Elizabeth BarnettNailseaOctober the 13th 184486 years
William PriceNailseaOctober the 27th 18449 years
Robert BakerNailseaNovember the 14th 184475 years
Sarah Fryworkhouse Long AshtonNovember the 14th 18441 year
Eunice BuddNailseaNovember the 21st 184418 years
Joseph PhillipsNailseaNovember the 24th 184413 months
Joyce SmallmanNailseaNovember the 24th 184418 years
Mary SageNailseaNovember the 27th 184470 years
Ann MoxhamClevedonDecember the 4th 184457 years
Elizabeth HortNailseaDecember the 5th 184439 years
Thomas AllenNailseaFebruary the 9th 184512 years
Joseph OramNailseaMarch the 16th 184568 years
Sarah BrimbleNailseaMarch the 16th 184593 years
Sarah WhiteNailseaApril the 6th 184582 Years
Mary HouseNailseaApril the 27th 184550 years
Priscilla SmallmanNailseaApril the 27th 184567 years
David WebberNailseaMay the 6th 184560 years
George BlackmoreNailseaMay the 11th 18459 months
Tabitha Cume BranchNailseaMay the 16th 184568 years
John BroomNailseaMay the 18th 184585 years
Ann JakewaysNailseaJune the 22nd 184563 years
Albert BrimbleNailseaJuly the 15th 18459 months
Hester BakerNailseaJuly the 17th 184535 years
Sarah Ann GouldNailseaJuly the 20th 184513 months
William LovellNailseaJuly the 30th 184553 years
Mary JeffreysNailseaAugust the 10th 184555 years
Mary PoultonNailseaAugust the 11th 184525 Years
John WeeksNailseaAugust the 16th 184567 years
John HouseNailseaOctober the 1st 184550 years
Sophia LeonardNailseaOctober the 19th 184521 years
John GaigerNailseaOctober the 23rd 184559 years
Frederick HodgesGloucesterNovember the 2nd 184519 years
Hannah JonesNailseaNovember the 2nd 184569 years
John SpearNailseaNovember the 13th 184563 years
Mary Ann MooreNailseaDecember the 4th 18459 years 6 months
James WilkinsNailseaDecember the 5th 184518 years 8 months
Emma CoxNailseaDecember the 21st 18453 years and half
Stephen SellickNailseaDecember the 23rd 184519 years
John BurgeNailseaDecember the 26th 184539 years
Eliza GodwinNailseaFebruary the 1st 18469 years
Ann SmithNailseaFebruary the 9th 184687 years
Melinda BakerNailseaFebruary the 11th 18465 years
Martha DaveyWraxallApril the 6th 184624 years
Sarah CraneNailseaApril the 30th 184618 years
Isabella WhiteNailseaMay the 11th 184644 years
John HollymanClevedonMay the 13th 184617 years
Mary Ann PhillipsNailseaMay the 13th 18465 years
John Gray MorrisNailseaMay the 16th 184616 months
Charles Wedmore CoombsNailseaMay the 17th 184617 years
Thomas CoxNailseaMay the 17th 184617 years
Rachel DandoNailseaMay the 24th 184633 years
Henry BrakeNailseaJune the 5th 184623 years
Thomas ParsonsNailseaJune the 5th 184639 years
Elizabeth SilverthorneNailseaJune the 7th 18469 months
James ColeNailseaJune the 10th 184632 years
Amelia MorganNailseaJune the 25th 184610 years
Joel WitheyPortisheadJuly the 11th 184658 years
William PlumleyNailseaJuly the 13th 184655 years
Mary CoombsNailseaJuly the 31st 184682 years
Thomas HurseNailseaAugust the 8th 18467 years
John BaileyNailseaAugust the 10th 184699 years
Caroline Dibbings WhiteTickenhamAugust the 28th 184626 years
Sarah BurridgeNailseaSeptember the 13th 184612 years
Thomas AveryNailseaSeptember the 25th 184630 years
Sarah DayNailseaOctober the 11th 184619 years 9 months
Sarah WilcoxNailseaOctober the 14th 184619 years
Elizabeth BuckNailseaOctober the 14th 18466 weeks
Aaron HobbsNailseaNovember the 10th 184623 years
Elizabeth WilcoxNailseaNovember the 21st 184659 years
Elizabeth AveryNailseaNovember the 24th 184624 years
Mary WilcoxNailseaDecember the 2nd 184627 years
Sarah WattsNailseaDecember the 6th 184669 years
Zipporah HillmanNailseaDecember the 17th 184659 years
Susan Keale Milleman CoombeClifton near BristolDecember the 22nd 184690 years
Lydia DurbinNailseaDecember the 23rd 18466 months and half
Sexey NevelleNailseaDecember the 25th 184682 years
Fanny WarrenNailseaDecember the 27th 184617 years
Joseph DurbinNailseaJanuary the 3rd 184770 years
Jacob HyattNailseaJanuary the 3rd 184717 and half years
Elizabeth DoggettNailseaJanuary the 7th 184764 years
Henry AttwellNailseaJanuary the 10th 184712 years
Cornelius ShepstoneNailseaJanuary the 17th 184795 years
James WestburyNailseaJanuary the 31st 184779 years
Charles DurbinNailseaFebruary the 7th 184728 years
Martha SkinnerNailseaFebruary the 7th 184770 years
Anthony HorlorNailseaFebruary the 21st 184759 years
James SummerallNailseaFebruary the 21st 184711 months
Joseph SmithNailseaFebruary the 24th 184777 years
John CraneNailseaMarch the 7th 184727 years
Sarah ReedNailseaMarch the 19th 184747 years
Diana MayNailseaMarch the 28th 184758 years
Elizabeth DavisNailseaApril the 8th 184713 weeks
Alexander CoombsNailseaApril the 14th 184747 years
Charles MadfordNailseaApril the 23rd 18473 years
John GrayNailseaMay the 5th 184766 years
Robert WillcoxNailseaMay the 9th 184718 years
William Williamsonworkhouse Long AshtonMay the 16th 184753 years
Albert BroomNailseaMay the 27th 18475 years 5 months
Henry BroomNailseaMay the 27th 18472 years 5 months
John HunksNailseaMay the 30th 184783 years
Henry IlesNailseaMay the 30th 18473 weeks
Warren George GwynnNailseaJune the 9th 18478 months
Hannah EvansNailseaJune the 10th 184727 years
Charles VimpenyNailseaJune the 13th 184712 years
Samuel EvansNailseaJuly the 4th 184778 years
Henry DurbinNailseaJuly the 11th 184719 years
Charles WrightNailseaJuly the 11th 184718 years
John BriantNailseaJuly the 14th 184773 years
Elizabeth HaleNailseaJuly the 18th 18475 years
John HydeNailseaAugust the 1st 184718 years
John HintonNailseaAugust the 4th 184772 years
Martha JackwaysNailseaAugust the 18th 184713 years
Emma JackwaysNailseaSeptember 12, 18472 months
Albert Henry HardingNailseaSeptember the 19th 18471 year
Hannah AttwellNailseaSeptember the 19th 184721 years
Charles HedgesNailseaOctober the 3rd 184724 years
Jane WebbNailseaOctober the 4th 184775 years
Sarah Maria BiggsNailseaOctober the 6th 18472 years 7 months
George WinsorNailseaOctober the 31st 18471 year 7 months
Emma JackwaysNailseaOctober the 31st 184723 years
Sarah Ann BurridgeNailseaNovember the 11th 18471 year 2 months
Jane BuddNailseaNovember the 27th 184714 years 8 months
Lydia RedgersNailseaNovember the 28th 18472 years
Frederic BakerNailseaNovember the 30th 18471 year 10 months
Elizabeth AveryNailseaDecember the 12th 18473 years
James MoorlinchNailseaDecember the 18th 18476 years
William CockbileNailseaDecember the 25th 18471 year 10 months
Grace HaleNailseaJanuary the 7th 184878 years
James PetheramNailseaJanuary the 16th 18485 months
James Barnettworkhouse Long AshtonJanuary the 27th 184888 years
Caroline RogersNailseaJanuary the 28th 184827 years
George RogersNailseaJanuary the 31st 184818 years
John BrimbleNailseaFebruary the 4th 184819 years
Emma GwynnNailseaFebruary the 18th 184824 years
William ShadwickNailseaFebruary the 19th 184821 years
Hannah NewtonNailsea; (omitted in 1847)December the 30th 184778 years
Maria WeeksNailseaFebruary the 27th 184824 years
Mary Anne HarrisNailseaMarch the 24th 18481 year 7 months
Mary Anne HardingKingston SeymourApril the 6th 184817 years
Willbert SpriggNailseaApril the 21st 184815 months
Louisa DayCrewe CheshireMay the 4th 184827 years
James HaskinsNailseaMay the 10th 184815 years
Hannah BeakesNailseaMay the 14th 184875 years
Jane HarveyYattonMay the 21st 184816 months
Mark JonesNailseaJune the 1st 184822 years
James PyeNailseaJune the 9th 184853 years
Betty SquiresNailseaJune the 14th 184872 years
Penelope HurditchNailseaJune the 21st 184873 years
Frederick Mornington GreenNailseaJune the 30th 18483 weeks
Hannah EvansNailseaJuly the 6th 18485 months
John YorkNailseaJuly the 9th 184866 years
Mary BlackmoreNailseaJuly the 20th 184823 years
Harriet GaleNailseaAugust the 13th 18482 years 6 months
Charles VawerNailseaAugust the 16th 184825 years
Henry MooreNailseaAugust the 19th 18485 weeks
Sarah WinsorNailseaAugust the 24th 184882 years
Jane MastersNailseaAugust the 27th 18485 years 5 months
Matthew WrightNailseaAugust the 29th 184821 years
Hannah WrightNailseaSeptember the 7th 18487 months
Hannah AthertonNailseaSeptember the 8th 184850 years
George MorrisNailseaSeptember the 14th 18489 weeks
Sarah HorlerNailseaSeptember the 19th 184849 years
Thomas GaleNailseaSeptember the 24th 184810 years
Emma DurbinNailseaNovember the 9th 184811 years
Samuel HollymanClevedonNovember the 17th 184843 years
Maria DurbinNailseaNovember the 26th 184811 months
Edward SummerallNailseaDecember the 14th 184813 years 10 months
Elizabeth DurbinNailseaJanuary the 12th 184972 years
John WrightNailseaJanuary the 18th/19th? 184954 years
John RedgersNailseaJanuary the 21st 184982 years
Zipporah DeanNailseaFebruary the 18th 18499 days
Mary CollisCliftonFebruary the 22nd 184942 years
Harry HardingNailseaMarch the 7th 18494 days
John RobertsNailseaMarch the 18th 18491 month
Elizabeth BrooksNailseaMarch the 18th 184984 years
Mary GaleNailseaMarch the 18th 184949 years
Hester DurbinNailseaApril the 22nd, 184921 years
Emily JonesNailseaApril the 22nd, 18494 months
Maria CulverwellNailseaApril the 26th 184918 years
Henrietta DurstonNailseaMay the 3rd 184910 months
Albert BakerNailseaMay the 9th 18495 years 10 months
Thomas BrimbleNailseaMay the 13th 184956 years
Richard EvansNailseaMay the 13th 184932 years
Mary SainsburyNailseaMay the 23rd 184938 years
Patience PalmerNailseaJune the 19th 184980 years
Albert SummerallNailseaJune the 23rd 18491 year
Judith Sasburyunion workhouse Long AshtonJuly the 1st 184971 years
John JenningsNailseaJuly the 3rd 184957 years
Samuel HayesNailseaJuly the 15th 184984 years
Harriet MaggsNailseaAugust 3 26th 184946 years
Hannah GrayNailseaAugust May 31, 184952 years
William Galeworkhouse Long AshtonSeptember the 19th 184924
Claude PommellettNailseaSeptember the 21st 184936 years
Mary BurchNailseaSeptember the 23rd 18494 months
Mary Ann NobleNailseaOctober the 7th 184928 years
Harriet BanwellNailseaNovember the 1st 18495 years
Louisa SainsburyNailseaJanuary the 6th 18502 weeks
Mary LeonardNailseaJanuary the 10th 185063
Sarah SummerallNailseaMarch the 16th 185037 years
William HedgesNailseaMarch the 17th 185081 years
John SomerellNailseaApril the 7th 185075 years
Thomas BuckNailseaApril the 10th 18504 months
Mary BlackmanNailseaApril the 14th 185082 years
Albert H. DurstonNailseaApril the 16th 18508 months
Alenia ReedNailseaApril the 24th 185083 years
John WebbNailseaApril the 28th 185068 years
John PascoeNailseaMay the 12th 185077 years
Mary SomerellNailseaMay the 16th 18502 years 5 months
Martha WedmoreNailseaMay the 22nd 185071 years
Eliza WhiteNailseaMay the 26th 18502 years
Daniel ThatcherNailseaMay the 30th 185059 years
Elizabeth BlakesNailseaMay the 30th 185010 months
Ann MorrisNailseaJune the 6th 185032 years
Thomas WedmoreNailseaJune the 9th 185084 years
James MooreNailseaJune the 20th 18505 years
William BlakesNailseaJune the 20th 185051 years
Sarah AtwellNailseaJuly the 2nd 185020 years
Eliza Anne NewtonNailseaJuly the 5th 18502 years 5 months
Oliver HolderNailseaJuly the 14th 18503 months
Martin TrewellaNailseaAugust the 4th 185027 years
John KingNailseaAugust the 4th 185013 years
Cornelius GrovesNailseaAugust the 18th 185072 years
Ann HarveyNailseaSeptember the 1st 185081 years
William Stokes Durbinworkhouse Long AshtonSeptember the 5th 18509/90? years
Sarah WinterNailsea16th of October 185083 years
Sarah WeeksNailseaOctober the 18th 185072 years
Martha Sasburyworkhouse AshtonOctober the 20th 185084 years
Thomas PyeNailseaOctober the 20th 18506 years
Mary NewtonNailseaNovember the 9th 185016 years
Ann DurbinNailseaNovember the 10th 185055 years
Clement R. NewtonNailseaNovember the 17th 18502 months
William ListerNailseaNovember the 27th 185016 years
John PomelettNailseaDecember the 13th 18508 years 6 months
Emily JackwaysNailseaDecember the 30th 18501 year 6 months
Harriet CraneNailseaJanuary the 5th 18512 months
Edwin GarlandNailseaJanuary the 9th 18511 year 3 months
Emma SummersNailseaJanuary the 24th 185110 years
George BaconNailseaFebruary the 13th 185136 years
Elizabeth LesterNailseaFebruary the 23rd 185167 years
John BakerNailseaMarch the 5th 185115 years
Henry DurstonNailseaMarch the 27th 185122 years
Thomas SmartNailsea Christ Church districtApril the 13th 185162 years
William DoggettNailseaApril the 30th 185172 years
George BurgeNailsea Christ Church districtMay the 4th 18515 months
Louisa BlakesNailseaMay the 13th 185115 years
John SimmonsNailseaMay the 15th 185136 years
Mary WaltersNailseaMay the 26th 185177 years
Ann HurrellNailseaAscension Day May the 29th 185131 years
William SomerellNailseaJuly the 2nd 185115
James IlesNailseaJuly the 6th 185156
Elizabeth HaymanNailseaJuly the 13th 185155
Henry Alfred SimsNailsea Christ Church districtJuly the 13th 1851infant
Elizabeth BrowningNailseaJuly the 14th 18513 weeks
Joseph Horrellworkhouse AshtonJuly the 15th 18512
David Jones MakeigNailseaJuly the 18th 185134
Richard MarshmanNailseaAugust of the 1st 185158
Joel RogersNailseaAugust the 6th 185124 years
Sarah Ann ReybouldNailsea Christ Church districtAugust the 21st 18513 months
Susanna WrightNailseaOctober the 5th 185128 years
Hannah WrightNailseaOctober the 5th 18511 day
Maria LaneNailseaOctober the 19th 185177 years
Elizabeth B HarrisNailseaNovember the 12th 18513 years 10 months
John HarrisNailseaNovember the 12th 18512 years
William Mayworkhouse Long AshtonNovember the 12th 185181 years
Sarah S HardingNailseaNovember the 20th 18518 weeks
Ann BygraveNailseaNovember the 20th 185176 years
John Sainsburyworkhouse Long AshtonNovember the 30th 185187 years
Anne BrockNailseaNovember the 30th 185116 years
Sarah Ann WatermanNailseaDecember the 23rd 18513 years
Charles SheddickNailseaDecember the 28th 185118 years 8 months
Frederick DayNailseaJanuary the 11th 18528 months
Helen WatermanNailseaJanuary the 11th 18526 months
Harriet WestburyNailsea Christ Church districtJanuary the 11th 185267 years
George DaviesNailsea Christ Church districtJanuary the 12th 18528 months
Daniel PalmerNailsea Christ Church districtJanuary the 18th 18528 months
Charlotte BrightNailseaJanuary the 25th 185219 1/2
John HinesNailseaFebruary the 6th 185231 years
Harriet Lester MaggsNailseaMarch the 14th 18526 months
Thomas MooreNailseaMarch the 20th 18521 month
Mary RobertsNailseaMarch the 28th 185261 years
Samuel Hodges ThatcherNailsea Christ Church districtApril the 2nd 185246
Hannah RussellPortisheadApril the 4th 185287 years
William BeakesNailseaApril the 7th 18523 months
William PainterNailseaApril the 7th 18522 years
Letitia Ann JarmanNailseaApril the 13th 18521 year 10 months
William AtwellNailseaApril the 25th 185287 years
James MorrisBackwellMay the 5th 18529 years
Albert MorrisBackwellMay the 12th 18522 years 11 months
Rhoda PyeChrist Church district NailseaMay the 16th 18521 year 9 months
Hester EvansNailseaMay the 20th 185258 years
Mary HouseBedminsterMay the 30th 185240 years
Hannah Mary BrakeDundryJune the 2nd 18529 months
William BlakesNailseaJune the 6th 185229 years
John PullingNailseaJune the 9th 18529 years
James SummersNailseaJune the 27th 185254 years
Mary ReybouldChrist Church district NailseaJune the 30th 185234 years
John YeelesNailseaJuly the 12th 185279
John VowlesNailseaJuly the 13th 185271
George RogersNailseaJuly the 18th 185228 years
Mercy HobbsNailseaJuly the 18th 18524 years
William BuckChrist Church NailseaJuly the 23rd 18521 month
George BrightNailseaJuly the 28th 185212 years
James White CoombsNailseaAugust the 4th 18524 years 10 months
Martha ParsonsNailseaAugust the 12th 185210 weeks
Henry HillmanNailseaAugust the 15th 18522 days
Melinda SmithChrist Church district NailseaSeptember the 5th 185220 years
John AveryChrist Church district NailseaSeptember the 20th 185227 years
Ady Maria LaneNailseaSeptember the 26th 185210 weeks
John WhiteNailseaOctober the 3rd 185270 years
Henry HaleNailseaOctober the 3rd 185234 years
Mary Ann BryantNailseaOctober the 15th 185215 years
Frederic UrchBristolOctober the 17th 185211 months
George WeeksNailseaOctober the 31st 185267 years
Elizabeth HillmanNailseaNovember the 6th 185227 years
Francis Durston ScottBedminsterDecember the 7th 18527 years 10 months
Elizabeth ParfittNailseaDecember the 10th 185276 years
Mary WeeksNailseaDecember the 12th 185224 years
Elizabeth MorrisBackwellDecember the 15th 185237 years
Henry Durston ScottBedminsterDecember the 23rd 18525 and half years
Joseph DurbinNailseaDecember the 20th 185277 years
Mary WrightNailseaDecember the 26th 185286 years
Hannah LovellNailseaDecember the 30th 185258 years
Joseph Dullyworkhouse Long AshtonJanuary the 8th 185345 years
James WestburyChrist Church NailseaJanuary the 25th 185334 years
Eliza BrakeNailseaJanuary the 26th 1853an infant
Thomas Shentonworkhouse Long AshtonFebruary the 9th 185373 years
James ScottBedminsterFebruary the 13th 185339 years
James ThatcherNailseaFebruary the 13th 185337 years
Lucy JarmanNailseaFebruary the 15th 18531 day
Samuel SpearChrist Church districtFebruary the 18th 185384 years
Jane WilliamsonNailseaMarch the 6th 185391 years
William WattsNailseaMarch the 9th 185340 years
Thomas HaymanNailseaMarch the 9th 185338 years
John EvansKingston SeymourMarch the 18th 185336 years
Henry HillmanNailseaMarch the 20th 18531 year
Elizabeth JamesNailseaMarch the 20th 18536 months
William HaskinsNailseaMarch the 25th 185364 years
Richard PriceChrist Church districtMarch the 27th 185395 years
Mary Jane RedgersNailseaMarch the 30th 18538 months
Henry BryantNailseaApril the 3rd 185313 months
Elizabeth BrimbleNailseaApril the 17th 185318 years
Rosa Jane BrockesNailseaApril the 23rd 18531 year 10 months
Benjamin GodwinNailseaApril the 27th 185342
Mary JackwaysNailseaMay the 1st 185319
Samuel MorganNailseaMay the 1st? 18537 months
Hannah Skinnerworkhouse Long AshtonMay the 15th 185372 years
Albert DurbinNailseaMay the 26th 18532 years 10 months
Rosa DurbinNailseaMay the 26th 18534 months
Sarah TaylorChrist Church district NailseaJune the 5th 185373 years
Charlotte JonesNailseaJune the 5th 18535 years
James JonesNailseaJune the 5th 18534 months
Charlotte JonesNailsea; Mother
of the 2 children above
June the 19th 185330 years
Elizabeth JackwaysNailseaJuly the 10th 185326 years
Elizabeth GriffinChrist Church districtSeptember the 11th 185356 years
Harry FarishNailseaOctober the 2nd 18536 years
Sarah DurbinPortisheadOctober the 14th 185392 years
James JonesNailseaOctober the 30th 185379 years
Anthony HillmanBristolNovember the 6th 185319 years
William CapleLong AshtonDecember the 16th 185357 years
Thomas NewtonNailseaDecember the 29th 185377 years
Hannah BurridgeNailseaJanuary the 11th 185447 years
John BarnettChrist Church district NailseaJanuary the 15th 185453 years
George WeeksChrist Church district NailseaJanuary the 15th 185428 years
Ann BlackmoreNailseaJanuary the 29th 185479 years
John CoombsNailseaJanuary the 30th 185436 years
Charles Edward LaneNailseaFebruary the 1st 18541 month
Charles WindmillChrist Church district NailseaFebruary the 12th 185477 years
James GrayChrist Church district NailseaFebruary the 19th 185451 years
Jane Weeksworkhouse Long AshtonFebruary the 20th 185466 years
William CoxNailseaFebruary the 26th 185475 years
Rosannah JonesNailseaMarch the 5th 185446 years
Elizabeth MeerNailseaMarch the 12th 185433 years
Charles DayNailseaMarch the 16th 18548 months
William CareyNailseaMarch the 24th 185430/80? years
Rhoda HardingNailseaMay the 9th 18541 year
Mary Melinda TuckerNailseaMay the 12th 18544 years
George WitheyNailseaMay the 16th 185472 years
John BaileyChrist Church district NailseaMay the 16th 185464 years
Richard Weeksworkhouse Long AshtonMay the 31st 185470 years
Elizabeth FelthamNailseaJune the 18th 185431 years
James BrooksNailseaJune the 25th 185475 years
John Batt/Ball?NailseaJune the 25th 18543 weeks
John MiltonNailseaJuly the 11th 185473 years
Henry BryantNailseaJuly the 15th 185410 months
Mary Ann DurbinNailseaJuly the 23rd 185459 years
Elizabeth FieldNailseaAugust the 3rd 185418 years
Emma Maria DurbinNailseaAugust the 6th 185410 months
Mary DurbinNailseaAugust the 16th 185462 years
James GriffinNailseaSeptember the 15th 185466
Frederick CoxNailseaOctober the 3rd 18547 years
Sarah Ann DurbinWest EndOctober the 13th 18544 years 7 months
Henrietta NobleLong Ashton unionNovember the 6th 185410 months
Mary SageNailseaNovember the 12th 185439 years
Maryanne BroomNailseaDecember the 7th 185417 years
Mary Vawer?Nailsea moorDecember the 17th 185475 years
Elizabeth CoxLong Ashton unionDecember the 29th 185454 years
Jane ButtonNailseaFebruary the 4th 18553 weeks
Sylvester HardwickNailseaFebruary the 5th 185524 years
Henry DurstonNailseaFebruary the 7th 18552 years
Mary HollymanClevedonFebruary the 9th 185527 years
Mary Jane DurbinNailseaFebruary the 27th 18552 years
James RobertsChrist Church district NailseaMarch the 7th 185564 years
Stephen WinsorNailseaMarch the 18th 185519 years
Charlotte WilkinsNailseaMarch the 25th 185524 years
Thomas WrightNailseaMarch the 25th 185563 years
Thomas BlakeNailseaMarch the 25th 185539 years
Harriet RogersNailseaApril the 1st 18552 weeks
John LockeNailseaApril the 13th 185577 years
George SkinnerWraxallMay the 3rd 185578 years
Solomon WrightNailseaMay the 18th 18555 months
Emma Pascoe ThatcherNailseaMay the 8th 18553 months
Joseph WookeyNailseaMay the 20th 185555 years
Maria BlakesNailseaJuly the 22nd 185535 years
Joseph SummerellNailseaAugust the 9th 185510 months
William BrownLong Ashton union
late of Nailsea
August the 16th 185570 years
Elizabeth AveryNailseaAugust the 19th 18551 year
Edward LesterChrist Church district NailseaSeptember the 5th 185518 years
Robert LesterChrist Church district NailseaSeptember the 5th 185516 years
Fanny Elverd?NailseaSeptember the 9th 185514 days
Catherine SmartNailseaOctober the 7th 185564 years
John SummerallNailseaNovember the 4th 185549 years
Hannah AtwellNailseaNovember the 4th 185557 years
William GrayNailseaNovember the 12th 185551 years
Ann SkinnerNailseaNovember 22, 185580 years
Ann CareyNailseaNovember 25, 185577 years
John VimpanyChrist Church district NailseaDecember the 16th 185582 years
Mary Jane FarlerNailseaDecember the 23rd 185528 years
Henry Coddington BrownNailseaDecember the 20th 18558 years
Prudence WhiteNailseaDecember the 30th 185547
Henrietta RobertsNailseaJanuary the 6th 18565 years
Ann EsgarNailseaJanuary the 30th 185574 years
Sarah Ann Metlun?NailseaFebruary the 3rd 18566 months
Elizabeth PhilippsChrist Church district NailseaFebruary the 6th 185686 years
James FilerNailseaFebruary the 17th 18566 months
Melinda PriceChrist Church district NailseaFebruary the 24th 18566 months
William BarnettChrist Church district NailseaFebruary the 27th 185640 years
Mary Evans DoggettBristolFebruary the 28th 185631 years
Elizabeth MorganNailseaMarch the 23rd 185672 years
Mary Ann BeesChrist Church district NailseaMarch the 30th 185624 years
William DelaneyNailseaMay the 4th 185685
John BrimbleNailseaMay the 4th 185650
Priscilla BarnettChrist Church district NailseaMay the 11th 185631 years
Ann AtwellNailseaJune the 24th 185689 years
Ann DurstonChrist Church district NailseaJuly the 23rd 185665 years
Mary DavisClevedonAugust the 22nd 185683 years
Henry WinsorNailseaSeptember the 17th 18561 month
Ann PhillipsNailseaOctober the 22nd 185678
Samuel Gray WitheyNailseaNovember the 9th 185641 years
Elizabeth DurbinNailseaNovember the 30th 185615 years
William HintonNailseaDecember May 14, 185683 years
Mary A DurbinNailseaDecember the 21st 185674 years
Henry WinterNailseaJanuary the 20th 185736 years
Tom SayersNailseaMarch the 12th 18574 months
John PullinNailseaMarch the 15th 18571 year
Hannah RedgersNailseaMarch the 27th 185751 years
William Laceyworkhouse Long AshtonApril the 7th 185776 years
Selina MorganNailseaApril the 10th 185713 weeks
Sarah M LockeNailseaApril the 26th 185748 years
Mary HobbsChrist Church NailseaMay the 20th 185744 years
Mary HodgesNailseaMay the 21st 185789 years
Theodore SkinnerNailseaMay the 31st 18571 year 2 months
John LaneNailseaJune the 2nd 18572 weeks
Hannah DavisNailseaJune the 7th 185733 years
John RayboldChrist Church NailseaJuly the 30th 185723
Charles Mapstoneunion house Long AshtonAugust the 2nd 18576 weeks
Sarah BakerWestend NailseaAugust the 24th 185745 years
John HortNailseaAugust the 29th 185782 years
Martha WebberNailseaSeptember the 9th 185732 years
George GaleNailseaSeptember the 7th 185713 months
George WebberNailseaSeptember the 15th 18571 year and 3/4
Elizabeth SageNailseaOctober the 3rd 185766 years
Thomas Calderwell?Christ Church district NailseaOctober the 20th 185785 years
Emma MooreNailseaJanuary the 3rd 185814 years
Harriet KingNailseaJanuary the 10th 185829 years
Elizabeth SummerallTickenhamJanuary the 17th 185883 years
Elizabeth SummerallNailseaJanuary the 27th 185883 years
Ann SkinnerNailseaJanuary the 27th 185846 years
Frederik Ernest DurbinNailseaFebruary the 3rd 18589 months
Joseph CannardNailseaFebruary the 21st 185816 years
Mary IlesNailseaMarch the 3rd 18581 month
Sydney DurbinNailseaMarch the 8th 185810 months
Charles WrightNailseaMarch the 14th 18587 weeks
Mary BarnettNailseaApril the 4th 185866 years
Charles Hodgesunion house Long AshtonApril the 4th 18588 months
Edward Watkinsunion house Long AshtonApril the 22nd 185811 weeks
Victoria Mary KingNailseaApril the 25th 18588 months
Robert RidgeNailseaApril the 25th 185835 years
Abraham CavillNailseaMay the 2nd 18583 years
Richard GillettNailseaMay the 30th 185858
Ann GrayNailseaJune the 23rd 185876
Samuel LovellNailseaJune the 24th 185861 years
George DurbinNailseaJuly the 2nd 18585 years 10 months
Thomas DavisNailseaJuly the 8th 18582 months
Charles WinterNailseaJuly the 15th 185850 years
Sarah CavillNailseaJuly the 18th 185810 months
Ann JackwaysNailseaAugust the 1st 185822 years
James CardNailsea; murdered
by his mother July 27
interred August the 1st 18584 years
Mary HintonNailseaAugust the 29th 185869
Clara CavillNailseaAugust the 29th 185814 days
Richard BanwellNailseaSeptember the 5th 185878
Rhoda SprodNailseaSeptember the 5th 18585 years
Henry BuckNailseaSeptember the 8th 18581 year
Edward UrchNailseaSeptember the 9th 185824 years
Elizabeth DavisNailseaSeptember the 26th 18584 months
Elizabeth DullyNailseaSeptember the 30th 185883 years
James CavillNailseaOctober the 15th 185866 years
Eliza Ann CraneNailseaOctober the 20th 18581 year 8 months
John CookNailseaNovember the 22nd 185810 months
Elizabeth BolwellNailseaNovember the 29th 185892 years
William DurbinNailseaDecember the 7th 185812 months
John DurbinNailseaDecember the 12th 18584 years 10 months
Fanny WeeksNailseaDecember the 26th 18581 year 4 months
Rosa BrakeNailseaJanuary the 2nd 18591 year 4 months
David George TuckerNailseaJanuary the 2nd 18591 year 3 months
Rosa DoggettNailseaJanuary the 2nd 18593 months
Louisa DoggettNailseaJanuary the 2nd 18593 months
Christian CoombsNailseaJanuary the 6th 185989 years
Tom SayersNailseaFebruary the 1st 18599 months
James SummersNailseaFebruary the 13th 18591 year
Samuel DurbinNailseaFebruary the 20th 18596 months
Sarah BakerNailseaFebruary the 22nd 185981 years
Melinda SpriggNailseaFebruary the 27th 185911 months
Elizabeth DelayneyNailseaMarch the 3rd 185980 years
Eliza PooleNailseaMarch the 13th 185933 years
Elizabeth BurgeNailseaMarch the 27th 185955 years
Ann CannardNailseaMarch the 27th 185919 years
George YendoleNailseaApril the 3rd 18596 years 9 months
Ann BurridgeNailseaMay the 8th 185955 years
Mary HartNailseaMay the 19th 185978 years
Ann SkinnerChrist Church district NailseaMay the 22nd 185981
Edward UrchLittle NailseaMay the 22nd 185955
Henry George CannardNailseaJuly the 19th 18591 year 8 months
Sarah CoxNailseaJune the 23rd 185983 years
Rosa LaceyNailseaJuly the 17th 18592 years 2 months
William BuckNailseaJuly the 22nd 185983 years
James BuckNailseaJuly the 22nd 18593 years 10 months
Emily BarnettNailseaJuly the 31st 18596 years 3 months
Emma GrayNailseaAugust the 3rd 185942 years
Thirza Amelia WhiteBackwellAugust the 18th 185916 years
Martha WrightNailseaSeptember the 9th 18593 months
John MorganNailseaOctober the 4th 185976 years
Kate BrooksNailseaOctober the 5th 18598 months
Mary LocksNailseaOctober the 20th 185977 years
John WeeksNailsea Christ Church districtNovember the 2nd 185929 years
William HollyNailseaNovember the 16th 18591 year 9 months
Elizabeth RedgersNailseaNovember the 24th 185934 years
John HillmanNailseaNovember the 27th 185958 years
Henry DoggettWestend NailseaDecember the 20th 185972 years
John DavisNailseaDecember the 24th 185976 years
Sarah SummerellNailseaDecember the 25th 185955 years
Sarah Ann SilverthorneNailseaJanuary the 4th 186018 years
Sarah YoungLlangendaino?, CarmarthenFebruary the 7th 186061
Ann BeachamNailseaFebruary the 16th 186049 years
Elizabeth PhillipsBackwellMarch the 11th 186093 years
Hester Anne StephensNailseaApril the 27th 18602 days
Elizabeth HodgesNailseaMay the 5th 186050 years
John GrayBedminsterMay the 13th 186011 months
Mary CraneNailseaMay the 15th 186066 years
Hannah SayersNailseaMay the 18th 186042 years
Ann ManfieldNailsea (Christ Church district)June the 10th 186091 years
Elizabeth ParkerCleeve?17th of June 186071 years
Hester BarnettNailsea Christ Church district12th of July 186030 years
Mary WellandNailseaJuly the 22nd 186049 years
Thomas HailstoneNailsea16th of August 186043 years
Theodore SkinnerNailseaSeptember the 30th 18604 months
Samuel Mapstoneworkhouse Long AshtonOctober the 7th 18606 months
Susan LodgeNailseaOctober the 28th 186017 years
William VawerNailsea Christ Church districtNovember the 4th 186088 years
Thomas Horwood?Nailsea Christ Church districtNovember the 25th 186070 years
Hannah PyeNailsea Christ Church districtNovember the 25th 186077 years
Sarah LodgeNailseaDecember the 2nd 186018 months