Nailsea Holy Trinity Banns 1754-1803, 1813-14, 1822

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GroomCondition/residenceBrideCondition/residenceDate of last
James York Yatton, bachelor Elizabeth Price this parish spinster 21st of April 1754 .
George Young this parish bachelor Ann Price this parish spinster 1st of September 1754 .
Josiah Loscome this parish bachelor Ann Thomas this parish spinster 6th of October 1754 .
Thomas Crew this parish bachelor Sarah Wride this parish spinster 6th of October 1754 .
Thomas Ware this parish bachelor Mary Giles this parish spinster 6th of April 1755 .
Richard Speare this parish bachelor Elizabeth Smith Yatton spinster 29th of June 1755 .
James Neads Yatton bachelor Sarah Kencott this parish spinster 4th of April 1756 .
James King Tickenham Sarah White this parish 4th of April 1756 .
Benjamin Winter Kingston Seymour Flower Parker this parish 16th of January 1757 .
Edward Hales Congresbury Mary Harris this parish 6th of March 1757 .
Robert Winbow this parish Mary Small this parish 20th of March 1757 .
Joseph Turner this parish Sarah Manning? this parish 10th of June 1757 .
John Jeakways this parish Betty Everit this parish 16th of April 1758 .
John Inker. Elizabeth Page. 25th of March 1759 .
James Winsor this parish Mary Beacham this parish 23rd of March 1760 .
William Vimpany this parish Sarah Harditch this parish 17th of August 1760 .
Stephen Winsor this parish Ann Bisse this parish 22nd of March 1761 .
James Whiting labourer Counsel? Barry spinster 7th of June 1761 .
William Lacon Bell. Ann Webb. 23rd of August 1761 .
Joseph Millard this parish Mary Bishop this parish 18th of October 1761 .
William Buck. Hannah Harfes?. 21st of April 1762 .
William Hicks. Betty Newton. 21st of April 1762 .
John Gibbins this parish shoemaker Sarah Evans this parish widow 28th of April 1762 .
James Jones Backwell Mary White this parish 11th of July 1762 .
John Gibbins this parish Sarah Evans this parish 18th of July 1762 this banns is not right,
the true publication is above
John DemmanCann Amey Finney this parish 19th of September 1762 .
Richard Harse Wrington Ann Andrews this parish 27th of March 1763 .
William Durbin this parish Hester Bryant this parish 22nd of January 1764 .
Robert Inon Backwell Sarah Roach this parish 8th of September 1765 .
Robert Willcox. Hester Godwin. 1st of December 1765 .
Joseph Hodges. Mary Durban. 15th of June 1766 .
Anthony Sasbury. Mary Manfield. 2nd of August 1767 .
Thomas Brooks this parish Mary Edmunds St James Bristol 27th of December 1767 .
John Manfield St George Hannah Stokes this parish 14th of February 1768 .
Joseph Crane. Mary Manfield. 16th of April 1769 .
Stephen Winsor. Ann Young. 18th of June 1769 .
Robert Marks. Sarah Goodlife. 25th of March 1770 .
George Plumbly. Betty Day. 25th of March 1770 .
William Crane. Jane Pim. 21st of May 1770 .
John Eliott. Ann Evans. 21st of April 1771 .
John Smith. Mary Henton. 16th of May 1771 .
John Skinner. Sarah Rumly?. 14th of July 1771 .
William Hawkings. Mary Hitchfield. 5th of April 1772 .
Joseph Millard. Mary Manfield. 12th of April 1772 .
William Henton. Edith Cole. 19th of April 1772 .
William Brimble. Mary Weeks. 11th of October 1772 .
William Sainsbury. Mary Lewis. 11th of April 1773 .
James Cole. Mary Weare. 4th of April 1773 .
John Roach. Elizabeth Denmead. 4th of April 1773 .
James Shenton. Mary King. 9th of May 1773 .
James Cole Portishead Mary Ware this parish 25th of April 1773 .
Edward Holy. Hannah Stone. 9th of May 1773 .
George Howse. Ann Manfield. 4th of July 1773 .
John Roper. Ann Badman. 19th of December 1773 .
Daniel Bud Clapton Rachel Manfield this parish 4th of December 1774 .
John Wall Kenn Sarah Lacy this parish 18th of December 1774 .
John Brimble Tickenham Hannah Newton this parish 12th of February (1775) .
John Manfield this parish labourer Mary Crane widow 23rd of April (1775) .
James Manfield this parish Lidia Cavell this parish 31st of March 1776 .
Samuel Aldridge this parish labourer Amy Hawkins this parish spinster 22nd of December 1776 .
James Weeks this parish Nancy Barret this parish 22nd of December 1776 .
Samuel Weeks this parish labourer Prudence Hawkins this parish spinster 23rd of March 1777 .
William Baber Backwell Sarah Coombs this parish 16th of March 1777 .
Charles Hodges. Betty Aldridge. 19th of October .
Thomas David. Ann Arney. 10th of January 1779 .
Thomas Lasper this parish Mary White the same 10th of January 1779 .
Edmund Wilkins Kenn Mary Evans Nailsea 25th of July 1779 .
Joseph Cambern this parish Hester Williams the same 21st of March 1779 .
George Churchouse this parish widower Amee Aldridge widow the same 8th of July 1781 .
Richard Gale this parish Sarah Inion the same widow 30th of December .
Joseph Merrick this parish widower Ann Elmsbourrough same parish spinster 14th of March 1784 .
William Lovel this parish Betty Durban the same 28th of March 1784 .
John Viney this parish labourer Martha Durban the same spinster 18th of April 1784 .
Moses Horler this parish collier Mary Hodges widow the same 5th of December 1784 .
Daniel Durban this parish farmer Sarah Mattocks Portbury spinster 27th of February 1785 .
William Durban this parish labourer Jenny Moore the same spinster 24th of April 1785 .
James King this parish widower Ann Causer the same widow 1st of May 1785 .
Peter House this parish cordwainer Ann Ogborn the same spinster 17th of July 1785 .
John Day this parish cordwainer Sarah Badman Backwell 24th of July 1785 .
William House this parish cordwainer Elizabeth Ogborn the same spinster 25th of December 1785 .
Stephen Selleck this parish labourer Sarah Merrick the same spinster 16th of April 1786 .
William Spark this parish labourer Mary Norman the same spinster 23rd of July 1786 .
Charles Hix? this parish labourer Hester Dowler? spinster 12th of November 1786 .
James Gale this parish labourer Sarah Turner the same spinster 12th of November 1786 .
Stephen Winsor bachelor this parish Hannah Merrick spinster this parish 27th of January 1788 .
Caleb Hodges coal miner this parish Susanna Reach this parish 25th of May 1788 .
Charles Reach this parish coal miner Eleanor Binden this parish 15th of June 1788 .
John Day labourer this parish Ann Vimpany Wraxall 15th of June 1788 .
James Robins this parish mason Martha LouisKilmiston 20th of July 1788 .
William Owen this parish Hannah Buck this parish 10th of August 1788 .
William Redgers this parish Lydia Sainsbury this parish 12th of October 1788 .
John Redgers this parish Mary Sainsbury this parish 19th of October 1788 .
John Stone this parish Hester Winscombe this parish 23rd of November 1788 .
Mark Long this parish Sarah Derrick this parish 14th of December 1788 .
John Wright this parish Mary Sage the same 29th of March 1789 .
William Plumley this parish Ann Bailey Tickenham 12th of April 1789 .
William Crane this parish Hester Hucker the same 20th of September 1789 .
John Harvey this parish Ann Crane the same 20th of September 1789 .
Benjamin Brooks of the glass house Elizabeth Morgan of the same 27th of December 1789 .
John Willcox Bedminster Elizabeth Smith this parish 28th of March 1790 .
Samuel Plumley this parish Betty James the same 4th of April 1790 .
Thomas Thorntton of the glass house Catherine Noble of the same 11th of April 1790 .
John Brown this parish Dorothy Holman the same 11th of April 1790 .
William Weaver this parish Counsel Winscombe the same 2nd of May 1790 .
Robert Jenkins this parish Hannah Owen the same 30th of May 1790 .
George Gore of the glass house Mary Glew of the same 22nd of August 1790 .
James House this parish Prudence Weeks the same 10th of September 1790 .
George King this parish Elizabeth Steedsel? this parish 7th of November 1790 .
Thomas Hopkins of the glass house Dinah Brooks of the glass house 20th of March 1791 .
John Briant this parish Sarah Hopkins this parish 8th of May 1791 .
Thomas Fox this parish Hester Hicks this parish 22nd of January 1792 .
John Mickeevel of the glass house Sarah Phillips glass house 22 Jan 1792 .
Thomas Roach this parish Mary Spear this parish 26th of February 1792 .
John Merrick this parish Betty Alford Yatton 26th of March 1792 .
Richard Price this parish Elizabeth Briant this parish 18th of March 1792 .
Samuel House this parish Sarah Thatcher this parish 15th of April 1792 .
William Hodges this parish Mary Jones this parish 15th of April 1792 .
Isaac Ellms? this parish Jenny Hillman the same 22nd of April 1792 .
William Flooky this parish Nancy Wear this parish 1st of April 1792 .
Joseph Hodges this parish Sarah Hodges this parish 27th of May 1792 .
Joseph Reed this parish Leoniah Rich this parish 19th of August 1792 .
William Burridge this parish Sarah Jackways this parish 11th of November 1792 .
Jarmain Hodges Nailsea Sarah Backwell Wrington 14th of October 1792 .
James Carrington Nailsea Margaret Morgan Wraxall 13th of January 1793 .
William Attwell this parish Ann Dyer this parish 31st of March 1793 .
Benjamin Holding this parish Ann Gorton this parish 4th of August 1793 .
William Phillips Wraxall Hester Derrick this parish 25th of August 1793 .
Samuel Hutton? this parish Sarah Davis this parish 29th of September 1793 .
Thomas Jenkins this parish Christian White this parish 22nd of September 1793 .
James Jones this parish Hannah Winsor this parish 10th of November 1793 .
Thomas Night. Ann Evans. 8th of December 1793 .
Benjamin Godwin this parish Ann Doggett this parish 22nd of December 1793 .
George Basset this parish Elizabeth Bishop this parish 8th of December 1793 .
Robert Jakeways this parish Susannah James Clevedon 23rd of March 1794 .
Joseph Sumerell this parish Elizabeth Hodges the same 6th of April 1794 .
James Plas this parish Ann Linkhorn the same 23rd of March 1794 this entry is struck out in register - see below
Richard Jenkins this parish Elizabeth Taylor this parish 7th of September 1794 .
James Plas this parish Ann Linkhorn this parish 29th of March 1795 .
George Windmill this parish Mary Smith? this parish 17th of May 1795 .
John Bullock this parish Mary Browning this parish 12th of July 1795 .
James Gibbs this parish Pamela Andrews parish of ?? 10th of April 1796 .
John Yeeles this parish Mary Plumly this parish 17th of July 1796 .
William Lancaster this parish Ann Collins this parish 17th of July 1796 .
William Hollifield. Elizabeth Old. 13th of November 1796 at Wraxall, the mother Church Nailsea being under repair
Henry Durbin this parish Mary Hill? this parish 26th of February 1797 .
William Skinner this parish Ann Raines this parish 12th of March 1797 .
Joseph Gale this parish Susannah Aish this parish 19th of March 1797 .
John Morgan this parish Hester Wall? this parish 2nd of July 1797 .
John Phillips. Jane Gilroy. 2nd of July 1797 .
Samuel Budd this parish Ann Lewis this parish 7th of January 1798 .
John Winsor this parish Sarah Wedmore this parish 25th of February 1798 .
Charles Pope Wraxall Sarah Russel this parish 1st of April 1798 .
Nathaniel Pillinger this parish Betty Tyzick this parish 8th of April 1798 .
Joseph Sage this parish Sarah Sprud Congresbury 11th of November 1798 .
Thomas Jones this parish Hester Walter this parish 6th of January 1799 .
Amandus Beake. Hannah Brown. 17th of March 1799 .
John Sommerell this parish Elizabeth Brown this parish 1st of September 1799 .
Henry Fowler this parish Ann Simmons Portbury 18th of September 1799 .
Robert Dyer this parish Mary Bishop Wraxall 13th of October 1799 .
Thomas Jones this parish Sarah Briant this parish 13th of October 1799 .
Samuel Winsor this parish Elizabeth Wilcox this parish 2nd of December 1799 .
Abraham Long this parish Mary Bullock Congresbury 15th of December 1799 .
George Parfit this parish Elizabeth Hodges Portbury 30th of March 1800 .
Joseph Prigg this parish Hannah Phillips this parish 7th of September 1800 .
William Sainsbury. Jane Durbin. 31st of August 1800 .
John Ogburn this parish Betty Waterman Wraxall 21st of September 1800 .
James Phillips this parish Elizabeth Vawer this parish 26th of October 1800 .
John Hart this parish Mary Bryant this parish 11th of April 1802 .
Joseph Durbin this parish Edith Brean this parish 11th of April 1802 .
Richard Biggs this parish Sarah Buck this parish 20th of June 1802 .
John Cole Weston Sarah Gilbard this parish 13th of March 1802 .
Richard Brimble this parish Sarah Watts this parish 19th of December 1802 .
Joseph Durbin this parish Mary Cox this parish 17th of April 1803 .
John Skinner of this parish Ann Stone of this parish 10th of July 1803 "of this parish" is struck through after each name
William Henton of this parish Mary Jones of this parish 24th of April 1803 "of this parish" is struck through after each name
William Boyce this parish bachelor Mary Lush Inn parish of
St Cuthbert,
Wells spinster
17th of January 1813 .
Thomas Brass bachelor this parish Praxey Cox spinster same parish 12th of September 1813 .
William Moss bachelor this parish Mary Ann Phillips Weston near
Bath spinster
20th of February 1814 .
William Bacon bachelor this parish Ann Budd widow same parish 20th of March 1814 .
James Stacey bachelor North
Petherton in
this county
Sarah Jenkins spinster this parish 27th of March 1814 .
John Pearce Wraxall bachelor Martha Thomas this parish spinster 27th of March 1814 .
William Hatton St James,
Bristol bachelor
Mary Brooks this parish spinster 3rd of April 1814 .
Richard Manfield this parish bachelor Julie Joseph DaucourtLisle, Flanders 5th of June 1814 .
John Manfield this parish bachelorAimable Agate Daucourt??, Flanders 26th of June 1814 .
William Parfitt bachelor Phebe Atwell spinster 17th of November 1822 both abiding in a cottage belonging to James White
James Wright this parish bachelor Mary Hyatt Backwell 1st of December 1822 .
Nicholas Isles this parish bachelor Elizabeth Hiatt this parish spinster 8th of December 1822 .
Samuel Noble this parish bachelor Lucy Bryant. 22nd of December 1822 .
John Winsor Wraxall Mary Sainsbury this parish spinster 22nd of December 1822.
This is to certify that banns of marriage between Henry Collis of the parish of Winterbourn in the county of Gloucester, and Mary Hart of the parish of Nailsea in the county of Somerset were published in the parish church of Winterbourn aforesaid on the three Sundays underwritten
on Sunday February the fifth 1832
February the 12th 1832
February the 19th 1832
and no impediment alleged
Witness my hand John W Jones, Curate of Winterbourn
Dated this 29th day of February 1832
To the Minister of the parish church of Nailsea, Somerset