Nailsea Holy Trinity Banns 1823-1921

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GroomConditionOfBrideConditionOfDate of final call
John Hollifield.this parishSarah Turner.this parish21st of December 1823
John Windmillbachelorthis parishHannah Hobbswidowthis parish1st of February 1824
James Brookswidowerthis parishHannah BrimblespinsterTickenham7th of March 1824
John Brooks.this parishHannah Blackmore.Wraxall26th of September 1824
Joseph Sage.this parishElizabeth Scorse.this parish26th of September 1824
John Skinnerwidowerthis parishHannah Skinnerwidowthis parish31st of October 1824
Joseph Spear.this parishElizabeth Hedges.this parish21st of November 1824
John Hodges.this parishAnn Redgers.this parish3rd of April 1825
Isaac Reed.this parishHarriet Sage.this parish12th of June 1825
Joseph Bridle.this parishMary Pullen.Wrington19th of March 1826
James Day.this parishSarah Reed.this parish26th of March 1826
Robert Baker.this parishEliza Parsons.Wick St Laurence7th of May 1826
Robert Burridge.this parishAnn Winsor.this parish21st of May 1826
Richard Flower.this parishSarah Wells.Wraxall24th of September 1826
Samuel Durbin.this parishAnn Larcom.this parish5th of November 1826
Charles Athelphro.this parishSarah Parfitt.this parish19th of November 1826
William Harvey.this parishElizabeth Bees.this parish11th of March 1827
Richard Gillett.this parishHester Merrick.this parish24th of March 1827
Louis de Tandywidowerthis parishElizabeth Bromleywidowthis parish29th of July 1827
Richard Field.this parishElizabeth Cox.this parish23rd of September 1827
Joseph Hookway.this parishHester More.Wraxall23rd of March 1828
John Willing.this parishElizabeth Danton.this parish11th of May 1828
Thomas Hale.this parishElizabeth Davis.this parish13th of July 1828
Charles Garlor.this parishAnn Weeks.this parish23rd of November 1828
James Sainsbury.this parishSarah Broom.this parish22nd of March 1829
Charles Waver.this parishElizabeth Plumley.this parish26th of April 1829
Thomas Cook.this parishDiana Brooks.this parish20th of December 1829
Thomas Young.this parishAnn Avery.this parish21st of March 1830
George Cannard.this parishMary Day.this parish28th of March 1830
William Cox.this parishMary Kitchen.this parish31st of October 1830
Joshua Broom.this parishSarah Andrews Denmead.this parish12th of December 1830
Stephen Sellick.this parishCaroline More.this parish15th of May 1831
John Brown.this parishSarah Clerk.this parish14th of August 1831
John Burge.this parishElizabeth Durbin.this parish4th of December 1831
Samuel Sellick.NailseaAnn Sanger.Flax Bourton29th of January 1832
Henry Collis.WinterbourneMary Hart.this parish12th of February 1832
Moses Gold.this parishElizabeth Braddick.this parish18th of March 1832
William Perry.this parishJemima Andrews.Wraxall25th of March 1832
William Cook.this parishHannah Parsons.this parish16th of September 1832
Charles Delane.this parishAnn Price.this parish21st of October 1832
Charles Coleman.KennHarriet Paddle.this parish22nd of September 1833
Moses BaileywidowerTickenhamAmy Wilcoxwidowthis parish22nd of December 1833
Matthew Haymanbachelorthis parishMary Browning.this parish23rd of November 1834 (only two banns called)
James Mapstonbachelorthis parishMary Ann Gray.this parish30th of November 1834
Moses aboveAmy above21st of December 1834
Francis Bissex.BackwellElizabeth Roberts.this parish26th of April 1835
Henry Allen.this parishHannah Iles Driver.this parish2nd of August 1835
Joseph Bawden.BurnhamSarah Harding.this parish20th of March 1836
Frederick Urch.this parishMartha Beaks.this parish25th of December 1836
Thomas Bishop.this parishMary Crane.this parish15th of January 1837
Charles Buck.this parishAnn Durbin.this parish12th of February 1837
Frederik Pyne.this parishJane Beasant.Weston in Gordano5th of March 1837
John Morris.this parishAnn Webber.this parish14th of May 1837
William Stevens.this parishMary Ann Carey.this parish9th of July 1837
George Hunt.this parishElizabeth Vawre.this parish13th of August 1837
Samuel Bryant.this parishMary Gaiger.this parish27th of August 1837
Isaac Durbin.this parishHannah Durbin.this parish27th of August 1837
David Jones.this parishElizabeth Windmill.this parish10th of September 1837
John Weymouth.this parishAnn Blackmore.this parish24th of December 1837
Samuel Winsor.this parishMary Wright.this parish31st of December 1837
Thomas Atwell.this parishHannah Brock.this parish31st of December 1837
(only one bann called)
Benjamin Williamson.this parishElizabeth Ould.this parish1st of July 1838
John Rediff.this parishSarah Bright.this parish23rd of September 1838
William Vowles.this parishMartha Spileard.this parish21st of October 1838
James Durbin..Sarah Hale..9th of December 1838
Thomas Wedmore.this parishMatilda Ann Manship.this parish3rd of March 1839
Samuel Sage.this parishMary Weeks.this parish14th of July 1839
John Saddler.this parishHester Durbin.this parish21st of July 1839
William Avery.this parishMary Hayman.this parishJanuary 1842 These banns were published in due form but the banns book had been mislaid and they could not be read out of this book
Henry Salvidge.this parishHannah Haskins.this parishMarch 1842 These banns were published in due form but the banns could not be read out of this book which had been mislaid
Joseph Sprod.this parishRachel Emery.this parish5th of June 1842
George Burridge.this parishSarah Ann Buck.this parish10th of July 1842
George NoblebachelorNailseaMary Ann DurbinspinsterNailseaAugust the 14th 1842
James BuckbachelorNailseaMaria ??SpinsterNailsea15th of January 1843
Alexander Vowleswidowerthis parishJane Marshallspinsterthis parish10th of September 1843
John Poltonbachelorthis parishMary Anne GrayspinsterAyott St Lawrence24th of September 1843
John Atwellbachelorthis parishElizabeth Barfieldspinsterthis parish15th of October 1843
James Durbinwidower.Ann Dullyspinster.5th of November 1843
Thomas HaymanbachelorNailseaMary Newburyspinsterthis parish10th of December 1843
Jeremiah Buckbachelorthis parishSusannah Durbinspinsterthis parishDecember the 17th 1843
James Yealebachelor.Mary Anne Hicksspinster.December the 24th 1843
William Warfieldbachelor.Mary Atwellspinster.21st of January 1844
Charles BrimblebachelorNailseaEmma Mary Filer?.Backwell18th of February 1844
Walter Brownbachelorthis parishHester Wilkinsspinsterthis parish10th of March 1844
Samuel AtwellbachelorNailseaMary AllenspinsterClifton31st of March 1844
John Lemonbachelorthis parishMary Sagespinsterthis parish14th of April 1844
Charles Cookwidowerthis parishMary Ann AtwellspinsterChelvey14th of April 1844
Thomas Brockbachelorthis parishMary Ann Whiteheadspinsterthis parish5th of May 1844
Charles Winterbachelor.Harriet Bowellspinster.21st of July 1844
? CardbachelorBackwell...(entry deleted)
Joseph Graybachelorthis parishEmma Sagespinsterthis parish9th of February 1845
John Davisbachelorthis parishHannah Pricespinsterthis parish23rd of February 1845
William Hiattwidowerthis parishSarah SquireswidowChrist Church district23rd of March 1845
John MaceybachelorBrockleyAnn Raines.this parish13th of April 1845
William Clement Rogersbachelorthis parishCaroline Durbinspinsterthis parish29th of June 1845
George PophambachelorWraxallMary Ann Weeksspinsterthis parishAugust the 17th 1845
William SpriggbachelorChrist Church districtMartha Hardingspinsterthis parish2nd of November 1845
Samuel Sparlockbachelorthis parishElizabeth Rainesspinsterthis parish9th of November 1845
George Noblewidowerthis parishElizabeth Brooksspinsterthis parish26th of April 1846
John Morganbachelorthis parishEliza Filerspinsterthis parish26th of April 1846
George Drissellbachelorthis parishLucy Pascospinsterthis parishJuly the 5th 1846
Robert Jakewaysbachelorthis parishEmma Delanyspinsterthis parish20th of September 1846
Samuel Daybachelorthis parishAnn Allenspinsterthis parish4th of April 1847
Mark Ballbachelorthis parishElizabeth Wilmotspinsterthis parish16th of May 1847
Charles Redgerswidowerthis parishHannah Winsorspinsterthis parish29th of August 1847
John Wrightbachelorthis parishAnn Attwellspinsterthis parish12th of December 1847
Jacob Hardingbachelorthis parishMary Parsonsspinsterthis parish30th of July 1848
William Daybachelorthis parishAnn Stephensspinsterthis parish19th of August 1849
James Cranebachelorthis parish Harriet Ilesspinsterthis parish20th of October 1849
Samuel Durbinbachelorthis parishElizabeth Clarkspinsterthis parish30th of December 1849
William Livettbachelorthis parishCaroline Parishspinsterthis parish10th of March 1850
Martin Trewhellabachelor.Margaret Coxspinster.28th of April 1850
George Durbinbachelorthis parishEmma Hurditchspinsterthis parish20th of August 1850
William Bryantbachelorthis parishSarah Ann Attwellspinsterthis parish30th of March 1851
William Durbinwidowerthis parishMaria Sandersspinsterthis parish20th of April 1851
Robert Jakewayswidowerthis parishSarah Bryantspinsterthis parish10th of August 1851
James Durbinbachelorthis parishLouisa AthertonspinsterChelvey24th of August 1851
Richard Milsombachelorthis parishSophia CommingsspinsterBackwell14th of March 1852
Henry Rogersbachelorthis parishHarriet Skinnerspinsterthis parish4th of April 1852
Samuel Sainsburybachelorthis parishHannah Parsonsspinsterthis parish11th of April 1852
Samuel BeesbachelorChrist Church districtSarah Haskinsspinsterthis parish30th of May 1852
William Brakebachelorthis parishElizabeth Bissexspinsterthis parish18th of July 1852
Charles Maggsbachelorthis parishEmma Buddspinsterthis parish25th of July 1852
George Maggswidowerthis parishEliza BeloudspinsterWraxall15th of August 1852
John Summerallbachelorthis parishEmily KnowlesspinsterChrist Church district17th of October 1852
George Skinnerbachelorthis parishMary Verriersspinsterthis parish17th of October 1852
Samuel Buddbachelorthis parishEllen ?Spinsterthis parish31st of October 1852
Edwin Rogersbachelorthis parishSarah Shadwickspinsterthis parish31st of October 1852
Benjamin Davisbachelorthis parishEmma Browningspinsterthis parish21st of November 1852
John Pringbachelorthis parishJane Barton?SpinsterBedminster20th of March 1853
Samuel Shadwickbachelorthis parishHester Evansspinsterthis parish17th of April 1853
Henry Wrightbachelorthis parishJane Summerallspinsterthis parish11th of December 1853
John Jonesbachelorthis parishElizabeth BrightspinsterPortbury25th of March 1854
Giles AttwellbachelorChrist Church districtEmma Parsonsspinsterthis parish30th of April 1854
Charles Ballbachelorthis parishMelinda Chardspinsterthis parish16th of July 1854
Silvester Sagebachelorthis parishSarah Cannardspinsterthis parish24th of September 1854
William Hymanwidowerthis parishAnn Skinnerwidowthis parish8th of October 1854
Charles AtwellbachelorChrist Church districtCaroline Mullinsspinsterthis parish3rd of December 1854
Edward Broombachelorthis parishAnn Jonesspinsterthis parish7th of January 1855
William Harrillbachelorthis parishAnn Shepstonspinsterthis parish27th of May 1855
George Coxbachelorthis parishCharlotte Parsonswidowthis parish4th of May 1856
George WoodwardbachelorMinchinhamptonRachel Rowleyspinsterthis parish27th of July 1856
William Ballbachelorthis parishAlice Sellickspinsterthis parish14th of December 1856
John Poolebachelorthis parishMary Ann Osmondspinsterthis parish15th of March 1857
Edward Summersbachelorthis parishJoyce Moorespinsterthis parish29th of March 1857
Samuel Summerall?Bachelorthis parishSarah Marshallspinsterthis parish12th of April 1857
Henry Haymanwidowerthis parishElizabeth Jonesspinsterthis parish19th of April 1857
Henry Shadwickbachelorthis parishMary Redgersspinsterthis parish3rd of May 1857
John Athertonwidowerthis parishAnn ColemanspinsterClevedon24th of January 1858
Joseph John Gurneybachelorthis parishMary Ann Parfittspinsterthis parish31st of January 1858
George Purnellbachelorthis parishHarriet Parfittspinsterthis parish14th of February 1858
Joseph Sagewidowerthis parishMaria Pascoewidowthis parish13th of June 1858
John Summerallbachelorthis parishElizabeth Stockspinsterthis parish1st of August 1858
John Godwinbachelorthis parishHarriette Jamesspinsterthis parish1st of August 1858
Henry Haymanbachelorthis parishLydia Buckspinsterthis parish12th of September 1858
George Durbinbachelorthis parishSarah Weekesspinsterthis parish10th of October 1858
William Stevensbachelorthis parishHester Stephens Bakerspinsterthis parish8th of May 1859
Charles Moorebachelorthis parishJane Redgersspinsterthis parish6th of November 1859
James Winsorbachelorthis parishMartha Poolespinsterthis parish19th of February 1860
Samuel Durbinwidowerthis parish Elizabeth Blakeswidowthis parish25th of March 1860
John Gaddwidowerthis parishJemima Sainsburyspinsterthis parish13th of May 1860
John Alfred Buddbachelorthis parishMary Ann Halfordspinsterthis parish10th of June 1860
Henry Rouebachelorthis parishAnn Chardwidowthis parishDecember the 2nd 1860
Cleophas Shaddickbachelorthis parishEmma Saundersspinsterthis parish20th of January 1861
George Shepstonebachelorthis parishPriscilla Ridgewidowthis parish3rd of February 1861
Isaac Englishbachelorthis parishHannah ?Widowthis parish24th of March 1861
George Eltonbachelorthis parishCaroline Dorothea Codrington GoodenoughspinsterWestbury on Trym12th of May 1861
Edward Haymanbachelorthis parishMary Ann Buckspinsterthis parish23rd of June 1861
Tom Middletonbachelorthis parishCatherine ? Francisspinsterthis parish21st of July 1861
John Morriswidowerthis parishMary Stephensspinsterthis parish13th of October 1861
Charles Ballwidowerthis parishElizabeth Sellickspinsterthis parish15th of December 1861
Robert HoneyballbachelorWringtonMary Poolespinsterthis parish23rd of February 1862
Edward Caplebachelorthis parishHarriet Skinnerspinsterthis parish20th of April 1862
George Taylorbachelorthis parishJane Wilkinsspinsterthis parish8th of June 1862
William Hollywidowerthis parishSarah Strangewidowthis parish22nd of June 1862
William Brooklandbachelorthis parishEllen Brakespinsterthis parish13th of July 1862
Benjamin Bakerbachelorthis parishVirtue Skinnerspinsterthis parish31st of August 1862
Charles Queenbachelorthis parishMary Flahertyspinsterthis parish5th of October 1862
James Wrightbachelorthis parishMary Ann Ilesspinsterthis parish19th of April 1863
Henry Jonesbachelorthis parishLouisa Reedspinsterthis parish27th of September 1863
George Horatio Hiscoxwidowerthis parishElizabeth Garlandspinsterthis parish18th of October 1863
John Beasantbachelorthis parishEliza Wedmorespinsterthis parish25th of October 1863
James Burgebachelorthis parishFanny Garlandspinsterthis parish13th of December 1863
George Jones Drisselbachelorthis parishAnn Paque?Spinsterthis parish17th of January 1864
Thomas Harveybachelorthis parishFrances Elizabeth Evansspinsterthis parish10th of April 1864
William PhilippsbachelorWraxallSusan Garlandspinsterthis parish17th of April 1864
Charles Skinnerbachelorthis parishMary Methinspinsterthis parish17th of April 1864
George WarebachelorTickenhamMary Ann Summerellspinsterthis parish29th of May 1864
Joseph Graywidowerthis parishEliza Pricewidowthis parish31st of July 1864
William Pearsebachelorthis parishFanny Thatcherspinsterthis parish31st of August 1864
Joseph Durbinwidowerthis parishSarah HighmanwidowFrampton Cotterell4th of September 1864
John Harveybachelorthis parishEllen VowlesspinsterClifton11th of September 1864
Benjamin Millerwidowerthis parishHannah Maria Lloydwidowthis parish11th of September 1864
George Cannardbachelorthis parishSarah Ann Sleepspinsterthis parish25th of September 1864
James Whitebachelorthis parishJane Bowdenspinsterthis parish25th of September 1864
John Edwin Buttenbachelorthis parishHannah Webber Morrisspinsterthis parishJanuary the 29th 1865
James HedgesbachelorKennElizabeth Grayspinsterthis parish26th of March 1865
William Marshallbachelorthis parishMary Ann Parsonsspinsterthis parish30th of July 1865
John Redgersbachelorthis parishEmily Wedmorespinsterthis parish8th of October 1865
Edwin Graybachelorthis parishSophia AveryspinsterKenn1st of April 1866
George Johnsonbachelorthis parishEmily Holbrook Dayspinsterthis parish29th of July 1866
Edward Parsonsbachelorthis parishEmily Burridgespinsterthis parish12th of August 1866
William Blanshardbachelorthis parishJulia Driscollspinsterthis parish26th of August 1866
Henry Aldridgebachelorthis parishRachel Sperrinwidowthis parish30th of September 1866
James Quickbachelorthis parishSusan Phippenwidowthis parish7th of October 1866
Alfred Summerallbachelorthis parishAnna Yeelesspinsterthis parish17th of March 1867
Joseph Poolewidowerthis parishElizabeth Wadespinsterthis parish24th of March 1867
Charles Halebachelorthis parishEmily Wiltonspinsterthis parish21st of April 1867
Nathaniel Carter Farler.this parishSusan Marjorie? Nichols.Wraxall30th of June 1867
Samuel Popham ClarkebachelorLedburyMargaret Sarah Wellandspinsterthis parish22nd of September 1867
(only one bann entered)
William Henman Hobbsbachelorthis parishElizabeth DayspinsterWraxall11th of August 1867
Samuel Popham ClarkebachelorLedburyMargaret Sarah Wellandspinsterthis parish6th of October 1867
Thomas Pike PalmerbachelorCliftonLouisa Battspinsterthis parish3rd of November 1867
Charles LanebachelorBelperMary Ann Thatcherspinsterthis parish15th of December 1867
James Deanbachelorthis parishEmily WinstonespinsterWraxall15th of March 1868
George Lewis HiattbachelorFlax BourtonElizabeth Haymanspinsterthis parish19th of April 1868
Thomas PricebachelorYattonEliza Coombsspinsterthis parish19th of April 1868
John Luxtonbachelorthis parishEllen Hopkinsspinsterthis parish4th of April 1869
John Beavis Groombachelorthis parishFanny Ann HadlerspinsterLambeth22nd of May 1870
John Wrightbachelorthis parishFrances GouldspinsterClevedon13th of November 1870
Robert Simpsonbachelorthis parishPhoebe RiderspinsterAston, B'ham26th of February 1871
William Vowlesbachelorthis parishSarah Denmeadspinsterthis parish23rd of April 1871
Edward Gullifordbachelorthis parishMercy LodgespinsterWellington3rd of September 1871
William Osmundbachelorthis parishJane Summerellspinsterthis parish24th of September 1871
Stephen SkinnerbachelorClevedonLouisa Homer Adamsspinsterthis parish19th of November 1871
Robert Brookswidowerthis parishEmily Manfieldspinsterthis parish14th of April 1872
Jonas Summerellbachelorthis parishMary Ann Sayersspinsterthis parish23rd of June 1872
George William CannockbachelorBedminsterCaroline Abrahamsspinsterthis parish15th of December 1872
Robert Hellyarbachelorthis parishClara Moorespinsterthis parish22nd of December 1872
George Hedgesbachelorthis parishEmily AveryspinsterKenn6th of April 1873
William Jarrettbachelorthis parishAnna Mary Newtonspinsterthis parish6th of April 1873
William James LesterbachelorEccleston, LancsSarah Ann Hedgesspinsterthis parish14th of December 1873
Sebert Ivor PricebachelorEccleston, LancsEmily Lesterspinsterthis parish14th of December 1873
Nelson Goodhand Beaumontbachelorthis parishBlanche Mary Davisspinsterthis parishFebruary the 15th 1874
John Stevensbachelorthis parishEliza Moxhamspinsterthis parishMarch the 8th 1874
Samuel Frywidowerthis parishCharlotte Denmeadwidowthis parish17th of January 1875
John Noblebachelorthis parishCharity Bryantspinsterthis parish7th of March 1875
Ishmael Frederic Horlerbachelorthis parishEmma Cavillwidowthis parish18th of July 1875
James Thomas EedbachelorSt James, WestminsterEmily Moorespinsterthis parish18th of July 1875
George AlvisbachelorTickenhamEmma Griffinspinsterthis parish9th of January 1876
Dilnott John Stokeswidowerthis parishFanny Bartlett ElsespinsterBrenchley, Kent23rd of January 1876
George YeateswidowerBarrow GurneyMary Jenkinsspinsterthis parish23rd of January 1876
Edward Jamesbachelorthis parishSelina ParsonsspinsterAll Sts., Clevedon7th of January 1877
William PerrywidowerTimsburyAnn Bakerspinsterthis parish29th of April 1877
Samuel Lovellwidower?This parishHarriet Coxspinsterthis parish17th of June 1877
John AlvisbachelorTickenhamSarah Ann Griffinspinsterthis parish7th of October 1877
Albert Durbinbachelorthis parishEmma Jellettspinsterthis parish25th of November 1877
Charles Edward Davisbachelorthis parishMary Ann Purnellspinsterthis parish30th of December 1877
William Drissellbachelorthis parishMary Ann Petersspinsterthis parish14th of April 1878
Thomas Birdbachelorthis parishMary Drisselspinsterthis parish5th of May 1878
James Thatcherbachelorthis parishMary Lobbspinsterthis parish30th of June 1878
Edward Amesburybachelorthis parishFanny Higginsspinsterthis parish27th of October 1878
Frederick Brimblebachelorthis parishSarah Ann Skinnerspinsterthis parish18th of May 1879
Joseph Sprodwidowerthis parishAnn Hopkinswidowthis parish29th of June 1879
Frank Durbinbachelorthis parishMary Jane Durbinspinsterthis parish19th of October 1879
George Wellandbachelorthis parishMaria Jonesspinsterthis parish23rd of November 1879
William Henry Willcoxbachelorthis parishMartha Jane AveryspinsterClevedon21st of December 1879
John GraywidowerChrist Church districtMatilda Broomspinsterthis parish28th of December 1879
Edwin Durbinbachelorthis parishElizabeth PetheramspinsterChapel Allerton2nd of May 1880
Reuben Bakerbachelorthis parishHarriet Jamesspinsterthis parish6th of June 1880
John Henry LangworthybachelorBlackhawton, DevonClara Cavillspinsterthis parish12th of September 1880
James ManningbachelorBackwellMary Jonesspinsterthis parish7th of November 1880
John PerrywidowerEmmanuel, CliftonPhoebe Dayspinsterthis parish30th of January 1881
Albert Durbinbachelorthis parishEmma Sparksspinsterthis parish30th of January 1881
George Petherambachelorthis parishMary HamspinsterWoolcott Park, Clifton16th of October 1881
James Henry Summersbachelorthis parishEllen Smallspinsterthis parish10th of September 1882
Frank Toombsbachelorthis parishAnnie Phillisspinsterthis parish29th of October 1882
Benjamin Garlandbachelorthis parishAnn Haymanspinsterthis parish11th of February 1883
George Purnellbachelorthis parishSarah Ann Austinwidowthis parish1st of April 1883
Thomas Jakewaysbachelorthis parishEleanor Augusta Toveyspinster??5th of August 1883, through a mistake in handing in the banns, banns number 267 were published on Sunday the 22nd of July as "both of this parish", which error was corrected on the subsequent Sundays, & explained to the congregation present
Thomas Durbinbachelorthis parishMary Pearcespinsterthis parish25th of November 1883
Frank StevensbachelorWraxallAgnes Emma Brakespinsterthis parish16th of December 1883
William Burchillwidowerthis parishSarah Ann Sumeralspinsterthis parish25th of January 1885
Henry BadenbachelorWraxallMary Jane Yeatesspinsterthis parish25th of January 1885
John Henry TuckerbachelorStreet, DevonElizabeth Summerall.this parish29th of March 1885
George Jamesbachelorthis parishRhoda ParsonsspinsterClevedon29th of March 1885
Hugh Wyattbachelorthis parishPhoebe Ann WilliamsspinsterKingston Seymour14th of March 1886
Harry Willcoxbachelorthis parishMatilda Mary SmithspinsterMagor, Monmouthshire18th of April 1886
John CottlebachelorChelveyKate Elizabeth Willcoxspinsterthis parish25th of April 1886
George Samson StanleybachelorCleeveFlorence Anna Sandyspinsterthis parish10th of October 1886
Richard John Hartnellbachelorthis parishHenrietta Prattspinsterthis parish21st of November 1886
Robert HynambachelorLong AshtonLaura Hobbsspinsterthis parish26th of December 1886
William John Thatcherbachelorthis parishMary Moorespinsterthis parish16th of January 1887
John Jamesbachelorthis parishEliza Jane ??SpinsterAllerton3rd of April 1887
James Ileswidowerthis parishMatilda Bakerspinsterthis parish17th of April 1887
Theophilus John ColesbachelorBackwellHannah Brakespinsterthis parish12th of June 1887
George Harrillbachelorthis parishElizabeth Brimblespinsterthis parish26th of June 1887
Edwin Daywidowerthis parishElizabeth Norris ShepherdspinsterWraxall3rd of July 1887
William Henry Birdbachelorthis parishHarriet Winmill Careyspinsterthis parish4th of December 1887
Samuel Lockebachelorthis parishClara Florence Davisspinsterthis parish18th of December 1887
Edward Manfieldbachelorthis parishRosina Hobbsspinsterthis parish8th of July 1888
Frank Youngbachelorthis parishLouisa Brakespinsterthis parish8th of July 1888
William Burridge Mannwidowerthis parishHannah Winsorspinsterthis parish5th of August 1888
William Sydney Winstonebachelorthis parishAda Florence Hooperspinsterthis parish12th of August 1888
Eli Ilesbachelorthis parishSarah Jane Cavillspinsterthis parish19th of August 1888
Samuel Durbinwidowerthis parishEmily Babbagewidowthis parish26th of August 1888
William James Hintonbachelorthis parishRosa Sarah Summerallspinsterthis parish26th of August 1888
Joseph Graywidowerthis parishFanny Hannah Burdonspinsterthis parish16th of December 1888
Amos CoxbachelorCrowthorne, BerkshireAnnie Elizabeth Streeterspinsterthis parish23rd of December 1888
Frederick Harford Buddbachelorthis parishHarriet Rogersspinsterthis parish13th of January 1889
Josiah HaymanbachelorPortisheadMary Jane Shipwayspinsterthis parish25th of August 1889
John William Stonebachelorthis parishEllen Maude Rickswidowthis parish8th of September 1889
David Hobbsbachelorthis parishSylvia Rosina Willcoxspinsterthis parish15th of December 1889
William BarnardbachelorHigh HamSusan Fidospinsterthis parish5th of January 1890
Frederik William Skinnerbachelorthis parishMary Bakerspinsterthis parish26th of January 1890
Albert Skinnerbachelorthis parishKate BrownspinsterChrist Church, Clevedon1st of June 1890
Arthur Summerallbachelorthis parishMercy Jonesspinsterthis parish8th of June 1890
Sidney Thomas Urchbachelorthis parishEmily BakerspinsterChelvey21st of September 1890
Joseph Slocombewidowerthis parishEmma BondspinsterBackwell19th of October 1890
Henry Attwellbachelorthis parishClara HenningspinsterEdmonsham, Kent5th of April 1891
Walter Anthony Wyattbachelorthis parishJulia EvansspinsterTickenham19th of April 1891
Walter Edward Shepstonebachelorthis parishRosina Shaddickthis parishspinster24th of May 1891
James Redgersbachelorthis parishThirza Mahala WhitespinsterBackwell10th of January 1892
George Henry Macnuttbachelorthis parishFanny GriffinspinsterSt John's, Clevedon3rd of April 1892
James Jonesbachelorthis parishAgnes Augusta Cockspinsterthis parish5th of February 1893
Alfred A'BearbachelorArdingly, SussexAda Isobel Trehearn Richardsspinsterthis parish9th of April 1893
William George BestbachelorSt Paul, BedminsterRhoda Blakesspinsterthis parish7th of May 1893
William OgbornbachelorBackwellHannah Adamsspinsterthis parish9th of July 1893
John LawrencebachelorPembroke DockAgnes Manning Wyattspinsterthis parish16th of July 1893
Tom Moorebachelorthis parishLavinia Cockspinsterthis parish10th of September 1893
Robert Sidney Ridgebachelorthis parishMary Louisa Barnesspinsterthis parish7th of January 1894
William Henry Gagebachelorthis parishElizabeth Louisa MartinspinsterCastle Coombe, Wiltshire28th of January 1894
James Henry MastersbachelorSt Andrews, BristolMary Davisspinsterthis parish29th of April 1894
William Henry DyerbachelorKennEmily Ann Grayspinsterthis parish1st of July 1894
Henry Brakebachelorthis parishCaroline Careyspinsterthis parish29th of July 1894
Sidney Bakerbachelorthis parishOlive Ann Hobbsspinsterthis parish16th of December 1894
Jeffery Edward Ellisbachelor this parishGertrude Elizabeth Browningspinsterthis parishOctober the 7th 1894
George Coley Kingbachelorthis parishCharlotte Villisspinsterthis parish2nd of December 1894
John Brimblebachelorthis parishEsther Needhamspinsterthis parish9th of December 1894
George Sawtellbachelorthis parishElizabeth Luxtonspinsterthis parish23rd of December 1894
Albert ColesbachelorOld Parish, ClevedonAda Davisspinsterthis parish23rd of December 1894
Henry Arundell AmosbachelorOld ClevedonAlice Maude Alvisspinsterthis parish13th of January 1895
Frank BadmanbachelorSandford in WinscombeMary Jane Gamlenspinsterthis parish13th of January 1895
William Henry Smithbachelorthis parishSarah Summersspinsterthis parish12th of May 1895
Arthur Edgar Alvisbachelorthis parishElizabeth Jane VowlesspinsterBackwell23rd of June 1895
James Bridlebachelorthis parishEmily SkinnerspinsterChrist Church, Clevedon29th of September 1895
Alfred PatchbachelorCoombe Down, BathEmma Toombsspinsterthis parish6th of October 1895
Arthur Edmund SprodbachelorClevedonAnnie Rebecca Osmondspinsterthis parish17th of November 1895
Richard Edwin Graybachelorthis parishFlorinda Isabelle Wedmorespinsterthis parish5th of April 1896
John Edward Lewis Robertsbachelorthis parishEdith Lucy NationspinsterSt Matthew,Cottram, Bristol10th of May 1896
Stephen George Edwardsbachelorthis parishAnnie GildingspinsterRedland, Clifton17th of May 1896
Arthur William Lippiattbachelorthis parishBlanche Shepstonespinsterthis parish27th of September 1896
William Arthur HawkinsbachelorLlewynpia, S WalesMary Ann Carpenterspinsterthis parish1st of November 1896
Charles Brakebachelorthis parishHelen Frances Gardner.St Mary's, Cheltenham15th of November 1896
Charles Sparksbachelorthis parishElizabeth Burgespinsterthis parish22nd of November 1896
Henry BallbachelorWinford, SomersetSarah Brimblespinsterthis parish18th of April 1897
William Henry Graybachelorthis parishAlberta Lilian StainerspinsterDownend, Gloucs25th of April 1897
Arthur Gordon Keevillbachelorthis parishMary Catherine Porterspinsterthis parish5th of September 1897
Alfred Henry HopkinsbachelorSt John's, Coleford, GloucsAnn Eliza Jonesspinsterthis parish31st of October 1897
Alfred Robert Hobbsbachelorthis parishSarah Ann Watkinsspinsterthis parish28th of November 1897
Albert Edward Reedbachelorthis parishFlorence May Gamlinspinsterthis parish16th of January 1898
Henry James Richardsbachelorthis parishCaroline Harriet Villis.this parish16th of January 1898
John Hintonbachelorthis parishAnnie Sartainspinsterthis parish27th of March 1898
Walter William Summersbachelorthis parishClara WarfieldspinsterChrist Church, Nailsea22nd of May 1898
William Jamesbachelorthis parishCelia Annie Rawlingsspinsterthis parish11th of September 1898
Dennis George Sparkesbachelorthis parishAnnie FisherspinsterTickenham11th of December 1898
Sidney CaudeybachelorPortisheadMary Hannah Ballspinsterthis parish25th of December 1898
James Winsorbachelorthis parishEmily DayspinsterChrist Church, Nailsea19th of March 1899
William Matthew Hobbsbachelorthis parishBessie Matilda Watkinsspinsterthis parish2nd of April 1899
William James Watkinsbachelorthis parishElizabeth Ann BrownspinsterWraxall14th of May 1899
William John Yeeles Somerellbachelorthis parishElizabeth Jane Willmottspinsterthis parish16th of July 1899
Frank Richard Rawlingsbachelorthis parishEmily Horlerspinsterthis parish17th of December 1899
Frederick William Hobbsbachelorthis parishSusan Annie NewmanspinsterChrist Church, Nailsea25th of March 1900
George LynnwidowerWraxallConstance Hobbsspinsterthis parish1st of April 1900
Edward James Bakerbachelorthis parishMaud Tidmanspinsterthis parish1st of April 1900
Charley Bakerbachelorthis parishAnnie Albina Bakerspinsterthis parish20th of May 1900
John Lucaswidowerthis parishMary Ann Byewidowthis parish30th of September 1900
Herbert James ThomasbachelorSt Agnes, BristolRose Austinspinsterthis parish30th of December 1900
Henry Edward Villisbachelorthis parishEsther Hannah SautellspinsterPortishead31st of March 1901
Walter Brakebachelorthis parishEdith MarshallspinsterSt John, Clevedon28th of July 1901
Stephen Parslowbachelorthis parishCaroline Brimblespinsterthis parishOctober the 6th 1901
Oliver Westonbachelorthis parishHarriet Maria Hobbsspinsterthis parish8th of December 1901
Herbert Morris Patchbachelorthis parishClara Parsonsspinsterthis parish16th of March 1902
Frederik James Laurencebachelorthis parishAlice Mary HamlinspinsterTickenham23rd of March 1902
Sidney Skinnerwidowerthis parishJulia Elizabeth Turnerspinsterthis parish15th of June 1902
Harry CooperbachelorPillAlice Mary Redgersspinsterthis parishOctober the 5th 1902
Arthur Parsonsbachelorthis parishMargaret HenerysspinsterLong Ashton14th of December 1902
Alfred Edward Graybachelorthis parishEdith Blanche StaplesspinsterKenn8th of February 1903
Edmund John WinstonebachelorWick St LawrenceAnnie Lawrencespinsterthis parish22nd of February 1903
Charles TheobaldbachelorAlmondsbury, GloucsHarriet Yeeles Somerellspinsterthis parish5th of April 1903
George Wallace ThomasbachelorPillRosina Redgersspinsterthis parish26th of April 1903
James EdwardsbachelorSt Luke, Sway, HantsMary Matilda Gray.this parish23rd of August 1903
Arthur Henry Rawlingsbachelorthis parishFlorence Annie Chislettspinsterthis parish18th of October 1903
Noah LlewellynbachelorFerndale, South WalesEmily Alice Reedspinsterthis parish20th of December 1903
Charles Lockbachelorthis parishAlice Redgersspinsterthis parish20th of March 1904
William John Bakerbachelorthis parishEmma Eliza Rawlingsspinsterthis parish3rd of April 1904
William George Dudbridgewidowerthis parishRhoda Harrillspinsterthis parish24th of April 1904
George James TuckerbachelorBarry, GlamorganshireAda Mary Skinnerspinsterthis parish17th of July 1904
George Boy or ByebachelorTickenhamHannah Louisa Durbinspinsterthis parish26th of February 1905
Charles James Durbinbachelorthis parishMary Louisa Wilcoxspinsterthis parish1st of October 1905
Herbert Hedgesbachelorthis parishAnnie Kate DaviesspinsterWraxall29th of October 1905
Oliver Albert PurnellbachelorChrist Church NailseaEllen Richardsspinsterthis parish8th of April 1906
George Wright Chaterbachelorthis parishEmily Maude Hardingspinsterthis parish20th of May 1906
John Richardsbachelorthis parishCharlotte Ganolenspinsterthis parish8th of July 1906
Ernest Kirwain Stainer RogersbachelorSt Paul's, Southville, BristolEdith May Butlerspinsterthis parish12th of August 1906
Donald Frank KeevillbachelorSt Peter, Clifton, BristolFrances Elsie Leachspinsterthis parish2nd of September 1906
William Luther AshleybachelorSt Stephen, Canonbury, LondonLeah Butlerspinsterthis parish9th of September 1906
Oliver John KitchenbachelorChrist Church NailseaAlice Gallopspinsterthis parish30th of September 1906
Maurice ParsonsbachelorKingston SeymourAmy Lawrencespinsterthis parish3rd of February 1907
Herbert Webberbachelorthis parishIda Laura LuxtonspinsterChrist Church Nailsea12th of May 1907
William Paynterbachelorthis parishLouisa Luxtonspinsterthis parish8th of September 1907
John ColebachelorChrist Church NailseaHannah Louisa Summerellspinsterthis parish15th of September 1907
Thomas Toopwidowerthis parishSarah Pykewidowthis parish22nd of September 1907
Frederick Charles Cottlebachelorthis parishLydia Watkins Stokesspinsterthis parish13th of October 1907
Joseph Henry WorkmanbachelorPontnewynydd, WalesBeatrice Watkinsspinsterthis parish3rd of November 1907
Ernest Philip Patchbachelor WinfordRosina Annie Gallopspinsterthis parish1st of December 1907
Ralph LockbachelorAbertillery, MonmouthshireDaisy Watkinsspinsterthis parish8th of December 1907
Charles Henry Tuckerbachelorthis parishLaura Emily Edgecumbspinsterthis parish12th of January 1908
Charles Henry Gallopbachelorthis parishEmily Jane HorlerspinsterBackwell29th of March 1908
William Charles Willcoxbachelorthis parishSarah Ann Gamlenspinsterthis parish5th of April 1908
John Thomas Stockbachelorthis parishEdith Rawlingsspinsterthis parish19th of April 1908
William Charles Phillipsbachelorthis parishLilly Louisa ReadspinsterBarrow Gurney23rd of August 1908
Harry BeachgoodbachelorSouthville, BedminsterEva Harriet Windsor..this parish
Ernest Edison? Greenbachelorthis parishEdith Ethel Francisspinsterthis parish1st of November 1908
Christopher Parsons?Bachelorthis parishSarah Ann PerryspinsterChrist Church Nailsea20th of December 1908
Alfred Brakebachelorthis parishElizabeth ChardspinsterWraxall3rd of January 1909
Alfred Henry Coombsbachelorthis parishSarah Maria Wellandspinsterthis parishFebruary the 7th 1909
Albert Edward Bridlebachelorthis parishHester Bakerspinsterthis parish18th of April 1909
Charles TuckerbachelorTickenhamElizabeth Emma Louisa Durbinspinsterthis parish23rd of May 1909
George Henry CoxbachelorClevedonJemima Richardsspinsterthis parish12th of December 1909
Colin? James YatesbachelorWhitbyMildred Jeanie Mellickspinsterthis parish19th of December 1909
Edgar Robert SmallmanbachelorChrist Church NailseaElsie May Gallopspinsterthis parish26th of December 1909
George Osbornebachelorthis parishMaria Griffinwidowthis parish20th of February 1910
William Thomas PopebachelorBackwellAlice Gertrude Watkinsspinsterthis parish20th of March 1910
CliffordJohn Durbinbachelorthis parishSylvia Rosina Willcoxspinsterthis parish29th of May 1910
Ernest Walter Bakerbachelorthis parishCecilia Annie StowellspinsterKen3rd of July 1910
Edwin James EdgecumbebachelorCwm, MonmouthshireHarriet Ball Bridlespinsterthis parish24th of July 1910
Cecil Charles HansfordbachelorCroydonChristina Rice?(Pill??)Spinsterthis parish13th of November 1910
Lancelot Reginald Ilesbachelorthis parishClara HoneyfordspinsterChrist Church Nailsea18th of December 1910
George Frederik Tileybachelorthis parishRose Alice Cockspinsterthis parish5th of February 1911
Howard Marshbachelorthis parishElla AlvisspinsterBrockley26th of February 1911
Walter James CourtbachelorCongresburyPhoeby Laura Stuckeyspinsterthis parish26th of February 1911
Richard Charles SymesbachelorKingsdown, BristolEdith Glandville Munrospinster this parish5th of March 1911
Arthur Evan RayneswidowerMaiden Bradley, WiltsEsther Winsorspinsterthis parish23rd of April 1911
Frederik PinebachelorEast ClevedonLouisa Halespinsterthis parish1st of October 1911
Frederick James Horlerbachelorthis parishLaura Elizabeth Hardingspinsterthis parish1st of October 1911
Walter Stacey Philpottbachelorthis parishFlorence Eliza Durbinspinsterthis parish8th of October 1911
David Leopold FoalebachelorLambeth, BrixtonAlice Bakerspinsterthis parish3rd of December 1911
John Sheltonbachelorthis parishMary Elizabeth Amesbury.this parish10th of March 1912
Harold George Hedgesbachelorthis parishFlorence Lilian KingspinsterChrist Church Nailsea16th of June 1912
Charles Louis Swiggsbachelorthis parishAnnie Selina Harrillspinsterthis parish21st of July 1912
Albert ChildbachelorStapleton, GloucsElizabeth Rachel Redgersspinsterthis parish21st of July 1912
John Henry Flukebachelorthis parishBessie Guyspinsterthis parish13th of October 1912
George Robert MooresbachelorShotley, SuffolkClara Hester Durbinspinsterthis parish15th of December 1912
Albert Ernest CareywidowerClevedonLilly Bakerspinsterthis parish19th of January 1913
Charles Chillcottwidowerthis parishAlice Maud Kingspinsterthis parish9th of March 1913
Thomas Wedmore Durstonbachelorthis parishBeatrice Anna HigginsspinsterPensford6th of April 1913
Sidney Drewettbachelorthis parishMargaret FoordspinsterBackwell20th of April 1913
William Readwidowerthis parishLouisa Harperwidowthis parish4th of May 1913
John David JonesbachelorUndy, MonmouthshireMabel Hilda Smithspinster this parish25th of May 1913
William Alfred MayerbachelorHampton, SussexHelene Marguerite Hunzikerspinsterthis parish25th of May 1913
Stanley LloydbachelorWestbury on TrymGladys Maud Gladwellspinsterthis parish1st of June 1913
John Henry Graybachelorthis parishRebecca Clara ServinspinsterSt John, Clifton15th of June 1913
William Brakebachelorthis parishEmily Ethel Sarah Dayspinsterthis parish27th of July 1913
William Israel Cecil Lanebachelorthis parishLilly Annie Maria Gale.Portishead20th of August 1913
George Henry Redgersbachelorthis parishAmy GriffinspinsterBackwell2nd of November 1913
George Jamesbachelorthis parishMildred Hester Baker Reed.this parish24th of May 1914
Levi John BakerbachelorClaptonJessie Summerellspinsterthis parish24th of May 1914
Edwin Bakerbachelorthis parishAnnie Clementina Cockspinsterthis parish28th of June 1914
Percy Hardwidgebachelorthis parishEdith Mary Brimblespinsterthis parish13th of September 1914
Herbert Baker Reedbachelorthis parishBeatrice Clara Willmottspinsterthis parish31st of January 1915
Herbert William NicholasbachelorBackwellAlice Maud Chillcottspinsterthis parish4th of April 1915
James John Cockbachelorthis parishMargaret Francis ThomasspinsterLymphsham14th of November 1915
Thomas John LuxtonbachelorChrist Church NailseaAmy Gladys Cavillspinsterthis parish27th of February 1916
Francis Stainer Rogersbachelorthis parishDorothy Hilda VernonspinsterBackwell9th of April 1916
Albert Charles GatcombewidowerEast CokerHelen Jefferyspinsterthis parish16th of April 1916
Frederick George Thornborgbachelorthis parishEmily Florence Brimblespinsterthis parish11th of June 1916
George Alfred Willcoxbachelorthis parishOlive Winifred Willmotspinsterthis parish18th of June 1916
John Harbottle HallwidowerSt ?, BedminsterGeorgina Madge Durbinspinsterthis parish3rd of September 1916
William Frederick PearcebachelorAshton Gate, BristolMargaret Norah Scottspinsterthis parish17th of December 1916
Pearce Avery WillcoxbachelorChrist Church NailseaIrene Harrillspinsterthis parish1st of April 1917
Gilbert Charles Haymanbachelorthis parishDorothy MartinspinsterUpper Clifton16th of December 1917
Percival Edward Wedmorebachelorthis parishGladys May Alvisspinsterthis parish6th of January 1918
William George Cousinsbachelorthis parishDaisy Govierspinsterthis parish28th of April 1918
Stanley William Bowyerbachelorthis parishFlorence Harriet Martha Holderspinsterthis parish16th of June 1918
Frederick John Edwardsbachelorthis parishBeatrice HuntspinsterBere Ferris?, Devon23rd of June 1918
Elliott Clarke Tukey DSObachelor, 2nd lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillerythis parishIda Madeline Gladwellspinsterthis parish18th of August 1918
Edward John PerrybachelorSt George, GloucsOlive Ann Bakerspinsterthis parish1st of September 1918
Percival Graham Dowdingbachelor, Sergeant in the Royal Engineers 476th Field Co., British Expeditionary Fce.FranceFlorence Violet Gallopspinsterthis parishDecember the 15th 1918
Frank Rakesbachelorthis parishAnnie Elizabeth Jacobspinsterthis parish16th of March 1919
Edgar Tom Pykebachelorthis parishElsie Martha BakerspinsterWest End, this parish11th of May 1919
John Thomas Jeffs LethbridgebachelorSt John, Leamington, WarwickshireBlanche Govierspinsterthis parish13th of July 1919
George AishbachelorChrist Church NailseaEdith Louisa Rakesspinsterthis parish20th of July 1919
Stanley MaggsbachelorChrist Church NailseaAlice Bowe Palmerspinsterthis parish27th of July 1919
Guy Charles Matthew BryarbachelorKing's Heath,BirminghamEthel Louisa Counsel?spinsterthis parish17th of August 1919
Herbert Frank Youngbachelorthis parishAnnie Maud Durbinspinsterthis parish28th of September 1919
Ernest Edward HorlerbachelorBackwellGertrude Catherine Milsomspinsterthis parish2nd of November 1919
Charles Richard Langworthybachelorthis parishNellie Jane TavenerspinsterWilton, near Taunton, Somerset1st of February 1920
William Henry Jamesbachelorthis parishMinnie TuckerspinsterThe Batch, Tickenham8th of February 1920
William Henry StricklandbachelorSt John, ClevedonViolet Kate Fordspinsterthis parish23rd of May 1920
Henry Percival Lanebachelor, late Major in the Royal Field Artillerythis parishStella Muriel Gladwellspinsterthis parish22nd of August 1920
Christopher William Kingbachelorthis parishLouisa Ellen DaveyspinsterWraxall22nd of August 1920
Stephen George Parslowwidowerthis parishSusanna Pedlerwidowthis parish31st of October 1920
Samuel Pearce Llewellynbachelorthis parishFlorence May Lockspinsterthis parishDecember the 5th 1920
Joseph Reginald Coxbachelorthis parishLilian Maud WaymanspinsterKenn19th of December 1920
Harold Frank FordbachelorKingston SeymourFlorence Isobel Bakerspinsterthis parish20th of February 1921
Ernest BakerbachelorMeare, SomersetBlanche Summersspinsterthis parish27th of February 1921
Frank Summerellbachelorthis parishLaura Evelyn CutlerspinsterChrist Church Nailsea8th of May 1921
Walter Henry TuckerbachelorMartock, SomersetDaisy May Newtonspinsterthis parish15th of May 1921
Wilfred Dennis Willmottbachelorthis parishAlice Sarah Nelmes?SpinsterSt Paul's, Bristol17th of July 1921